Kurdish Aspect Exclusives

Paris it’s your turn now to be red-handed with Kurdish girls’ blood'

In Memory of Sakine Canziz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Söylemez

Turkey's war hits streets of Paris

To  Kurdish Children Massacred in Roboski ( Uldure)

Kurdistan starts independent crude oil exports

“Parliaments are Not Selected. They Must be Elected”

A message from the Grave

Kurdish Literary Genius and Giant, Shokrollah Baban

The People of Kurdistan Call for Self-Governance

For the public in Kurdistan region and Iraq

Turkish denial policy: Kurdish prisoners and people

Notes from hunger strikers in Los Angeles

Support Kurdish Hunger Strike for Freedom

Hunger strike in Madrid in solidarity with Kurdistan political prisoners

0National Conflicts Emerge in Syrian Civil War

Kurdish hunger strike in Los Angeles

Kurdistan, Turkey and the West’s immoral hypocrisy again!!

The Komala Party Ends its 13th Congress!

PDKI and Komala support the Kurdish prisoners on hunger strike in Turkey

For the Caretakers in Kurdistan

Kurds are Dying for their Existence in Turkey: Hunger Strike Weapon of Last Resort

Turkey under fire over intensifying crackdown

Obama: the dark face of America’s weakness and wickedness

Kurdish hunger strike in Turkey receives support from academic circles

In Solidarity with the Kurdish Hunger Strikers in Turkey

Africa And Kurdistan Show Great Oil And Gas Potential: Lionel Therond

An Urgent Appeal to Support the demands of the Kurdish Hunger Strikers in Turkey!

Survival Strategies and Diplomatic Tools: The Kurdistan Region’s Foreign Policy Outlook

Democratization in Syria, Perspectives and prospects, Syria and Kurds at the Crossroads ..

A new Vice Chancellor Appointed

Failing Federalism in Iraq and the Kurdish Quest for Independence

Ahmadi Khani’s Theory of Kurdish Nationalism in Mem û Zin
Statement on Hunger Strike
University of Kurdistan Hewlêr Open Day

Doctors and Nurses on Strike in Kurdistan: Politics or Policy?

Military operations will stop if PKK lays down arms

Why I think you should vote for Joe Coors

In anticipation of the 9th Int'l Conference on "EU, Turkey and the Kurds" later in 2012

Freedom of Assembly is a Basic Human Right

FThe Jews of Kurdistan: ‘My Father’s Paradise’

Soraya Fallah is the 2012 joint recipient of the Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation Hammed ..

Iraq asks Obama to halt Exxon's Kurdish deal

I wish I was a gypsy

Go to sleep

A Hell for Women?

Union of Western Kurdistan region in a Federal Democratic System on the basis of the right...

Kurds, Olama, and Lesbians

How to end corruption in Kurdistan

KNC-NA 24th Annual Confernce

We united into one political party!

Iraq’s internal crises is a failure of the political system

Kurdish Language under threat

Diabetes Skyrocketing in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Will Gülen and Gülenists Testify before the Prosecutor for Supporting the Case of the ...

Stateless Kurds to Statehood: A Theoretic Thematic Approach

Will Barzani declare independence?

Remember our martyrs for what they did

University of Kurdistan Hewler Open Day

Iraq seeks killer missiles, but U.S. wary

What If Kurds Were Turkish Cypriots?

Has Hezbollah received funds from Nouri al-Maliki regime?

BDP In USA Expresses Concern Over Newroz Celebrations In Turkey

KRG UK Representation and parliamentarians mark Halabja anniversary and launch e-petition ..

The Press and Political Processes in Contemporary Iraqi Kurdistan

Nazand Begikhani wins the 2012 French Feminine Prize of Simone Landry

The Iranian Crisis—High Oil Prices Can Plague the Global Economy, Causing Severe Recession and Precarious Inflation

University of Kurdistan Hewler Physical Geology Field TripJournalist Beaten and Arrested by Kurdish Militia

Not for Censoring Journalists with Wooden Batons

Is Kurdish a Language of Civilization? Is Turkey’s Tolerance Hypocritical?

Murder mystery

In the Past Turkey Was a Gendarmerie State: Now It Is a Police State

The Historical Moments

Turkey commits a massacre but rejects an apology

Kurdish Social Media Gathering Sat 21st Jan. Kurdish Community Centre

Turkish Justice: Gulen’s Recent Response to Uludere Massacre

Support of Turkey doesn’t make sense

Celebrating Christmas at University of Kurdistan Hewler

Which side should the Kurds take?

Kurdistan parliament needs comprehensive reshuffling

Statement about Said Akram situation in Prison

Toward Self-rule, Not Islamization of South Kurdistan

Losing Kurdistan

Erdogan´s apology between recognition and denial

An open letter to Robert Halfone MP: "What democracy in Kurdistan are you talking about?!"

“Holy Quran” burnt in Iraqi KurdistanQuestions all of you should ask

Freedom Umbrella – London Meeting on Human Rrights in South Kurdistan

Why do we always choose to burn when we want to resolve a conflict?

Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) opposition party HQ set on fire in Zakho
Exxon excluded from Iraq's next licencing round while Shell seals a $17Bn Gas deal

Representative Tipton Joins Kurdish-American Caucus

Gulenists’ and the Turkish Government’s Fraudulence War on the KCK: A Masterpiece of ..

