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September 18, 2006

Kurdish government complains of unfair budget
The Kurdish Globe

The KRG complains that it has not received its share of the national budget, agreed at 17%. Iraq's income is overwhelmingly raised through oil revenues. In 2005, the amount allocated to the Kurdistan Region was almost $36,000 billion, with each barrel of Iraqi oil selling at $26.

The Kurdish Government states that the Iraqi government has not increased the region's budget in line with its own policy to raise government employee salaries.

"In 2005, the Kurdish government paid four months" salaries to employees according to the increased rates decided upon by the Iraqi government. However, the central government failed to increase the region's budget in recognition of this, resulting in many wages, including those of university lecturers, doctors, judges and police, not being paid," Rashid Tahir, KRG's Deputy Finance Minister explains.

"This has continued, despite our numerous complaints to the Iraqi Finance Minister concerning the issue. We cannot increase salaries without a corresponding increase in the Kurdish budget."