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Kurds pick a side in US-Iran War

Mr. Rubin's article stresses the need for the Kurds to pick a side in the case this does happen. First, I live in the United States so I am a biased because of that and believe Kurds should follow the US model for their future. Having said that, I disagree with Mr. Rubin's notion that Kurds must pick a side. I don't believe that's fair considering the fact that the US has left Kurds hanging multiple times before. The Kurds need to do what is in their interest. They should not allow any country to use them as proxies against any other country. Also it doesn't help that this administration has greatly empowered Turkey, a country whose entire regional policy is to ensure Kurds don't achieve their dream. Kurds need to think about the long run and what alliances will be most beneficial to them. And if they were go against Iran, there would need to be great incentives such as equiping the Kurdish forces with updated weapons so they can protect themselves fro
m their enemies which includes Turkey who blatantly continues to conspire against Kurds and gets the green light from US because Hillary Clinton has Turks on her staff and donate money to her. Thank you.


Shame on Kurdish Aspect for not making any noise about the massacre of our Kurdish family in Turkey. Allies of Turkey are making a bigger deal about it than you are. The media is a very valuable tool and your folks don't seem to understand that. You need to represent the Kurdish people in all corners of the world otherwise change your name. Thanks.

Hejar Farok   
Shwan- culture of dependency

Great article. I completely agree with you that the expectation the public has of their government to hold their hand will have very negative consequences. Granted, the government has an obligation to assist those who are not capable of taking care of themselves alone, but it is crucial to our future for the people to be independent. The environment needs to be rich for creativity and new ideas and to believe that one can shape their own future depending on their individual creativity and hard work. I was recently in Kurdistan and much has changed cosmetically but the culture has not progressed at the same speed. I also think there's a generational split on this. It seemed to me that the older generation has a sense of entitlement of the government. They feel due to the suffering and hardships they've lived through gives them the right to be taken care of compared to the younger generation who are more open to the idea of self-reliance. For Kurdistan to continue its progress and achieve her goals, she must have a diverse economic portfolio which must be led by strong individuals in the private sector to balance the efforts by the government. Not to mention the satisfaction a person feels for relying on themselves. Thank you.

Gulen's movement

Dear Allan,

I do not understand your point in your article whether Gulenists or Gulen collaborate with the CIA for the good cause. If that is the case, then so be it. How do you promote the peace in the world? What are your solutions: just fight each other all the time and crate more separatism and thus more human beings are killed or suffered! Do you feel that you could be part of innocents like who were killed?
I think the Gulen movement is doing well; what I understand from their movement that they are tiring to bring more peace, tolerance and understanding each other. I think this should be promoted rather than any conflicts or war being ignited.
I can tell you one simple suggestion is that let's be part of the solution. Let's promote peace and harmony more in your family, in your organization and in the world.
It seems to me you have not been part of it so far. I kindly ask you to join.

Not to trust

I don't trust, your intentions is not for the best for Kurdish people. Instead of discussing the Kurdish issue in Turkey, Syria and Iran you are just concentrated on a few demonstrators in Suleymania. Don't think you can brainwash Kurdish people with your empty propaganda.

Lana Ling

Lana, I've read opinions and articles covering a number of different view points on this site. I have never felt that Kurdish Aspect was being one sided. You should use appropriate language and keep in mind that you may very well have studied Kurds for years, but we are Kurds! please keep that in mind before you rant again. We seek democracy, not communism. Thank you.

Hejar Farok
Kurdish Aspect


Like many other Kurds living abroad I follow media to be updated of situation of Kurdistan. Reading articles in Kurdish aspect doesn't make me happy or proud. Yes, there is corruption in Kurdistan, yes there are people suffering and they deserve a better life, but calling for a rebellion is not the solution not in Kurdistan. Kurdistan is not independent, neighboring countries are not friendly toward Kurdish people. I do not agree with any political party, because there is no political party in Kurdistan that really presents the Kurdish issue, that really fights for freedom of Kurdish people. The same thing with Kurdish media. Take a look at Turkish media, they are doing all they can to preserve the interest of Turks. I'm ashamed of being a Kurd. The year is 2011 and Turks can still forbid us to speak our own language, even use Kurdish names. And you, Kurdish media are busy criticizing each other. Are you not ashamed at all, don’t you think we should ignore our personal interests for a while and fight for freedom of Kurdish people and Kurdistan?

Kurdish Aspect or Goran

Are you Goran. or do you work for Goran.??? You are a disgrace to Kurdistan. your news is so onesided its becomeing a joke. Ive been studying Kurdistan for years and I think the people in power are doing a great job.

lana ling
Kurdish Protests

It is wonderful to see our people out on the streets and exercising their right to peaceful assembly. These are the core beliefs of democracy and human rights. As a U.S. resident and citizen, this is one of the fundamental ingredients that has shaped this country so I encourage my Kurdish brothers and sisters to continue and demand what they expect out of their government, which is only there to represent them. Having said that, we should be careful of the sort of things we demand. I believe this is an opportunity to channel the anger at the fact that Kirkuk is still in limbo. This is our top priority and it needs to be resolved. The people need to put pressure on their leaders to act quickly on these issues that matter so much to our identity as a people. The leaders must understand that being heavy handed on their own people or allowing them to be shot and killed will not only destroy our system that so much blood has been spilled for but will also damage the legacy of Mr. Barzani and his father (the great Mustafa Barzani). I am also a little worried about the religious element in these protests. To point out, I come from a devoted Muslim family but I do not believe in mixing religion and politics. They should not work hand in hand. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I believe religion suppresses people's rights, where democracy allows and encourages it. We are in key moments in Kurdish history right now and must be very smart of the foundation we are laying for the future of our people. We need to focus on the big picture. Thank you. Bjit Kurd u Kurdistan!

Gulenist Schools

I enjoyed reading your informative article.   Why aren't these people running these schools being investigated?   If they are trying to infiltrate the public schools system and other academic institutions to promote their cult-like movement at our taxpayers expense it seems like the FBI and CIA should be looking at them closely.  It does not seem right that they are so adamant about pursuing their goals so relentlessly.

Game Over

Dictatorships falling one after another
People in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and many other Middle Eastern, Islamic and Arab countries inspired by the Tunisian Revolution invade streets and neighborhoods’ to get rid of a bunch of out-dated, backward and un-popular regimes and dictatorships who have been ruling the region for more than three decades
Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, in office since 1981
Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, in power since 1969
Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has ruled that impoverished nation since he seized power more than 30 years ago
Bashar Assad the son of Hafiz Al-Assad came to power, in September 1970, when Palestinian guerrillas in Jordan sought to topple King Hussein
Ahmadi Nejads regieme, the real Dictatorship, came to power in 1979
Now the Game is Over
Welcome to the rebirth of nations and people who no longer fear those corrupt and rotten dictatorships and together hand in hand women and men, boys and girls go to streets and should out loud:
Game is Over
{ These corrupt and greedy and dishonest governments must resign and go on a one way trip to hell}
It is about time that people in Kurdistan go to streets and shout out loud:
Ahmadi Nejad, Abdullah Gul, Bashar Assad and Miliki .... Listen to Kurdistan it’s official:

Happy New Year

Kurds are celebrating the New Year in a different Way
While the world celebrating the New Year, A Kurdish Website posted a very interesting message! It says: Its not a New Year, Let us not celebrate, We should not greet anybody! Especially the Oppressors!
I am not surprised because we Kurds are a very traumatised nation and we need a healing hand to help us overcome decades of constant oppression and destruction.