American Troop Withdrawal from Iraq: Doom and gloom upon Iraq: Part One

The Death of Lazo to be blamed on the Broken Health Care System in Kurdistan

Work in progress: Turkey’s democratization process

Faili Kurdish asylum seekers in Australia sew lips

Kurd, Baghdad oil officials meet on Exxon spat

Academic Research and Turkey: the Case of Dersim as a Taboo Subject for Academic Research

Exxon deal beckons Kurdistan's advent

Kurdish refugees still suffering after 20 years

Turkish behavior against caseless Kurdish victims

Iraqi Kurdistan: Free yourself from FGM – A new approach

Modernizing Kurdistan; A Bhutanese Approach

EMHRN calls for the immediate release of falsely accused Turkish HR activists
Kurdish American Education Society Launches the Van Earthquake Relief Fundraising Campaign .....

"Nation-building" in the 'New Iraq': one prostitute at a time...

Wan Earthquake help needed!

Situation in Kurdistan


The law on demonstrations in Kurdistan to be amended

Kurdish flag controversy raises tension as KRG redirects oil export

Iraqi Kurdish scholars put gender theory to the test

Reply to Clara Moradian's "Wall Street and my revolutionary friends" Wall Street and my revolutionary friends

Publication of Kurdish PSCs and Baghdad use of delaying tactics

Drawn by The Man in Blue Pyjamas

We condemn the assassination of Mr. Meshaal al-Tammo!

The brutality of the Turkish State and the ongoing repression of Kurds

Neo-Ottoman Erdogan and the plight of the Kurds

Campaign to End FGM in Iraqi-Kurdistan Sees Success

Is a Kurdistan possible?

To the world opinion

The Obstacles to Kurdish Nationhood:  Kurds Should Not Get Lost in the Shuffle Again

The "Real" Iraq in 70 minutes

Kurdish energy and the EU: time for a (different) bear hug?

Halting Kurdistan oil reminds Baghdad of Kurdish dominance in north

Decentralization is the only solution to Kurdish-Turkish, Kurdish-Persian, and Kurdish-Arab

Fight for your independence!

Letter to US President, Vice President, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, Senate ..

Kurds could bring down Al-Maliki over Hydrocarbon.

Iraqi Kurdistan: Cross-Border Attacks Should Spare Iraqi Civilians [1] At Least 10 Dead....

A Letter to President Barack Obama on the recent Turkish-Iranian aggression against Kurdistan-Iraq

Coping with Dad's Death

Bechtyar Ali in a Seminar in London

Iraqi Kurdistan: Prominent Kurdish Journalist Assaulted

Obama‘s Race to Top Policy Helps Turkish Gülen Missionary Charters Schools Race to Conquer .....

Rebin Hardi: A Powerful Voice for Justice in Kurdistan

When will anti-government protests kick off in Turkey?

An Armageddon: America´s Gluttonous Appetite to Borrow and Live on Borrowed Money from ....

Legalising prostitution in Iraq, Kurdistan

PJAK leader says Iran wants to control the KRG by installing Islamist radicals in Qendil

The Message of “War”

Turkey's New Repackaged War Against Kurds!

The Cultural Café in Sulaimani

Hinging on pro-Iranian al-Maliki to protect Kurdistan is futile

KNC-NA Statement on Iran-PJAK War

Layla Zana, destined to be a leader!

Summary of the seminar: Hope, Trauma, and Resilience, the Case of Rojhallat of Kurdistan

Open letter to UN Secretary General

Domestic violence in Kurdistan

Ismael's story - the long road to Europe

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Attack Kurdish Opposition Group in Iraq

Politics and Love

KNC-NA Statement on Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan

How to act in response to Iranian aggressions

Stop the Whipping in Sulaimaniah

Seminar: Hope, Trauma, and Resilience, the Case of Rojhallat of Kurdistan

Event: Terrorism of the Islamic Republic of Iran: The 22nd Anniversary of Dr. Ghassemlou’s Terror

Revolution and rethinking the concept of home and citizenship

Unrealistic Expectations on Mothers in Kurdistan

Attacks target activists in Iraqi Kurdistan

UK Government is warming up to the Kurdistan Region

Ata and Apo in the parliament

Terrorist Islamic Republic of Iran should cease bombing Kurdish villages

Are you willing to lose that Belly yet?

Iraqi-Kurdistan Region: A Heaven for Anti-Freedom Terrorists

Bloated public sector in Kurdistan needs to be reined in

Riot in Hasaka prison

Israel can contribute more to Kurdish independence

Kosrat Rasoul's remarks hailed by Kurdish nation

Open letter to President Obama : appeal in support of Kurdish politicians

Kurdish Ad Hoc Committee against Repression in Syria to Hold Demonstration against Political Violence 

An Appeal from Iraqi Kurdistan: Freedom for Syria

A Quest for Identity

Kurdistan oil payments overshadowed by renewed friction between Baghdad and KRG

In response to Qubad Talabani’s letter submitted to NY Times

The International Children’s Day is Sad for Our Children

Kurdish Oil contracts and Shahristani's intent

GKP to export oil from Kurdistan & Shahristani dismisses KRG's ambitions

Begikhani and Qaradaghi’s “Colour of Sand” at Paris’s Le Marché de la Poésie

Tweet to Break Silence on Kurdish Question in Turkey!

Will the US honor SOFA agreement?

History of Southeastern Kurdistan and its Impact on Kurdish Movement 

Iraqi Kurdistan: Growing Effort to Silence Media

Iraqi consensus rule, a false promise

PUK destiny after President Jalal Talabani

We are all demonstrators, so sue all of us

International redress strategies

A Brief History of Kurdish People and Today’s Apoist Movement in Eastern Kurdistan

President Assad, a Muslim Cannot Kill

Voices From a Brave City

Demographic Status and its Impacts on Kurdish Nationalism

Next Iraqi Oil and Gas Licencing round could legitimise KRG oil contracts

Youth in Diaspora, Serving the Nation

Execution of Two Brothers in Iran-Habibollah Latifi may be Next!

