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The most admired Independent Kurdish Newspaper from the heart of Kurdistan.

Khatuzeen Center
For Kurdish Women’s Issues is an independent website based in the USA. It uses a variety of news sources such as Reuters, AP, UPI, AFP, IWPR etc. to provide reliable and accurate information on issues about the Kurds.

The website offers readers a treasure of information as a useful guide to know how others view the Kurds. Kurdish aspect is proud that a significant number of contributors who have a deep understanding and experience in Kurdish history, culture and politics constantly write for the website.    

Article Submission Guidelines

We have three simple rules:

  • Our principal consideration in determining whether an article should be published is its appropriateness to the issues related to Kurds and Kurdistan within the larger context of Middle Eastern concerns. 
  • Please submit all pieces in a Word document or paste your text into the body of the email.
  • Please include a short bio with your piece, and include and email address to which you would like to have correspondence sent. If you have a website, please include that as well.

We would like our readers to know that the opinions expressed in many articles that get published on our site do not necessarily represent those of Kurdish Aspect.


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