Baqi Barzani's Article

Thank you for writing this article and emphasizing the importance of equality for everyone regardless of their religious belief. Their type of thinking is very destructive and only generates hate. Kurds are and should be leading the ME for progress in this area because of our history and I couldn't think of anything more critical for the entire region right now. Our people have faith in God and realize that anyone who kills innocent people or encourages it is standing against that faith. I think for a people that have only self-governed for such a short time period, It's great our foundations at this stage are based on rights of all peoples and this type of standard will bear rich fruits in the long run. There still needs to be more done to ensure that basic service needs are met for our own people but other than that we should be proud that we don't condone the sort of behavior this radical Islamist preaches. A Kurd led them once and now we'll need to do it again but regardless whether they follow or not, it's the right way of being human and contributing to society. Thank you and God bless Kurds and Kurdistan!

PKK and Turkish-Kurds

How long is it going to take for people to understand that the geatest victims of the PKK are Turkish-Kurds? What has the PKK ever done to help the Kurdish minority? Has the PKK done anything to improve the southeast's economy? No the PKK sabotaged every effort to bring business to their communities. Have they improved the lives of Kurdish women who are married off in their teens to deliver so many babies they appear to be in their 80s when they are only 40? No, the PKK doesn't object to honor killings, have never set up any health care facilities for women or children, they haven't established any schools. Rather then encouraging education, they promote boycotts of schools, kill school teachers the government sends to the southeast. They traffic drugs and women, making money to fund their bombs via the sex trade.
Why only in Turkey they kill? bcz they are financed by Turks enemy like Armenians,Greeks,Greek Cypriots,and few others who do not like Turkish power in the ME,shame on them,Vatan Hainleri PKK and its supporters

Kurdish Right!

I have read most of the comments on here and I wanted to do that before I made my own. It's in regards to Turkey and the Kurdish issue there. Most of the comments from the Kurds are that we love Turkey and we're brothers and so on. I want to say that I absolutely hate Turkey. Why? Because everytime I read an article about Turkish oppression of my brothers in regards to their identity, social and economic situation, and equal rights, I cannot bring myself to a friendly view. Gandi said that he believed in peace but also believed in fighting for certain things. I cannot bring myself to speak about peace so long as my Kurdish people in Turkey do not enjoy the same rights as the rest of Turks do. The weakness of the Kurdish people has always been and will always be the fact that we give the benefit of doubt to our enemies instead of standing up to them as one. I am sick of hearing so called Kurdish intellects looking out for other people's rights over their own. Wake up and smell the coffee. These countries would all cheer to see us exterminated. I for one love my people and will stand alongside them in their struggle. Sometimes fighting brings peace and if the Kurds unite and have the courage to take what is RIGHTFULLY theirs, than we will have a country of our own. Untill then we are puppets in their world and they will play us as they see fit for themselves. Thank you and GOD bless Kurds and KURDISTAN!

RSS Syndication

It would be nice if you had an RSS feed.

43 Mothers and Fathers with no child

And GPD knows how many Kurdish mothers worrying home about their children. What is this why do you become a pawn in a game of regional power play?
last time l was in Turkey I was in Levent district and stayed in a nice hotel l made friend with a Kurdish family from Hakkari who is a builder, he was in Istanbul was looking for a nice house to buy, now you tell me is anyone tells him or prevents him to buy a home in Istanbul or izmir or Bodrum? many Turks live in Germany 4 million, why economy, when your color is different but you are treated like any other Turkish citizen anywhere in Turkey, what is the big fuss? Ok l understand there is no investment you say in Kurdish areas, than you ask to your Congressman for it, and let’s say for the sake of argument that you have your borders, who will finance your economic development? Where will the money come from? Right now north of Iraq is booming for business, why don't you go there or anywhere in Turkey there is booming business? NO you rather go up to mountains and join PKK that makes you feel like a man holding a gun in your hand, and get free food and free cave to stay in, with the drug money which kills children in young age, it is easy you just lay in the cave all day and all night go kill Turkish kids, that is your goal in life, for that you will never can count on my support or many like me, Sorry,


Since most people’s history is lacking; let us renew. In WW1 YELLOW STAIN turkey was part of the Axis via Germany/Austria. When they were soundly beaten by an EQUAL force of the Allies, they turned YELLOW and groveled to join the Allies. Then they unseated attaturkeys regime, they took their anger and defeat on the unarmed women, children, old people of Armenians. So for years they been LYING about the Armenian Genocide, and forever trying to erase the YELLOW STAIN, but cant. So with their intimidation, bullying, the world knows better. They will never assault an Equal force, only UNARMED WOMEN, CHILDREN, and AND OLD PEOPLE. That’s their style.

Alex Postallian
The Kurdish People

I just wanted to say I love the Kurdish people. I fought in Iraq in 2008 and lived in the Mosul area. The Convoy missions we ran took us to Kurdistan. Once we cleared the check point to enter Kurdistan it was like a different world with clean streets commerce and security. I found the Kurdish people to be some of the most hospitable people I have ever met. It was hard to believe it was still Iraq. I hope when this thing all comes to a end. The Kurds get lots of their land back. Being around your people showed me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In this war. The Kurdish people are 10 steps ahead of the rest of Iraq In my opinion. At recovering

Deen Brus
Kurds and then the PKK Kurds

It is so funny that when you engage in Terrorism and finance that terrorism with selling Heroin to European Youth you call yourself a freedom fighter.

When you kill your own child or buried her alive you call yourself a Turkish and when you kill Turkish soldier you call yourself a freedom fighter, who are you? What do you want?

Get your head from the gutter elevate yourself to civilized human been, go out and do something don't wait for the government to hand you out things for free, there are rocks out there belongs to no one, it is Gods rocks and sand why don’t you like many civilizations before you go get them and cut them and shave them and build roads and homes schools, something for you and for your family like many other civilizations did. You claim you lived there many years, please show me one piece of art you have created show me one statue, NOTHING besides the art of killing young Turkish man, you created NOTHING. You make me sick and l know you will never publish this, but it is Okay many others do


It's been wonderfull to have this kind of online kurdish media to send out the kurdish voice to the rest of the world.

I'm so happy of you guys hard working and I appreciate your efforts and patriotism towards our great country.



Great website!


During the recent months, I have been read a lot about the Kurdish cause, especially those who live in Turkey.

As an Israeli, I can see a clear imagination between Turkey's policy on the Kurdish issue and Israel's right wing policy on the Palestinian issue.

The common denominator between them is opaqueness, racism and arrogance.

Similarly, I can bet  the rhetoric of Turkey concludes none sense intimidation about the "dangerous" scenarios of Kurdish independent state in northern Iraq and Kurdish autonomy in South East of Turkey.

Nothing justifies deliberate killing of innocent civilians, but same thing about systematic oppression or occupation of someone else land.

Personally, I am ashamed my country has never done all the necessary steps for peace, and simultaneously, blindly coordinates with Turkey against the PKK instead of proposing her own peace initiative.

Lastly, as long as Turkey portrays itself as a "solely victim", diplomatic breakthrough won't be feasible.

Tom Ifrach-Israel.   
Abolishing Religions for Peace

Religions are not similiar to weapons. You make a very wrong simili. Religions of God preach peace, love, brotherhood, justice, respect for life, truth, one's self and others. Weapons don't! They only represent murder and monetary profit for their manufacturers. Religions of God have been misunderstood throughout the history and have been mistaught. Hence, they have caused wars and conflicts. If they were taught correctly, they would have caused peace!

Abrahams Nation
Turkey's Dirty War Against the Kurds

Respectfully I need to say such "hate-spreading article" beside many others like this demonstrates your inability to dig yourself out of the past and lack of hope for having great ideas for today and tomorrow full of peace and love for Kurdish people. 
Please review the posting to realize one thing, you - like too many other Kurdish "Politician" - stock in past by lacking hope and love for all the remaining days of our lives.
It is what has made it so hard for us Kurdish people to have a better life; there are no visionaries who paint us the road how to become blessed.
We Kurdish people must ignore those who use our pains to be called "politician".
To hell with you as you care about nothing but your name!  