Survey on Kurdish Conflicts in the Middle East

A day in a court of law in Kurdistan

Reality vs. Idealism

Kurdish Movements: legal and political rights v. Terrorism

An independent Kurdish state by 2015

The Future of (a United) Kurdistan, One vs. Multiple States

Zaman Newspaper Becomes Voice of Turkish Military Intelligence!

To End Terror and Tyranny

Kurdish National Congress of North America 23rd Annual Conference

KDP and PUK leaders are choosing to ignore reality

The Intensification of Violence is Evidence of Failure for the KDP and PUK

Independent investigation urged into police violence in

Iraqi Kurdistan Thousands of Iraqis have taken to the streets in recent months

PUK and KDP forces attack protesters and arrest activists

Criminalising The Kurdish People's Legitimate Demands for Freedom Is a War Crime!

To all freedom supporters

Arrests of Kurdish Activists and Civilians by the Little Dictators in Kurdistan

Kurdish Intellectual Rebin Hardi is kidnapped by the security forces in Sulaimaniya

PDKI condemns Iraqi forces raid of Camp Ashraf

Protesters warn of division whilst cracks are showing in Kurdistani List

Day 46 of the protest in Sulaimany

An Announcement by the Organizers of the Demonstrations on Thursday Regarding the Response by the Governor of Erbil

Opposition parties demand resignation of Kurdistan Regional Government

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

A silly comparison or the catalyst everyone is searching for?

A Message from the Freedom Square's Provisional Committee to the General Public

Protesters lost patience or a ploy by militia to disperse protest by force

Kurdistan Protests Turn Violent - Who is to Blame?

KRG delaying tactics not working & those shot protesters roaming free

Why Should the Kurds Support the BDP Political Party and What Is the Role of a Political Party?

Nechirvan Barzani reasserting himself on the political scene,visiting Iran with Talabani

Nechirvan Barzani further undermines PM Salih & $4bn of KRG funds goes missing

Solidarity Vigil / Protest for Kurdish Prisoners of Conscience

Influential political Student Union could override KRG Ministry again

Could tribal politics and cynicism end in Kurdistan

Mr. Mohamd Sedigh Kaboudvand for the 2011 Noble Peace Prize

The Syrian Revolution on April the first, 2011

Speedy reforms in Kurdistan & shooting protesters in Halabja

Memorandum Concerning the Safety of Canadian Activists in Kurdistan Region in Iraq

Is there a third pathway for Iraqi Kurdistan?

30 Kurds have been deported to Iran from the Kurdistan region of Iraq

Letter to US President, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, Senate Foreign Relations Committee by a group of Kurdish-Americans

One Month of Peaceful Protest: Reflections and Expectations

Mass Graves of Kurdish People in Turkey!

Kurdish Protest In Front of the White House on 3/18/11

In Remembrance of Halabja…2006

Dr. Sheikh al-Qaradawi must first apologize

Demonstrations and free assembly must be allowed in

Erbil and the KDP must pull out its forces from the city

Mass executions continue in Iran

Sulaimany: Day Twenty One of Protest, Let it Rain

Sulaimany: Day Twenty of Protest, Two Tales of One City

Sulaimany: Day Nineteen of Protest, Tent on Fire Lights the Darkness

Sulaimany: Day Eighteen of Protest, Strike

Sulaimany; Day Seventeen of Protest, Largest Crowd Yet

Iraqi Kurdish MP Mahmoud Othman says KRG prime minister should resign over NRT attack

Sulaimany: Day Fifteen of Protest, A Brighter Day

KNC-NA 23rd annual Conference

Sulaimany: Day Fourteen of Protest, Where is Freedom?

Aliza Marcus: BLOOD and BELIEF; The PKK and the Kurdish Fight for Independence

Sulaimany: Day Thirteen of Protest, Make Way for Tomorrow

University of Sulaimany Students Go on Strike

Demonstration in front of the European Parliament

Post-ideological Revolutions: Right versus Might

Sulaimany: Day Ten of Protest, Friday Prayer at  Maidany Azadi, Death in Chamchamal

Knowledge pool: UK-Iraqi collaborations jump in at the deep end

Sulaimany: Day Nine of Protest, Religious Leaders Join In

Demonstration to be held in Hawler soon

An Urgent Message: The situation in Suleymaniah is deteriorating

Let Us Not Kill This Baby We Call KRG in Its Infancy

Facebook, a novel style of protest in Kurdistan

Wednesday, Day Seven of the Protest in Sulaimani, Kurdistan

Day Six of the Protest in Sulaimani, Kurdistan

Birthplace of Monotheism; the forgotten corner stone

of history; Palace of Solomon (Takhi Suleman)

Kurdistan Regional Government’s Achievements: In Response to Mufid Abdulla
In response to Mufid Abdulla observations

Kurdistan is without a leader

Who is the terrorist?

A revolution for the right rationales

Della Murad: “Life in exile is very difficult”

Northern Iraq’s First Independent Television Station Attacked, Destroyed – Forces Close to Government Suspected

Voices that are buried under the debris of silence

Adding More Fodder to the Fire

The Uneasy Fight Against FGM in Kurdistan

Unrest in Syria after two Kurds are killed by security forces

More Response to Saeed Kakeyi

Why the Constitution Matters? Tunisia’s Revolution in a Regional Context

Notes on Kurdish Culture, Literature and Art Conference in Diyarbakir

Habib Atarodi needs to give-up supporting the killers of his expatriates

Iraqi-Kurdistan seen from a women’s perspective

Response to Saeed Kakeyi

What Can We Do for Freedom

Appreciating Michael Rubin efforts, Habib Atarodi needs to learn Paradiplomacy

Kurdish intellectuals write to US President Obama

Michael Rubin's response to Habib Atarodi's article

Michael Rubin, please leave the Kurds alone

Iraqi Kurdistan - Demonstration in support of media freedom

Kurdistan newspapers hit by barrage of lawsuits 

Kurdish Studies Seminar - George W. Bush’s Policy Towards Iraq: Change or Continuity?

