Arrest Warrant Issued for Jaffar Mustafa (KRG Minister of Defense) – By Simko Azad

On the night of the 12th July 2009, “Shiekh Jaffar Shiekh Mustafa” KRG minister of Defense and Peshmerga affairs, personally assaulted civilians in Sulaimaniyah Cities Tooymalik Avenue. After closing the road off, Shiekh Jaffar personally led his men in a prolonged attack on civilians, using assault weapons and tasers. In the attack numerous civilians were injured and a TV news crew were captured and beaten senseless by Shiekh Jaffar.

Shiekh Jaffar also attacked members of the riot police; one police officer named “Dastan Ahmed Ghaffur” who refused to attack unarmed civilians was assaulted by Shiekh Jaffar and taken away only to be assaulted again before his release on the outskirts of Sulaimaniyah city.

Dastan Ghaffur and one of the news crew, Aso Mukhtar, reported the incident to the Sulaimaniya city police force. Judge Sirwan Ahmed Salih has now issued an arrest warrant for the arrest of Shiekh Jaffar Shiekh Mustafa.


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July 14, 2009
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