Dear Sir,

It seems to me when I read this article,that its the harvest time for the Palestinians.Yes we were plaeagued by fallowing a blinded policy which made many mistakes by the PLO.The truth that you should always rememeber,thats the Palestinian people should be treated in a brutal way becaus thier leaders faults.I am one among them and I do appreciate the Kurdish people and respect thier cause but who can hear my voice as you would always listen to the queer voices and ignor the true one

Salem Abu Nofal
Turkish ultral-patriot Joe Konukaldi!

You are funny really. I have read your comments to "kicking out the Kurds" out of Turkey to my Kurdish friends. They all said "Were should they go?"
I suggest you authorize to kill them as your state has done always?
You sound like you have no peace in your heart and blame Kurds for that.
We pray for you and your kind may you fine love and peace!

Kurdish uprising a disgrace

If kurds are not happy living in Turkey, then they should leave. Turks do not want kurds to live in Turkey anymore.  They are absorbing all the countries resources and are never appreciative.
Their efforts of terrorism will not be forgotten.  Simple message to them is GET LOST. Diyarbakir belongs to Turkey.

Joe Konukaldi
Ali Shukor: Hataw Sarkawt article

Dear friend Ali Shukor,

I do not understand your comment at all. You write "I suggest you pull that article off your website.".
I mean your beautiful word "we have to show tolerance and respect for others, regardless of their names/backgrounds/religion", and I have to ask myself, do you mean really what you say there?
How is it that you can not see "Hataw Sarkawt article" in the same light?
What makes it so difficult to treat everyone with tolerance and respect, regardless of their names/backgrounds/religion?
I love to know what what is the difference really. You can email me at ""

Newroz Piroz
Best regards

Hataw Sarkawt article

Dear Editor,

I find the article by Hataw Sarkawt ("I am confused by these names and so should you") highly offensive, and am surprised you published it on this excellent website. If us Kurds expect others to respect us, we have to show tolerance and respect for others, regardless of their names/backgrounds/religion. I suggest you pull that article off your website.

Kind regards,

Ali Shukor
Comments on Ahmet Turk's speech

as an American who lived in Turkey for a long period of time I would like to add a few comments on the article written to address Kurdish language problem which was also addressed by Ahmet Turk.
Ahmet Turk said that Turkish state does not allow them to speak in their mother language. In opposite I saw many Kurds in Turkey spoke and sang in their languages. They even had their Prime Ministers in the past. On the other side I can not see the DTP is representing the whole nation of Turkey but keen to speak or pose ethnically as Kurdish..
I am sure it would not be allowed in my country to use any ethnic language officially or to call a region indicating that region belongs to an ethnic group.
For this reason, I do not see how DTP will represent and do good things for the whole nation of Turkey. They only talk about the separation or division. Especially supporting an armed struggle against the state always makes DTP a vulnerable party.
I always say: Long live the brotherhoods of Turkey's all ethnic groups! Which I personally had a chance to live with, In fact they do not need any parties to understand each other. They do these themselves very well without any manipulation from those political parties in Turkey.
I have many Kurdish friends in Turkey who complain about DTP's attitude to politics.
I hope you are as democratic as you say.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Roselyn MacPherson     
Build World Awareness

With the expectation that Turkey will move towards Syria and Iran in its upcoming election and the virtual annexation of Lebanon by Syria- Iran, it is time for the west to wake up as to who are the good guys and bad guys in this region. I would love to see a united Kurdistan formed from parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. I support it and argue the case with whomever. I only hope that united Kurdistan and
Israel will find friendship and mutual support.

Reuven Koblick
Dear Cetin who calls us his "brother",

What makes you and me brother is first that we are human and what we have learned in Kurdistan, to love. Not a piece land, not the trees, not the stones or soil of Kurdistan, we learned to love and respect. Our Peshmerga, where ever in Kurdistan, be it north, South east or Western took all the hard life to protect the dignity and the tradition. You should be aware of the difference between the meaning of Peshmerga and Mojahed.
So, please do not reduce us to Islam. I am not Moslem and will never be one and I do want your Allah's Swort to cut other people's head for the evil, or kill kids and innocent people for your Allah.
Not me and not many Kurdish people I know.
Dont fool yourself, we Kurdish people ever had any place for the evil of hate.
Kurdistan became Kurdistan for being home to Shiring o Farhad for Qasr Shirin, for Biseton, for the love for mankind, for being human.
I know all your Islamic view makes you be fanatic to believe Islam is the peace, look around the world, see in your own heart, and try to find love and respect. I never worship a God who offers me to kill for him to get the other world "beautiful whores". If you want just do it, please do not call Kurdish people your brother. I believe your brother are Bin Ladan and all psychos surrounding him.

About know your website

this is helpful for others who want the message about any information

Christopher Wilbert

Poor Policy!

It is amazing that "Your emails" part is almost dead. You make it to the first pages in Google search about Kurdistan with spending money for sure but I mean certainly you are too lonely with your views and you are taking out the whole dynamics from your readers comments.

No, you can not make it, to lead the Kurdish main stream to the ways you just dream to be right.

You should really be feeling bad, very bad, about yourself for being afraid of publishing the emails!

I mean, really, do you have the smallest hope that people like you will ever have any chances to move even a dust in Kurdish issue?

First you have to overcome your own intolerance for the emails!

I mean, if you don't have the courage to publish all readers comments, you should sent the money you give Google to poor Kurdish families and stay out until you are free enough to let the people communicate with each other!

I look at such people like you and find always the reason why we Kurds never made it to be strong!

There are TOO MANY people like you out there, that is why.


My brothers

I am from Elaz; and I am bit part of your culture. I am very disappointed when I see your links in Jerusalem Post. Aren’t you aware what is running around? Do you really think that Israel will be your fellows? This link clearly shows somebody is using Kurdish people. It is a part of divide & possess strategy. It is unbelievable to hope for Israel help!! Instead of being a part big Muslim society, you are trying to be trigger of Jews. Let us stop to argue our differences and extend common sense. You can start to protest Israel attack to Gazze.

False and negative information

You and your 'news network' is publishing FALSE news about Turkey, First of all. THERE is no Kurdistan and there wont be any. Secondly i dont know where you get your facts/news but these are pure LIES, stop spreading you Armenian-like lies against Turks. i also think the AKP party is a failure but thats because the are the slaves of America and Israel. JUST like YOU. You are serving the imperialist powers with you false and fake so called News.

PKK is a terror organization (which killed more than 40,000 turks AND kurds, but im not saying that all kurds are terrorist, i have a lot of kurdish friends who at least RESPECT their country. Stop serving US,Israel and Armenia.You have no BRAINS at all

And i think that you are not more than a provocator, and not a kurd. Maybe armeian. because of the Armenian APO (abdullah ocalan) Turk-Kurd friendship got bad

NOW stop spreading your lies and think more about Iraq, but no, you are selfish and want to kick the turkmens out of the Turkish cities KERKUK and MOSUL

S. Yildizeli

Work it out!

We need to accept the idea as Turks, that we cannot go on like this. We cannot continue to sow the seeds of hatred and division. We need to come together as one family and embrace Kurds as our long lost family.

Asla Tasci

STOP calling that certified killer of women and children the leader of Kurds.  NOT ALL KURDS accept that.  My whole family was killed by the PKK and with the help of God, our people took their revenge - about 5 of them for every member of out tribe killed.  You so-called Kurds DO NOT HAVE MONOPOLY on being Kurdish.  I am happy living in Turkey and if you are not, piss off to Northern Iraq.  See if you can publish that.