How should the Kurds think today?

Hossein Khazri, a Kurdish Iranian Activist Sentenced to Death has been transferred ...

Que Sera, Sera

South of Kurdistan on the eve of New Year  

Regime Change in Iran-Nothing Less is Acceptable

The diary of a trip to Kurdistan

Wave of Arrests in Iranian-Kurdistan Continues

Two More Political Executions in Iran

More demonstrations for a liberal demonstration law in Iraqi-Kurdistan

Female Genitale Mutilation in Kirkuk – outlook for a campaign

At least 20 Kurdish Activists have been arrested in Sanandaj-Iran

The War in Iraq

URGENT: Habbillah Latifi a Kurdish Iranian Activist Set to be Executed on Sunday, by the Islamic Regime in Iran!

Young Kurd Commits Suicide in Asylum Center   

IRAN: Time for regime change

Is Value synonymous with beauty?

Kurdish women and their struggle for equality

Research into honour-based violence makes international impact

The spirit of the Kurdish people cannot be broken by threats and intimidation

“A roadmap to combating honour-based violence in Iraqi Kurdistan”

Is Sexism inherent in Kurdish Culture?

Feminists rely on the Qur’an more than fundamentalists

Claims Indicating Kurdish Journalists in Danger–Unsubstantiated?

Australian Kurdish Council (AKC)

Expulsion of Abed Mohamad Atto suspended

A Syrian asylum seeker is to be forcibly deported to Syria tomorrow

The forgotten People: Kurds in Syria

Kurdish Culture-Art and Literature Conference

What to be

Let’s unite against stoning and execution

Goran party’s departure weakens Kurdish alliance

Iraq: Country Without an End, Country Without a Government
Iraq’s former Deputy Prime Minister, Tareq Aziz, sentenced to death

Dr. Maroof Khaznadar Has Passed Away

A letter to Ambassador Namık Tan

US should not turn a blind eye to human rights violations in Turkey

Press Statement: Kurdish Trial in Diyarbakir

Declaration of democratic solution to the Kurdish question in Iran

Tragedy of the Kurds in Syria

PKK invites Danish prosecutors to Qandil Mountains

Germany sponsors Turkish state terror against the Kurds

How Islamic Republic of Iran brainwashes our youths

A letter to readers’

Statement on 48th Anniversary of Extraordinary discrimination against Syrian Kurd

At least 32 Women in the Evin Prison (Iran) Awaiting Execution

Hearing session of 8,000 disappeared members of Barzani clan proceeds in Iraqi Supreme Court

Kirkuk census postponed for the 3rd time

Responding to Abu Basir Al-Tartusi’s comments

In response to "Joe" Konukaldi" and others in the same camp

Hama Jaza, the famous Kurdish singer passes away

Demonstration in front of the White House

Silent Theatre for Freedom

What Kurdish citizens expect of change movement (Groan) in Kurdistan?

Beware of Iranian regime’s evil plots in Kurdistan 

What does banning the Niqab achieve?

Third Option

Ground zero mosque controversy reinforced the case of striking Iran

Hostile regimes ramp up anti-Kurdish media outlets

As Nawshirwan Mustafa dithers, Gorran supporters should not lose hope

Sunni, Shia, Yezidi, Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Hinu, Sihk, Buddhist, God Sees One Nation

Should addiction be legalized?

My Muslim brothers and sisters in Allah

Burning the Koran and its Possible Implications

Kirkuk book review by: Derek Pinnock

Mosque and strip bar side by side

Youth of Kurdistan - Troubling perspective

Kurdish folksinger Delil Dilanar to appear at Agoura Hills

Qubad Talabani: “How the US leaves and remains in Iraq are crucial to the stability of a nation and the region”

Kurdish folksinger Delil Dilanar to appear at Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center

KNC-NA and HLP Meeting, Press Release

“WikiLeaks” contains valuable data about Iraq

MKO’s access to the Qandil Mountains

No Going Back for the Kurdish Nation

The Paper and the Pencil.

Kurds in Syria deserve self-determination

Arrest of the Kurdish political activist Arif Attoun Khalil

A Kurdish-Israeli alliance vis-à-vis the Arab-Turkish alliance?

Letter to President Barack Obama

Call to Cyprus Government to stop deportation of Kurds to Syria

Turkey's inhumane treatment of Kurdish children must be stopped

Ideas for the Correction of Iran’s Strategic Blunder

Land Rights of Kurdish peasants removed in Syria

Danger of Imminent Execution of Kurdish Activists-Silence of the International Media

Thinking of Motherland on Mother’s Day

Kurdish Studies Seminar

Open Letter to Massoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and Jalal Talabani, President of Iraq

Execution of Five (5) Kurdish Prisoners in the Evin Prison in Iran

Who is responsible for the killing of the Kurdish journalist Sardasht Osman?

I am a Hostage: A letter from Political Prisoner Ms. Shirin Alam Hooli

Zübeyir Aydar: ‘Military operations are going to begin’

15 must-read books to broaden your view

Cmputerizing government institutions

Regime Change in Iran is the Only Option for Iran

SKS raises issues for UN and UK, EU and USA Governments in relation to Kurds in Syria

Three young Kurds shot dead, 41 injured at a Newroz event in Syria

Gorran Leaders: Should Fight to the Finish 

Letters to Jim Karygiannis in the Canadian Parliament

Newroz Festival

Sebahat Tuncel: ‘We won’t be confined to the southeastern region’

An American Traveler in Kurdistan

A Letter to the Secretary of State Clinton

A demonstration in support of Kurdish Childern imprisoned in Turkey

The EU provokes the Kurds into violence!