Saleh W. Atalay
Turks and Kurds and brotherly love etc.

Dear Cengis,

Turks and aggressive repression have the power to divide Turks and Kurds

Peter Stitt
Kurdish youth

Dear Sir or Madam,

I read an article called "message to the kurdish nation! message to the kurdish youth" by Minhaj Akreyi, and I thought what he had wrote is amazing and so true. So I thought he might take into interest and want to see what some kurdish youth's in london have done to get awareness for Kurdistan.

Campaign For Kurdistan

your sincerely Barzy
Nobody has power to divide Turks and Kurds

Dear Turkish and Kurdish brothers, I ran into this site by accident. It is a pity that I have seen emails from the people who are not Kurds or Turks and pretend that they are interested in our inner world. Now let’s think about it: If they are truly interested in humanity they should stop their assault on Iraq and Afghanistan where many women and children are being killed daily. I don’t believe their sincerity and our inner problems are not their business. Look at the writers nationalities; we defeated them in Dardanels, they know our power and they want to break our power. Didn’t we fight against them as Kurds and Turks together? We have beaten them in Dardanels and Mustafa Kamal Ataturk defeated their ancestors in our freedom war 1922 from Istanbul. The people who are engaged with us are their descendants. Watch out please!

My sister is married to a Kurd I have nephews, nieces I love them, I love my brother in-law he is a perfect person. How can we be divided? UK is still trying to get even with us for the loss in Dardanels. 

PKK and Turkey

I reply, with a great deal of sympathy, to the remarks made by Fatima I. Atalay.  I know there are good Turkish people, I have met them, Turks who actually support Kurdish aspirations and Turks who do not support Kurdish aspirations but are genuine in their beliefs and honestly care about the Kurdish plight in Turkey.  However, I must balance the debate here from an independent Scottish perspective.

Fatima, the 34,000 fatalities you mentioned are on both sides, they were not all PKK "hits" as your email implied.  I would also point to the clearing and destruction of Kurdish villages by the Turkish government, the criminalisation of Kurdish language and culture.  Turkey has made some serious miscalculations, it is not just the fault of PKK who I regard as the most obscene excuse for a "freedom fighting" organisation I have ever come across.  I don't think anyone comes out of this smelling of roses, both sides are at serious fault.

I suspect Fatima that your husband is too intelligent to "hate" all Kurds because he had the humanity to marry one as an equal.  Just because the PKK do things that disgust you, do not be ashamed of your Kurdish heritage.  For every one bad Kurd you see, I will show you a hundred honourable Kurds to whom I would entrust my life.  I feel safer with Kurds than I do my own Scottish community and that says a great deal about the basic nature of Kurdish people.  There are good and bad in every people and I agree with your general sentiments about PKK but let's not ignore Turkey's role in this.

I wish you and your husband well Fatima and I look forward to the point in time where both Kurdistan and Turkey are thriving economically and can see how working together will benefit both for the future.  That is when those many shared cultural values will become valuable but Turkey must learn to accommodate and accept cultural and ethnic differences as well.

Peter Stitt

While I sympathise somewhat with the plight of the Kurd (I am one, too) I take exception to your total support of the PKK.  You ask the Turkish Government to forget the past (nearly 34,000 people killed by the PKK since 1984, mainly innocent Kurds)and suddenly embrace the PKK as brothers ?  I would not do this so how can you ask the Turks to do so ?  You say the elected government should cease military operations and discuss matters at the table.  Since when killers masquarading as "freedom fighters" deserve a place at an exalted venue like a conference table ?  Five cease fires recently?  That is a joke.  Sure, every October or so they declare a cease fire to go down to Iraq and spend the winter in comfort. Do you take the Turks and we peace loving Kurds as fools ?  Do the PKK realize the tremendpous amount of harm they have done to the Kurdish Cause ?  My husband, who is a Turk, spent most of the 60s and 70s fighting for the Kurdish cause abroad, with some success.  Now he probably hates us all, though he would never admit it.  So who wins ?

Wake up, people, and leave us in peace!

Fatima I. Atalay

I would just like to congratulate Turkey on their performance tonight in the Euro 2008 Finals against Germany.  Their team has performed with great passion and skill and I admire them greatly.

I have no problem with the Turkish people, just the establishment and the military.  The Turkish people deserve to have something to smile about because their government's ongoing mismanagement of their economy and political dealings with the outside world ensures that they suffer needlessly.

On a one-to-one basis I have always found the Turks to be as brotherly as Kurdish friends and they have been extremely generous and caring for me.  I know I am an advocate of an independent Kurdistan but I do not see myself as "partisan".  I do know two great peoples when I see them (even if their politicians are rubbish!) and I also know a brilliant football team when I see it play.

An English radio commentator just said "Turkey have brightened up Euro 2008" because of the zest and passion they brought to the game.  I hope the Turkish people are proud of their team because, as a human being, I am.

I can't wait to see the Kurdish national side competing in the World Cup.  Just please, not in the same group as Scotland!  God bless football.

Peter Stitt
Objective! you say about your postings!!!

I absolutely agree with Erdal's comment and in a good spirit have to say. Where is the objectivity Mr Mirdawi's  words "Questions and directions"?
Come on!

We might be wrong in many things, but we are not stupid. What about you "bra"?

God bless you

Erdal you are wrong

This site is an objective as they can. Divisive comments are of no use to anyone. We Turks and Kurds will find a common ground to work with, we are all brothers. Turks and Kurds must have peace and must prosper; area is rich and can support economical advancement.

Those young kids from the mountains must be given chance to have families and kids and the means to provide decent living for themselves. If economical achievement is provided, than for the Terrorists to brain wash the Kurdish kids will end.

Write some thing productive Kurdish aspect will print it

Comment policy

"Comments containing threats, foul language or thinly disguised foul language will be deleted. Keep it civil, stay on topic and your posts will remain online".

I think what you mean with the above is; as long as you say what we want to hear and supports our cause, your comments are welcome.

Erdal Ahmet
That is a BIG LIE,Turkish soldiers suicide

On the contrarray,turkish soldiers who kills themselves and number in to 0.002% is the ones who were about the discharged from the Military to go home,yes the sad fact is some of them do not have home to go .
There are some young Turkish Man who are alone and only family they have is the military, many asks to serve longer time, Solder suicede in Turkish military is the lowest in the World.
Some of your writers ,WHERE DO THEY GET THEIR INFORMATION, it is beyond credibilty.
Long live our Turkish-Kurdish brotherhood,dividers will loose uniters will prosper,We Turks and Kurds will show the Wolrd how to getalone like brothers,I invite all Turks and Kurds to be kind and courtuious to eachother,and that $ should bring some relief to our Kurdish citizens,money well spend,Love and peace for all of our children, and PKK will come down and join our brotherhood,and be a constructive memeber of our country,forgive and forget is best policy of the west and it should work for us too.


State terrorism, repression, intimidation, purge, denial of ethnic identity:
Kurds in northern iraq apply to Turkoman brothers of mine in Kerkuk Mousul area.
Americans turn blind eye. So do DTP and kurdish intellegensia of Turkey. When in power Kurds treat Turks the same way as Jews treat Palestinians.

Fuat Akdeniz
Aland Mizell article

In Aland Mizell's article, he states that the Muslims in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed their prayer direction to Mecca after the conquest of that city. This is not correct; they changed the direction to Mecca before the conquest, in the second year of the Hijrah.

Sameh Strauch
Comment on the Newroz article

I just want to show my appreciation of this article that was written by Luqman Berwari, who was a local of Fargo, ND. I was very surprised by happy at the same time to see this article written by the same individual who helped my family resettle in Fargo, ND and admit my brothers and sisters to school.

I've never read such a powerful article on Kurdish people and their way of life. I believe in change and the more we come together the closer we are to our freedom and own nation.

Thank you Luqman Berwari on this beautiful article on the Kurdish people and the Newroz celebration.

Nezir Ahmed
Thank you Hevallo

Thanks Hevallo, that was a beautiful email you sent in.  I am sure that all of the other writers feel the same way as I do about you saying the magazine has balance.  When I write anything I always consult Kurdish friends because they have a right to have their opinions heard and I like to feel I give them a bigger voice because I have a big mouth and my British passport allows me to speak freely anywhere.

When I was in Ankara I noticed that many very attractive women were going into and coming out of a hotel close to the bar where I drank with my Turkish friends.  I joked to my friend Taji that we were drinking in the wrong place and we should go where the attractive women were.  He told me the owmen were Russian prostitutes and that Turkish citizens were not allowed to even go into the hotel, it was just for foreigners!

I pulled out my British passport and said "A Turk should be able to go anywhere in Turkey, you and I are going to have a drink in there."  He was frightened but he went with me and we went straight up to the bar and I ordered two Efes Pilsner.  The Turkish bar man looked at Taji, looked at me, he looked confused and terrified but he then served us.  All people have a right to a voice and Kurds should have total rights in Northern Kurdistan.

Anyway, God bless Hevallo and happy Naw Roz to you and to the peshmerga of PKK (I still don't admire the leadership).

I pray for a happy future for all Kurds all over the world.

Peter Stitt
Newroz Piroz Be Kurdish Aspect!

To all the readers, contributers and organisers of Kurdish Aspect, Hevallo wishes you all a happy new year! Lets hope that the next year will bring greater hope, peace and justice for the Kurdish people on this earth.

Thank you to Kurdish Aspect for making a significant contribution to the raising of Kurdish and non Kurdish concienceness and awareness in relation to the sometimes complex issue that is 'Kurdistan'!

You have managed to find that balance and room for all views which is very important.

Hevallo will continue to target the Turkish propaganda and psychological warfare that aims to label, lie and confuse people.

Silav and Selam!
Berxwedan Jiyane!
Newroz Piroz Be!

"Kurdestan" The Ultimate American Allay

Dear Sir:

Your view of Kemal is very well taken. My view is that eventually the war in Iraq will boiled down to a powerful Kurdish state encompassing Iran, Iraq and Republic of Turkey. West is about to realize that Kurdish people are more moderate than Arabs, Iranians and Turks.

There is one problem though. I do not know how Armenian and Kurds are going to resolve their dormant conflict?

Papken Hartunian
Why Ataturk is a bad guy, Funny

If it was not for Ataturk and his refoms,Turkish-Kurds would be facing same problems as they have in Iraq under Saddam,remembered how he gassed all the Kurds, Democratik Turkey do not do such act, All the Ataturks haters you do not know what you are talking about.becouse of his reforms Kurds are safe in Turkey.

Divide and RULE, For our Turkish-Kurdish Brothers

Actually, this is not all that strange considering the divide-and-rule strategy of the US, the EU and Israel across the Muslim world based on the exploitation of all the existing hostilities and divisions. Until recently, they were simultaneously supporting the Turkish Armed Forces, the PKK and its sister organisation PJAK as well as the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq. According to the Firat News Agency, the reason behind the US support is: An agreement made between the US, Turkey and the Federal Administration of South Kurdistan for the construction in South and North Kurdistan [i.e. Northern Iraq and South-eastern Turkey respectively] of two strategic US military bases targeting Iran. [13] The base in Turkey is reportedly located in the Yuksekova district at the Iranian border.

Needless to say, in the event of a war on Iran, the US and its leading NATO allies will be using all the bases on the Turkish territory at their disposal, including the secrets ones. It is important to bear in mind that the notorious US military base in Incirlik (Southern Turkey), which has played a crucial role in all the Anglo-American invasions in the Middle East in the post-cold war period, contains 90 nuclear warheads. In retrospect, the rejection of the March 2003 parliamentary motion to allow US troops to use Turkish soil as a staging ground for an invasion of Iraq didn’t seem to have much of an impact as the US army clandestinely went ahead with its plans anyway. 
Please resist this game, how many times we will be used as a pawn. it is up to us.


Kosovo and Turkish army incursion to Kurdistan

Dear all

It was not a surprise for me the timing of Turkish arm forces incursion to kurdistan Iraq after couple days of Kosovo independence. USA supoorted Kososvo independence and Kurdistan iraq is been protected by USA forces and strong Kurdish forces.

Well what would have been Kurdistan without USA spport and what would been Eastern Turkey which is heavily populated wth Kurdish origin popluation if Kurdistan Iraq declares its independance and USA accept it?

Turky's National Security decided long time ago to stop any independant dream even by any kurds in the world.

Kosovo yesterday kurdistan today and I would say congratulation Kurdistan for your independance

Daron Mushsassun


I read happily the rather depressingly titled "Kurdish troops surround Turks in worst confrontation yet in Iraq" by Leila Fadel and Yasseen Taha.

Those peshmerga forces acted quite legitimately and well within international law and I salute their bravery and dedication in doing so.

Turkey seems determined to make enemies of friends at the moment and I must admit that my patience is running out.  I like to consider myself "reasonable" but a ground incursion really pushes the limits.  The shelling is bad enough, the air-strikes are hardly accurate.

Turkey, I have been urging PKK to talk for years and your actions make my arguments rubbish.  When Southern Kurdistan is attacked in this way it is not an attack on PKK, it is an attack on the entire Kurdish nation.  We have a phrase in Britain about taking a hammer to break a nut and that is what Turkey is doing right now, disproportionate firepower is being deployed.

Maybe the Turkish military wants TAK to exist.  After all, if there is peace with Kurds and Armenians, would there be any point in Turkey spending billions of dollars on maintaining the second biggest military force in NATO?

In my reckoning, both Turkey and PKK want the hostilities to run and run because the hostilities justify the existence of each of them.  Meanwhile, the people suffer....

Peter Stitt

Dear Kurdish Aspect,

Finally you published a topic on unifying "Kirkuk" and not polarizing the Kurds. I recommend that you stay on this topic and have a constructive role instead of destructive one. Of course, we all have our own views; at the same time unity for us (Kurds) is the elixir of life. Kirkuk is the grant of liberty.

Instead of focusing of the KRG's mistakes I hope you focus on Kirkuk. Kirkuk is truly the hearth of Kurdistan. As the father of Kak Massoud always said, the ancient Fire of Babagorgor in Kirkuk is the fire that is burning in Newroz and in our flag and it is the fire that encourages us to become Peshmerga's to spread light. 

Clearly Kirkuk it is not about money. Kirkuk is about the identity of the Kurdistani point of view, it is also about the way we Kurds feel, think and act, it is the place of our origins, and it is the place once we spread light through the temples in Kirkuk. Babagorgor (the father of all flames) is the temple of light.

It is Kirkuk that we need to focus on, my dear friends, not the Turks and not the KRG corruption or anything else. I pray to God you will realize the importance of the heart in the body.

God bless you
David Jalil
I respond to my friend, Mr Takman's latest email.

Mr Takman, you know I have respect and affection for both you and for the Turkish people whilst also being a supporter of a Kurdish nation.  In every conflict situation it is inevitable that views from both sides will become polarised very quickly so it does not surprise me that most Turks support the recent military action whilst most Kurds view it as an act of aggression.  That is in the nature of such things.