Iraqi PM wants to form government with Kurds

A Letter to the Secretary of State Clinton

A demonstration in support of Kurdish Childern imprisoned in Turkey

The EU provokes the Kurds into violence!

Iraqi PM wants to form government with Kurds

Kurdistan Region of Iraq Applauds House Resolution Calling for Protection of Religious Minorities

The Iraqi Elections & the Changing Politico-Security Environment in Iraq

Soraya Fallah interviewed Dr.Ralph Fertig

Kurmanji Must Live!

Dr. Najmaldin Karim Heads the Kurdistani List to Represent Kerkuk in the Iraqi Parliament 

Final Resolutions of the 6th Kurdish Conference at the European Parliament

A Letter to Ms. Kariane Westrheim, Chair of the EUTCC

Open Letter to Turkish Prıme Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Statement on President Barzani's meeting with President Obama

Turkish reaction to David & Layla: "There is no freaking Kurdistan"

Turkish State and Kurdish Rights

Ten Kurdish Activists have been arrested in the City of Sanandaj in Iran

Mayor Osman Baydemir forbidden to leave Turkey

Gender, Memory, and Political Discourse

A Smarter Enemy in Iraq 

Kurdish festivals and upcoming excitement

After Ehsan Fatahiyan another Activist Fasih Yasamani has been Executed

Exposing the Myth of Reform in Iran

A statement by the Gorran Movement about their concerns of Terror and political assassination .....

EUTCC Strongly Condemns Turkey’s Actions Towards the Kurds

Peace and Democracy Party Statement

New England Kurdish Association (NEKA)’s Reaction to Closure of Democratic Society Party (DTP)

Trial of three political Kurdish women and one man delayed, in Syria

Kurdistan Institute for Political Issues Condemn the Ban of DTP (Kurdish Democratic Society Party)

EUTCC strongly condemns Turkey’s ban on DTP

Kurdish conscript Khalil Bozan Sheikh Muslim is one of the new victims ...

Letter to José Manuel Barroso, President of the EU Commission

Zaynab Jalalian’s Letter to the world’s Conscience

Iran: A stubborn murderer of Kurdish human rights activists

Two Kurdish men in their 70s and a 10 year old child arrested in Syria for celebrating Eid al-Adha

KYC's 1st Kurdish Festival

Does the new cabinet have legitimacy?

The Future of Rural Health in Southern Kurdistan

HRW's "On Vulnerable Ground" is on Shaky Ground

Shirkoh Moarefi another Kurdish Activist has been

PDKI Press Release on the rise of executions and the killing of Ihsan Fatahian

Iranian theocratic regime continues to execute Kurds

Four activists from the Democratic Union Party are each sentenced to six years in prison, in Syria

Kurdish/Turkish Peace Initiative and the Current Developments in Turkey

Hunger strike amongst Kurdish political prisoners in Syria

Iranian Kurds in an Age of Globalisation

Response to Amy Howard’s Allegations

Public  Statement on Peace Groups

Further explanations on Kenneth F. McCallion and the Anfal case

KYC Opens a new chapter in Lincoln Nebraska

Lawsuits against the government of Iraq and a company that sold precursor chemicals to Saddam Hussein’s regime go forward 

KNCNA and Kenneth F.

Four fundamental questions about DNO

The First New York Kurdish Film Festival: Cinema Across Borders  October 21-25

DAVID & LAYLA at Kurdish Film Festival

Prevent Iran from getting the bomb, Sign the G-20 petition

Racially motivated attacks in the UK are higher than ever

Remarks by Vice President Biden at joint statement to the press with Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani

South of Kurdistan: political earthquake will change political map Part II

DAVID & LAYLA at Vienna Jewish Film Club

Appeal to save the life of a Kurdish teacher

Roundup of media reports on honour-based violence and violent incidents involving women in Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Launch in Sulaymaniyah of the first literary translation of Mam u Zin  into Standard (South Kurmanji) Kurdish

Call to Action! Stop the Deportation of Ibrahim Parlak

Hawlati’s interview with Kamal Mirawdeli on the results of Kurdistan region’s presidential elections

Statement by the presidential office of Dr Kamal Mirawdeli on the first meeting of the new Kurdistan parliament

A tribute to the great Kurdish artist Ali Latif

Kamal Mirawdeli warns of violence and civil unrest in Kurdistan region

Turkish-Kurdish conflict through a woman’s lens

Winds of change in Turkish-Kurdish relations

The New Kurdistan Parliament

Former FBI translator gets chance to reveal information about scandals and also discusses Armenian genocide and Kurds

To remember 1979 invasion of East Kurdistan

Hell under theocracy

Call for Paper

Overall assessment of Kurdistan elections

A letter to Kurdistan

Shock to the System

Open Letter to President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown


Kurdish election results

'Gorran' Shocks Establishment-Iraqi Kurdistan

People arrested and detained in Mahabad

Hawraman: Landmine take three more lives in Shoshme village near Paveh

Petrol Corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan

Petition to declare Hasankeyf and Tigris Valley a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The On-going Physical Cultural Genocide

HROK: Iran puts Kaboudvand on Trial again

Disillusioned People in Kurdish Elections

The DC Kurdish Festival of Arts

Empower Kurdistan to Independence and to Freedom!

Twenty Years of Silence Is Enough

KDP-PUK abuse of democracy

The first book on Kurdish Cinema

Boycott of Sham Elections in Kurdistan

Kurdish Studies and Student Organisation launch new website!

Kurdish National Congress of North America is calling on all Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan to boycott Iran’s elections

Canada is not the Place to Advertise for the Islamic Regime!!!

Letter to President Obama

PKK extends ceasefire till 15 July

PKK Calls For Peace!

A new approach to resolve the Kurdish issue by Turkey’s President needs to go further

Extraditing Kurds to Turkey will not help resolve Turkish-Kurdish tension

Seminar on Human Rights and US-Iran Relations

Syrian law forbids the use of Kurdish language

The urgency of this search for peace cannot be underestimated!

Where is the lawless city?

Appeal to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, international human rights organisations ........

Court ruling regarding 24 Kurdish activists including Mr Fouad Aliko, Mr. Hassan Saleh

Kurdish singer Rojin quits TRT-6 and says they treated her like a criminal

Demonstrate to Stop the Criminalisation of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle

President Obama Misses Fundamental Kurdish Issues in Turkey

Two dead and scores injured as Turkish security forces fire into crowd of Kurds

Talabani and Barzani discuss the upcoming election in Kurdistan

Peace Now! Unban the PKK!

Kurdish New Year events in Southern California


UK Carrying Out Turkey's War Against the Kurds!

5th International EUTCC Conference on the EU, Turkey and the Kurds

Jalal Talabani and His Two Deputies, Kosrat Rassoul and Barham Saleh

Former Turkish State Minister confesses: Massacres blamed on PKK were committed by the Turkish State

Resignations of Kurdish Officials may "lead to Disaster"

Letter to President Obama

UK Aiding Turkey In Kurdish Rights Crackdown

Resignations of Kurdish Officials may "lead to Disaster"

The archetype of a Median descendant

Kurdish Cultural Center opening in Atlanta GA Jan 24th 2009

Kurdistan will be featured in California Institute of the Arts AOW

Kurdish Cultural Center opening in Atlanta GA Jan 24th 2009

First Impressions About TRT 6 And Some Suggestions For the Channel

Reflections on reading Nazand Begikhani’s Bells of Speech

Kurdish TV starts broadcasting in Turkey

Kurdistan Observer is offline

Nahla Hussein al-Shaly: A Kurdish Martyr for Women

Script award from!

An appeal to the Canadian Public

Turkey allegedly poisons the Kurds

Leyla Zana Sentenced Again!

Cleaning Up Kurdistan

Kurdish activist and politician Leyla Zana sentenced to 10 years in Turkish prison

Author of EU report is Tory MP who lobbies for Turkey

Kurds Rallied for Jim Martin in Georgia Elections

When a Kurd ends up in hell

Demonstration against Polygamy in Suleymaniah

Letter from Kurdish National Congress to President Elect Obama

Bulgaria and Kurdish
Government Deny Arms Sales Deal

Rectified Personal Status Law in Kurdistan

Kurds for Obama at Clinton rally in Atlanta to support Jim Martin for U.S. Senate

Kurdish Official denies reports about a KRG-Turkey deal

Tikrit Rallies Against Kurds While Maliki Fiddles

Is Russia a Good Ally for Kurdistan?

Turkish Troops Enforce Baghdad's Violation of Kirkuk Referendum
Tayyip Erdogan's Children!

Difficult Times for Kurdish Students in Iran
A message from Kurds for Obama - So what is next?
Hevallo Says 'No' to UK Criminalization of Kurdish Freedom Movement!
A letter to Senator Obama
Kurdish Federation in UK Protest Against Turkish Assault of Kurdish Leader on Sunday

Kurdish Leader, Abdullah Ocalan Physically Attacked in Isolation Cell
Winner of the third debate, Obama or McCain
In Response to "Friends Like These?"
Campaign for the international recognition of human rights of half a million Kurds “Buried Alive” in Syria
A New Kurdish Website
"Turkish Troops Out of Kurdistan!"
Kurdish-Americans show their support for Obama ahead of presidential debate in Nashville
Ms. Negin Sheykh Alaslami has been Arrested
An Urgent Appeal to Save a Kurdish Victim of Halabja
Kurds raised their voice against Ahamdinejad
KAYO registers Kurdish-Americans to Vote
Day 28 and Counting – An “Unlimited” Hunger Strike by over 100 Kurdish Prisoners of Conscience
The Hawler Tribune is issued
Raise your voice against Ahamdinejad’s visit to New York
Complete Report of the 21st day of the Hunger Strike of the Kurdish Prisoners

Is Suleymaniya a safer place with all the security companies....???
Nationalising International Non-Governmental Organisations in Kurdistan
An Investigation into Honour-based Violence (HBV) and Honour Killings in Iraqi Kurdistan ....
Global Exchange
Was there, Is there, Will there be a Kurdish Plan?
From America election to stateless nation
Message to the Kurdish Nation! Message to the Kurdish Youth!
Self determination is the way forward for the world (Kurdistan or Tibet)
Kurdish websites hacked by Turkish Nationalists
The "rebuilding" of institutions
Response to Peter Stitt's article
Freedom of expression is in danger in south Kurdistan
Kurdnas meets House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
An Independent Kurdistan
Prostitutes conquer Kirkuk: report written with blood!
Iran executed five more Kurds
Reward offered for missing Kurdish Man