However, in terms of the objectivity of Kurdish Aspect as a magazine and website, I would draw your attention to a piece published about two nights ago, "Betrayal?  The US Policy Towards The Kurds".  I wrote this piece knowing full well it would not be popular with many Kurdish readers and, in it, I was highly critical of the Kurdish leadership.  When I sent it to my Editor, Mr Ardalan Hardi, I made it clear that I would not be offended if he did not publish it because it might alienate so many Kurdish readers.  Being aware of the honesty and integrity of Ardalan's family I should not have been surprised that he published it promptly despite risking the publication's readership and support base.  Now, for him to publish a piece that many at Kurdish Aspect probably disagree strongly with shows an objectivity rarely seen in the British media or anywhere else, certainly not in the Turkish media.

Also, Mr Takman, it is worth noting that your email has been featured so it is clear that Kurdish Aspect is trying to give voice to all opinions in this situation, including your's and mine, even when they may offend Kurdish Aspect's readership.  That is unquestionably objectivity within journalism at its best.

I just pray we find some way for these two great peoples to find a way to live together without conflict, both have so much to gain from each other.

God bless Kurdistan and God bless Turkey.

Peter Stitt
I think you are not objective

This the last time l write for your paper, you have became a mouth peace for the Kurdish extremists, there is no article in your paper which is constructive, your news are more dividing than uniting, this type of reporting will only bring more destruction for the both side, no country will sacrifice its security especially if it is supported by its enemies.

Kurds are just a pawn for the bigger game, bigger game is the destruction of Turkish nation and for that you have to kill every living Turk. They have been trying for centuries to do just that and Turks are fully aware of it. If Kurds become a puppet of the Turkish enemy and rage a full scale war than let it be. We all will find out what the outcome of that will be. If you keep printing your propaganda, the only losers will be us. One will be standing at the ends and we all know who that one will be. Of course not without a blood shed. that’s why l urge you to be more objective in your reporting, stop printing this extremist views of any one  who is willing to write. Have more class and then l will respect you.

Delayed application of article 140 is only for once - Kurdish parliament speaker

I hope the Kurdish leaders in general, and those in Southern Kurdistan in particular, understand that THE TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE.  The more we waist time and not to press for this referendum to be held, the stronger the central government in Iraq will get and the less chance we will have to recover Kirkuk.

Habib Atarodi
No Dear Mr. Rebin Hardi,

It is absolutely untrue blaming "...In all countries, except in Kurdistan". Did you just wake up from a long dream? Have you forgotten all countries with fake parliament or are you so mad that you gave up on being realistic?

Dear Kaka Rebin please forgive me for saying your mind should be dissolved, and the way of black-white interpretation of the events should be given up.

Please let us be realistic, aren't you the kind who sees always the "The Cup Is Half Empty"?

- Were the people free to go to election or not?
- Did the government threaten the residents of South Kurdistan?
- How is the press freedom in South Kurdistan?

Please Kaka Rebin barez,
We all should hold on the same string to build Kurdistan in a constructive way. What benefit do we have in weakening our only legitimate government?

We should love and hope and be full of faith in our brother there. Most of them had to hide in mountains every time they were attacked from barbarian regimes, and didn’t have the opportunity to fly to Europe or America, like you and me.

Biji Kurdistan

Turkish Air Strikes

It is hardly surprising that the US chose to assist Turkey with its struggle against the terrorist PKK.

The Turkish Air Force carried out the strikes with pin point accuracy on targets that the US identified and provided as being legitimate PKK targets. It is regrettable if any civilians were caught up in the bombings. The intelligence provided must have been less than perfect.

There is no evidence to suggest that the Turkish air strikes targeted any civilian targets and it is a cheap shot by Kurds to try and score brownie points as victims.

The Kurds choose to protect and tolerate the PKK which is a terrorist organisation as far as the civilised world is concerned. If you choose to glorify them as heroes then be men enough to accept the consequences.

The PKK has no respect for human life and cannot expect to be part of a political solution until they lay down their arms and surrender to the Turkish authorities.

There are genuine reasons for Turkey to improve the lives and rights of Kurds living in Turkey. Turkish economy is on the rise and the future is bright for all the peoples of Turkey, including the Kurds. The choice is yours.

Take the example of the US and support the right cause.

Kurdish Women Immolate for "Honor"

As if subjection to a violent death at the hands of male relatives for real or imagined sexual impropriety was not a hideous enough fate for Kurdish women, they now face the terror of being forced to set themselves ablaze by male relatives who believe their family honor has been compromised.

There is no honor in killing our sisters, daughters, wives, nieces -- only shame, dishonor and derision by men and women who believe that human life is the most precious gift God has given us in this world.

Karen Tintori, author "Unto the Daughters: The Legacy of an Honor Killling in a
Sicilian-American Family"

Pardon me if you have a way already and I just didn't see it, but I was wondering if you could add a way to subscribe to your website's posts via email?  Thanks!

Thank you for this site

Hello friends,

I have only recently run across your news site and  I have been learning so much about the Kurds and their struggle. I have been keeping a close eye on the situation between Kurds in Iraq and Kurdish state and its problems with Turkey. I shed tears for the Kurds and my heart bleeds with their pain.

It is so sad the history of the Kurds. From the days of the ottomen empire, the Nazi, and now Turkey the Kurds have suffered much. It may surprise you that I am white American and a GOP guy. I am not like most of the GOP. I do not support Bush. I never really have and never will. I am a lover of freedom just like the Kurds. I hope that one day the Kurds can live in peace and a entire generation of Kurds can one day not know the terror of war.

Turkey should just leave you guys alone.

Peace and love,

Ryan Smith
Please be fair and look at it from a different angle

This was war. We Jews know what ethnic cleansing is. Probably more so than many other ethnic groups do. What happened to the Armenians was a horrific massacre and loss of life. Was every massacre throughout history motivated by ethnic cleansing? Certainly not. What Hitler tried to accomplish is a far cry from any Armenian so-called genocide.

You cannot deny that many Armenians lost their lives as they were looking for a land of their own, however, what is not recognized is that the Armenians themselves inflicted as much damage as others in the hostilities of that time for their own selfish objectives. The Turk's only policy was the removal of Armenians from the front line with Russia, where they were collaborating with the Ottoman Empire's enemies. They were a threat to security. This is called war.

Regarding persecution, the Ottomans had one of the most tolerant policies toward non-Turks of any empire of its day. The three communities of Jews, Greeks and Armenians were virtually autonomous within the empire. It cannot be denied that throughout history the Ottoman Empire unlike any other empire of its time allowed Jews to practice their own religion as well as many freedoms of their time. When the Ottoman Empire had taken over Jerusalem, had they tried to annihilate the strong presence of the Armenians who had their own quarter? Never. Could you say that the Russians committed genocide against the Circassians and Adyghes? If you could, then the Armenians slaughtered 200,000 people including Turks and Kurds and Jews in Eastern Anatolia during Turkey’s Independence War while the Turks were fighting against the imperial powers of Europe on five fronts. Armenians took advantage of the Turks' weak position and waged a war against them by opening a new front. But, this was war.

I am pround of my Country

The report on the Turks protesting on the streets of NY was good. The things they say about Kurdish people being free at Turkey to speak and express their culture are all lies as you know already. As a young child i lived in Turkey for about 3 years and i remember the pain we went through. No one respected us and we had no money because no one give a job to my dad because he always said he was Kurdish.