US Embassy closely watches investigation of Soran Mama Hama's case
Hundreds of Kurdistan journalists demonstrate in front of UNAMI in Arbil for justice to Soran and protection....
Rebin Hardi: KDP and PUK must be seen as the enemies of freedom
Halabja writers and journalists participate in the mourning ceremony of Soran Mama Hama
Bombing of Innocents
Soran Solidarity Freedom Campaign
Soran Solidarity Freedom Campaign
Threat to free media in Kurdistan- call for international investigation
Life at home
Violent crimes against women in Sulaymaniyah governorate increasing
Insecurity and blind obedience
Demonstration in Sulaymaniyah tomorrow demand water, electricity, basic services
Social fascism- the tragedy of women killings and deaths in Kurdistan Region: reality, reasons, solutions - IV
Suicide, death by burning  and cancer cases in Sulaymaniyah in 2008
Massacre of women and children in Kurdistan Region
Keween, PAT, and Human Rights, 1001 words
Kurdish Language Issue and a Divisive Approach
Six soldiers lose their lives in Dersim and Sirnak
Kurdish Freedom Fighters Kill 22 Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen
The USA: State Department and the Iraq
In response to an article published by titled "Dear Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani" by Habib Atarodi on June 17, 2008
Dear Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani
Lesbia ahead of Kurdia
Women deaths and killings in Kurdistan Region – from 28 May 2008 to 11 June
Inside Turkey's Death Squads the Killing of Musa Anter
Kurdia is ready to detoxify America
Kurdistan Region’s model of democracy bans 22 new parties!!
Questions and directions
AKR: Turkish and Iranian bombardments on Iraqi Kurdistan destroy more villages
Alliance for Kurdish Rights brings you the latest reports and articles about Kurdish Rights violations
American-Kurdish Caucus formed in the U.S. House of Representatives
Nawshirwan Mustafa’s Statement on Mala Bakhtyar’s accusations against him
Leyla Zana in UK
Recent article misrepresents facts
60 years imprisonment demanded for speeches given by Kurdish Activist Leyla Zana in Turkey!
Who the hell are you?
A Kurdish Youth is shot by Iranian Security Forces and is left to die bleeding
We should not blame the U.N. for what it is doing in Kirkuk
Kongra-Gel refutes statements of the Turkish General Staff
PJAK: Suicide attacks are against our policies and our principles
KCK: A new US bomb has been used in Qendil against Kurds
Turkish troop deaths from suicide or clashes?
Everyday Life for Kurds in Turkey
Kurdish American Youth Organization sponsors a new Kurdish-American Student Database (KASD) Project
Separating state and love
KNC-NA calls for revoking prison sentences of Kurdish leaders in Turkey
Tibet and Kurdistan, Parallel Persecution
We salute you Layla Zana!
April 14: The Annual Memorial of Anfal Genocide
SNL needs to apologize
Independence, a healthy choice!
Kurdish TV without a Satellite
40th anniversary of Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Red Carpet Award Ceremony screening of Critically-acclaimed, Award-winning David & Layla
Kurdish National Congress of North America (KNC-NA) asking US to remove PKK from the blacklist
EU Gives PKK Money as Terror List Fiasco Deepens
Outrageous LA Times Interview with Turkey
PKK Justified its Struggle for Freedom One More Time
What the EU did not want to hear in the PKK's submission!
Another Day at the Office: More info about Kurdish boy whose arm was broken
The increasing crackdown on Kurds of Iran by the regime of Islamic Republic
The U.S. Economy and The Democrats
2nd KAYO Conference gives promise for the future success of the Kurdish Youth
KNC-NA condemns the Assault on Kurds
Kawa was in Atlanta for Newroz!
KNC-NA condemns continuation of Syrian regime's aggression
Food for thought questions!
Syrian Security Forces Kill Three Kurdish Men
President Bush’s Message on Newroz does not mention Kurds or Kurdistan
Wishing You Harmony on March 21st

Using A Sledgehammer to Crack a Nut, The Turkish Assault on PKK
Norouz, Noroz, Norooz, Nowroz, Nowruz or Newroz?
Happy Newrojh (Newroz) 2008
Edmonton Writer-in-Exile to participate in PEN Canada’s  Words Without Borders, A Literary Tour for Freedom of Expression
For the sake of our children let’s put our differences aside
Petition for Peace!
Peace and Progress in Memory of Halabja
Halabja and Anfal: Our 9/11 happened many times over!

Sundance Newroz gift for Kurdish American "love & peace' film
Kemal Attaturk
Enough is Enough “ Edi Besa”
US Admiral Fallon resigns just days after recommending Turkey for dialogue with Kurds instead of war
Jalal Talabani's message to Ataturk is a shame for Kurds
Aliza Marcus States:"Majority of Kurds in Turkey Support the PKK!"
What we need is Turkish – Kurdish brotherhood
Go to Ankara but never come back
Official Letter from KYC to Kurdish Youth
Thousands of Northern Kurdish Protestors take the streets, attacked by Turkish police
Kurds Should Take A Leaf Out of UK Direct  Actions!
Kurdish-American Communities Demonstrate Against Turkey's Aggression
There will not be a Kurdish State as long as United States considers Turkey as an ally
Are we being betrayed by U.S or our own leadership?