Ferida Resuli

Kurdistan should be an autonomic and independent country. Why in this world nobody can hear Kurdish people. Why Kurdish families should suffer the pressure of Turkish and other countries

Response to Mr Tacman

Dear Mr Tacman,

I respect you as a citizen of Turkey but I must point out that the evidence for the Armenian genocide is quite overwhelming.  This is not an insult to the Turks of today; this is a statement of fact about the Turks of yesterday.  As an observer who is not Turkish, Armenian or even Kurdish, I have to say that I know genocide occurred and, much to their nation's shame, Kurds were involved.  The Armenians need acknowledgement of what happened and I know, from contacts, they are not a resentful people, they will "move on" once they receive acknowledgement.  Turkey doesn't want to admit the truth but it will be a stronger nation if it admits the mistakes of the past.

Every nation that ever had an empire made serious mistakes and committed human rights atrocities.  Who first used chemical weapons against Kurds?  Britain.  My country's hero, William Wallace, committed barbaric acts against the English and I admit this and am not proud of it. But I must accept it as fact or I will be lying to myself.  That is what Turkey is doing over the Armenian genocide.  Mr Tacman, it happened, the evidence is overwhelming.  We are not judging you or modern Turks; we are looking at an isolated incident in history.  I love Turkey but I wish this great nation would grow up and accept the past for what it truly was.  Then we can all "move on" and build a better future.

May God bless the Armenian people?

Peter Stitt
I want to point out some thing about the So called Armenian Genocide

There is a legitimate historical controversy concerning the interpretation of the events in question and most of the scholars who have propounded a contra genocide viewpoint are of the highest calibre and repute, including Bernard Lewis, Stanford Shaw, David Fromkin, Justin McCarthy, Guenther Lewy, Norman Stone, Kamuran Gürün, Michael Gunter, Gilles Veinstein, Andrew Mango, Roderic Davidson, J.C. Hurwitz, William Batkay, Edward J. Erickson and Steven Katz.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. A good number of well-respected scholars recognize the deportation decision in 1915, taken under World War I conditions, as a security measure to stop the Armenians from co-operating with the foreign forces invading Anatolia.

On the legal aspect, the elements of the genocide crime are strictly defined and codified by the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Genocide, adopted by the General Assembly on 9 December 1948. However, Armenians, claiming that "the evidence is so overwhelming", so far have failed to submit even one credible evidence of genocide. And most of the Armenians blame the Kurds for the killing.

Iran, Israel, Turkey, USA and the Kurds

Turks are not hostile towards Kurds in Turkey I know this first hand, and they are not hostile against the Kurds in Iraq either, Marxist PKK are bunch of men who gathers in mountains and has no  interest in regional development and has no skills to contribute  anything other than chaos and death.

If Turks and the Kurds work for common goal and turn over these rebels who do not care for their own people then the problem will defuse and economic development will help many Kurds in Iraq without them pushing the Sunnis and Turkmen’s out of the circle.

My dream is to open all our borders like EU and free trade between our people without threatening any national borders. This could be turn into war world III if it keeps on. US wants the oil so let us allow them to develop the fields, Israel wants Iran not to threaten them so let's talk to Iran, Kurds want to upgrade their life style let them participate, Turks want security and share of the oil, so let's give them a roll in this.

What our enemies want is WAR so let us resist this with all means, if it meant to sacrifice few outlaws let that be.

PKK must get out of the way. And if US want the safe passage for oil, they need to promote this with all means.

Thank you
Kurdish leadership

I wish to applaud the comments of Baqi Barzani on the issue of Kurdish political parties' representations to Washington etc.  I find it heartwarming in light of recent debates/attempts to censor me that a Kurdish gentleman can be so forthright in expressing his disappointment with the current leadership.

The bottom line is that I do not readily trust politicians due to my experience of politicians in England.  Why should I view Kurdish politicians with anything less than contempt?

For my critics may I say that I will continue criticising PKK, PUK and PDK.  I will criticise George Bush, Gordon Brown, David Cameron.  I will not be silenced.  Thank you Mr Baqi Barzani for joining the battle.

Peter Stitt
Iranian shelling is nothing new

As they allude to in this article, the Iranian shelling is nothing new.  The same thing happened exactly a year ago but received much less publicity and I am not sure why.  Last August PJAK managed to kill a top Kurdish collaborator who worked for the Iranian regime and in response the Iranians heavily shelled the area in mid-August.  I was there with PJAK for two days and during that time the bombing was very frequent.  3 civilian villagers and many animals were killed, and many villagers left their homes.  No PKK or PJAK casualties occurred.  Back then the Iraqi central government stayed silent, as did the US.  Not sure if that has changed or not.

PKK and American Policy

In response to Roj Nomat, we are all aware of what has happened in all areas of Kurdistan in  the past and, due to people here shouting about it in the west, so are our governments.

We know the Turkish military, with the backing of a variety of Turkish governments have absolutely persecuted minorities such as Kurds and Armenians in the past.  What everyone needs to be talking about is where we go from here.  The future is everything.

You have a Turkish government that has won a clear mandate in an election fought largely against the Turkish military.  Erdogen has shown a willingness to enter into dialogue with Kurds to reduce tensions and find a way forward and, indeed, his party was voted for by a large number of Kurds.

I have friends who are members of PKK, some of whom are now questioning party policy.  Did I not also say, before the Turkish elections, that the Turkish government would have to sit and talk with PKK at some point future and also take the chance that the latest PKK ceasefire was genuine?  How could you achieve peace in Northern Ireland without talking to the IRA and the UDA, the main protagonists?

In response to another friend's article I must say that the assertion that a freedom fighting organisation is necessarily undemocratic is simply an excuse for that organisation to do whatever it wants, whenever it wishes, and to treat its members and non-members in any way it chooses at the time.  The assumption of such power by any leadership is the mark of a flawed project, a dictatorship. 

Kirkuk is clearly desired by the Turkish military but the AK Party's success lessens the risks unless the Turkish military finds another excuse to enter South Kurdistan.  Kurds, of any party should not be giving them any excuse.

The bottom line is that I, and any other human who believes in the sanctity of all human life, would prefer to see people talking and resolving differences rather than planting bombs and killing Turks, Kurds or whoever.  With the AK Party winning this election, PKK has the chance to make some progress for Kurdish human rights but the question is whether PKK is interested in doing so if it loses influence or power by entering into dialogue and renouncing violence.

If the PKK could produce an independent united Kurdistan with a democratic and honest government I would be their biggest supporter.  But, just as the US seems to think it is still fighting the "cold war" with Russia and trying to battle fundamentalism with warships, missiles, tanks and planes (a technique entirely inappropriate for the changed nature of the conflict), I think the PKK is in danger, by using the tactics of the 1980s, of destroying an opportunity to make real progress with a Turkish government that may well prove willing to talk.

As a human who sees no barriers of religion or race, I have an innate right to ask "why?", when I see Kurds and Turks dying in a seemingly endless and pointless dispute.  As a Scot I understand the need to be recognised as a nation but, given the internet, the United Nations, the power of the media, I can effectively make the case for an independent Scotland without resorting to murdering English people or foreigners who visit England.  We now have a Scottish Parliament and an SNP First Minister and are close to independence should the Scottish people vote for
it.  I know England is not Turkey but what options are there other than talking?  A continuation of this low-level continuous and mutually damaging attack.  What is the point?

The future is important, we cannot change the past.  You look to your leaders for sage guidance and I wonder if they can give it.  Question their motives, that is your God-given democratic right.  If they are true and honest and acting in the best interests of your people then good luck to them.  You judge, you the Kurdish people.  That is your right.

Biji Kurdistan

Peter Stitt
PKK and American policy?

Well let's just start with if the Turks understood the situation of its Kurdish problem, there wouldn't be no killing and bombing now. But, in Turkey you can't really find many politicians who dare to talk about Kurds, Greeks and Armenians why? Because every one knows what will happen to them. Every one in turkey fares for his life, the country have been pressed so hard to the ground that they don't dare say a word to criticize the government.
The Turkish soldiers are being killed on the mountains while attacking PKK guerillas and the PKK Peshmarga’s should have the right to defend themselves? Many PKK leaders have said that they want a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue in Turkey and the Turkish response has been to jail and execute all PKK members.
Calling PKK terrorist is like calling Jesus Christ or Mohamed the prophet a terrorist.
All Turkish attacks have been on civilian in north Kurdistan {south east turkey). The MHP is strongly opposed to Kurdish separatists, namely the militant PKK, although they do have some Kurdish supporters. The paramilitary wing of the Grey Wolves has been utilized by the Turkish intelligence services to assassinate PKK leaders. With Counter-Guerrilla, the Grey Wolves went to fight Kurdish separatists, and have been accused of killing and torturing thousands in the 1980s, and also attacked villages, dressed up as PKK fighters, and raped and executed people randomly (Ganser, 2005). The fact that Counter-Guerrilla had engaged in torture was confirmed by Talat Turhan, a former Turkish colonel. This hasn’t just happened once or twice.
If I could I would do all that I can to get Mr. Ocalan free. It is a shame to lock up a freedom fighter and why because he fought for our freedom?
US, Uk and Europe did not care about the Kurds until the 1980's and after the PKK brought focus on to the Kurdish issues in Turkey.
I was born in Dersim (Tunceli) in Kurdistan of turkey. We were forced to move out because all of our family members were accused of being PKK members. Even thou we were not. We are just Kurds trying to live our lives peacefully. I moved to south Kurdistan and now I live in free Kurdistan I see Kurds talking Kurdish, I see Kurds writings. I see Kurdish Peshmarga in the streets talking Kurdish with us. It is like a dream come true.
I support every Kurdish leader. Even the bad ones, living under the worse Kurdish leader is better than being denied an identity, culture language and our god given rights, freedom to be who we are. 
So with all do respect I ask you not to call our freedom fighters terrorists. If PKK was a terrorist org they could have bombed Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir to hell but they have not. All they are trying to do is defend Kurdish Rights in Turkey.
People kill for their religion, we Kurds die for our country.

Roj Nomat
Anti nationalist?

If you read further back you will find my vitriolic comments on the PUK, the PDK and, if you check the British media you will find my vitriolic comments about every British political party.  I am very cynical when it comes to all politicians and, I am sure most Kurdish people would agree with me, Kurdish politicians have not covered themselves in glory in terms of acting in the best interests of their people.
I can assure you I am very much in favour of a Kurdish homeland and have I not always referred to the area occupied by Turkey as North Kurdistan?
I have studied and obseved the troubles in Northern Ireland and I simply feel the PKK has reached the same dead end that the IRA met and it is fairly obvious that armed activity is not going to do any good but will instead make life more difficult for the majority of Kurds and Turks who simply want to bring up their families and feed them.
Guns will never achieve a lasting peace in any conflict situation, especially where there is a dispute over land.  This is clearly evidenced throughout history.  The only answer?  Talking to everyone. If talking fails, go away and think about what has been said and then try talking again.
My loyalty and respect is for the Kurdish people and the Kurdish nation, not Kurdish politicians.  I think that is reasonable but, if you would like to censor the voice of a Scotsman (neither Turk nor Kurd) on this website then I think that is unfortunate.  Isn't there an article currently on this site that discusses how the Turkish authorities censor Kurdish voices?

Peter Stitt
'Peter Stitt'

Why does Kurdish Aspect allow Peter Stitt to  use their pages to put forward his anti PKK views. His analysis of the present situation is clouded by his personal vendetta against the PKK. To say that the PKK have managed to get the US against the Kurdish movement is crass, ridiculus and shows no political understanding of the present situation.
It is fine to promote debate and discussion on the Kurdish Question but I find it very unhelpful for the Kurdish National Struggle for Peter Stitt to be allowed to get away with this vitriolic campaign of his against the PKK.
If it were not for the PKK there would be NO Kurdish Question in Turkey.
National Liberation Struggles cannot be, by the very nature of the enemy, 'democratic'. Armies need discipline and structure. Turkish spies are everywhere trying to destroy the movement.
I knew Kani Yilmaz better than he did and I know that Kani would of recognised that the struggle is more important than any individual.
At the moment Peter is just using his articles to attack the PKK and the Kurdish National Movement. Why if you are a pro Kurdish Website do you allow him to do this?

'Holy cars' response

As a foreigner living and working in Kurdistan I totally agree with the article about the white land-cruisers or 'monicas'. The people who drive these vehicles are clearly self-inflated uneducated peasants. The fact that these people mainly work for government ministries terrifies me. İt means that Kurdistan has no future because
lazy incompetents wıth no respect for the people are in power.
Kurdistan is a 'kleptocracy' (Klepto - Ancient Greek - to steal, Krat to rule) like Sudan and some West African states. In other words corruption is endemic and part of everyday life (you cannot gain influence or power unless you are corrupt). Young Kurds aspire to work in the government sector not to serve the people or build a nation but to steal as much money as possible (and get a white land cruiser or two, or three or.....).
If this continues Kurdistan will not succeed as a state even with all the oil in the world (İts like Nigerıa in the eighties but worse). Public service should be promoted, not phoney nationalism with Kurdish pins and flag-waiving. Theres no electricity or basic services not because of Saddam or the security situation it's because people only care about themselves. If people cared they would volunteer, organize and create a community spirit instead of waiting for some foreigners to do it for them. Why do people not care? Because there is a lack of leadership and government officials set a terrible example for how to act.

A new method for economic research: A product of Kurdistan

The main barrier to the development of Kurdistan's governmental, economic and educational institutions is endemic corruption and embezzlement amongst its self-appointed leadership. The world's democracies - which Kurdistan isn't - should not be turning a blind eye to this blatant abuse of power by a bunch of people who are only kidding themselves if they think they are fit for the job.

Kurds and Turks

As usual Mr Takman, I thank you for your words and you have indeed said it all along that Turks and Kurds should work together.  Now they have the chance to do so and I welcome recent developments.
Thanks Mr Takman and God bless Turks and God bless Kurds.  Ultimately I would like to be a friend for both.

Peter Stitt
Now is the time for the Kurds and Turks to work side by side

24 MP's from Kurdish areas that makes me so happy l can not describe it.
this is what l said all alone, representation in Meclis to defend their rights as Turkish citizens, I urge all Turkish Mp's to work with our Kurdish MP' to map out a solutions for their wants and needs. Let’s see everyone in Turkey progress together, this is the only way to live in harmony.
I hope it works and there is no reason it should not. This is the new beginning for Turks and Kurds to make their country prosper.
7 million Kurds should have voice in Meclis, it is their right.

Thank you

Kurdish population of North Kurdistan

Just to round off the discussion of the Kurdish population of North Kurdistan I would like to ask just how many Northern Kurds no longer live there and have sought asylum in other countries?  I think that number may well be extremely large.
A study in Britain six years ago of Kirmanj Kurds in claiming asylum in the UK found that 50% of them said they were fleeing persecution by the Turkish security forces whilst 50% said they were fleeing persecution by the PKK.  Whatever the truth is, something is clearly not right for Kurds living in areas governed by Turkey and it is unlikely the fault lies entirely with one party in the equation be it Turkish or Kurdish.

Peter Stitt
Kurdish population of North Kurdistan

Mr Takman, I didn't give a number for the amount of Kurds who are currently living under Turkish occupation.  My understanding is that it is around 14 million but I haven't counted them.

Peter Stitt
Turkish-Kurds are NOT  in 15 million

Where do you get your data, according to last sensus, there are only 7 million Kurds live in Turkey.



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