Qandil, I sacrifice my soul to your snow when it fiercely falls
Masrour Barzani Attacked Dr. Kamal Sayid Qadir in Austria
The former US President, Bill Clinton met with the president of Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria
Uncertainty Facing Iraq’s Awakening Movement Puts U.S. Strategy at Risk
Turkey’s vindictive charges against KNC
The Drunken Patriots
Support the Anfal monument in The Hague
The Kurdish and Armenian genocides - from censorship and denial to recognition
PKK, Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?
Is the United States a Good Ally?
We will be one nation
Kurdish reactions to Michael Rubin: Word phobia or totalitarian lust?
A partition strategy for Iraq
Time for Kurdish Rights
Urgent - Please Take Action
When party controls our breaths
How PUK rewards old peshmargas: Kadhim Husein died in PUK prison in Chamchamal
Kurds cry out against corruption (7): Kurdistan the land of lion cubs!
Kurds cry out against corruption (6) The crisis of the Kurdistan Islamic Union and reform thresholds
An open letter to the United States Administration, United States Department of State and United States Defense Department
Reward loyalty of Kurds in Iraq
Kurds cry out against corruption: (5) Interview with head of Kurdistan Toilers' Party Qadir Aziz
Media and Alliance
Maliki: If Sultan Hsahim is not executed I will resign
Kurds cry out against corruption (4): Are people greedy and ungrateful or are the people in power selfish and without conscience?
CHAK statement: We condemn the conduct of security forces towards blockade-breaking journalists
Kurds cry out against corruption (3): Kurdistan leaders, if we accumulate the bones and body parts of our anfaled people, they will be much higher than your palaces and villas!
NOS reporter: “I was wrong. Kurdistan does exist”
Kurds cry out against corruption (2): We had only words and even these....
All about us
War, Love, God & Madness in Rotterdam
The International conference on higher Education, Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq
A response to my Kurdish brothers
CHAK’s statement on KRG’s genocide conference in Hewler (Arbil)
Aristotle's Seven Golden Rules Of Story Telling
15 Kurdish students: “Kurdistan does exist”
Clowns and Kurdistan
Betrayal? The US Policy Towards Kurds
Turkey's Top Terrorist to Visit London
An excellent opportunity to work at historical old town of Amed
Turkey, US, Neo Cons, PKK, KRG. The Kurdish Oil Question
5th Kurdish Film Festival in London
Turkey, US, and the PKK
US officials possessed prior knowledge of Turkish air strikes
U.S. helps Turkey attack Kurdish villages in Iraq
Anecdotal detection of who attacked the Kurdish villages
Turkey’s Problems Lie in Its Actions
By Chopy’s dedication: Dutch celebrities donate money for Kurdish refugees
Press Freedom, a Prerequisite for Democracy
A Comparison of Dictators
British MP: Independent South Kurdistan no threat to Turkey
Turkey's underlying problems
A Kurdish Thanksgiving Day
Self-government is the Right of the Kurdish Nation
"Adnan Hassanpour must be free unconditionally"
Kurdish National Claims Disputed and Compared to Israel
Turkish Military Attempts to Gain a Sacrificial Lamb
Update of thoughts
Turkish POWs Return Home
Kurdish Protesters taunted by Turkish Consulate staff
The Turkey Kurdistan Issue
Turkish-American Relations
Comments on Turkish Governments Policies toward Kurdistan
Turkey Threatens Sanctions - Kurds Boycott Turkish Products
Photos of 8 captured Turkish soldiers appear on Kurdish website
The Only Viable American Exit Strategy from Iraq Must Go Through Kurdistan
Kurdish Human Rights Initiative calls upon the Australian Government to stand firm against Turkey’s aggression.
Mensur Barzani on Turkey's Most Wanted List
The Kurdish Case against Turkish Military Actions
PKK blames recent massacre on the Turkish Military
Turkish Colonel Confesses: We dressed our own soldiers in PKK clothing
France’s Neo-Conservatives: Departure from Neo-Gaullian Foreign Policy Discourse.
The Question Jalal and Masoud Should Be Asked: Why Don’t Your People Want To Live In Your Kingdoms?
The Building Blocs for Peace for Kurdistan
The Three Nation Solution: The Only Logical, Natural and Inevitable Outcome
A nonviolent campaign for independence
An Impression from Half-Moon
Letter of Appreciation to: Dr. Kirmanj Gundi and Dr. Jabar Kadir
No More !
Kurdish Infant Murdered by TSK for Supporting PKK
Contra-Guerillas and Kirkuk
US Foreign Policy on Kurdistan Alienates Kurds and Provokes Regional Conflagration
Democracy will not come to Kudistan as long as there are the White “holy” 4-wheel drive convoys….
Again, what is Kurdistan
An Islamic group affiliated with Al-Qaeda claims
Senator Clinton Writes Kurds Out of Her Script
Kurdish Art comes to Southern England
Kurdish defences
Balanced views
Kurdish Poet Jalal Barzinji
The Turkish Invasion of Free Kurdistan
Turkey investigates Kurdish leader, Barzani
A recent closed meeting discusses terrifying scenarios involving Turkey, the PKK and Iraqi Kurdistan
Are the Turkish Militarists Opening A New Front in Regional Islamist War?
Kurds in what is called Turkey
North Kurdistan and the PKK issue
We Proved That Surrender Is Not An Option
Turkey should recognise the real threat
Turkish Media Ramps Up Anti-Kurdish Attacks
PKK: We have absolutely no relation with the explosion in Ankara
PKK denies any role in the bombing in Ankara, Turkey
Islam and women
Religion and politics
Kurdish Disagreements within the Autonomous Region

Kurdish director Jalal Jonroy’s David & Layla in American cinemas!
Kurdish teenager Dua
Dol in German cinemas
The Kurdistan Workers’ Party - PKK

The first Paris Kurdish Film Festival

A Successful Nation-Building Strategy Under Construction in Kurdistan

The Kurdish people and an Appeal to the USA, European Union & Democratic World

The Kirkuk Referendum
Salah Sports launches first Erbil Freedom Day Community Run

A new Case of Restrictions on Freedom of Expression in Turkey

Free press

Modern Kurdish Poetry (2006)

The Struggle of Kurdish Women

Banaz could have been saved 

Perpetrators and Victims in Backtiar Ali’s Kurdish Novel“ The City of White Musicians”

The Factors Preventing The Realisation Of The Nation Of Kurdistan

International Conference on Kurdish Women for Peace and Equality


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