Kurdish Links
The most admired Independent Kurdish Newspaper from the heart of Kurdistan.

Khatuzeen Center
For Kurdish Women’s Issues

Karim Hasan's Blog New

XING Profile Karim Hasan New

Change List UK New
The Change List is a political entity that consists of a group of people sharing a common political agenda, and through fair competition for power and free democratic elections, seeking the trust of the people and to represent them in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region�s Parliament as well as in other representative bodies throughout Iraq and Kurdistan region, with the aim of implementing the List�s agenda through government institutions.

Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation
Advocacy and support for women, girls and men speaking Kurdish, Farsi or Arabic at risk of forced marriage and domestic or 'honour' related violence, based in London, UK.

Kameel Ahmady
Visual Ethnograpy

Official Investment Site for Iraqi-Kurdistan

An Independent Online Kurdish-English Newspaper

Choman Hardi

Kurdistan Nat. Assembly

Kurdistan Regional Government
Kurdistan Regional Government's website, KRG, provides News, progress reports and reference material about Kurds, KRG and Kurdistan Region

Kurdish American Education Society

Kurdistan Online  

Kurdistan Network
Kurdistan Network is a non political and non religious website. Its main purpose is to have necessary information about Kurds and Kurdistani networks around the world.

Koerdistani Amro    New

Sulemani Intern Airport

The Kurdistan Associated Press
Is a joint collaboration project dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free Kurdish and Kurdistan related content, and to providing the full content of this project to the public free of charge.

Toronto Kurdish Community Center
Toronto Kurdish Community & Information Centre's offical website.

Newand Newspaper
Newand is a biweekly printed Kurdish newspaper which is published by a group of independent Kurdish journalists in Southern Kurdistan and abroad.

The Kurdish Globe
From the Heart of the Kurdistan Region. The first and only English paper in Erbil.

Viva Kurdistan
The World's best community for Kurds.

Mallperri Zmnako

You can find everything about kurds, there's religion and traditions.

RFE/RL Iraq Report
Analysis of the political, economic, and social events shaping Iraq today from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL)

Hevallo actively supports the Kurdish Freedom Struggle.

KurdishRepublic - Connecting The Diaspora
Multiple Line Textbox 1 This is a social network site for Kurds and friends of Kurds. You can upload videos, music, pictures and download as well.

Serwext News
Independent Kurdish News Website in Kurdish, Arabic, and English.

American Contractor
American Contractor living and working in the Middle East and writing different topics about Iraq, politics, eceonomy, Kurds.

Voice of Kurdish-American Radio
VOK Radio is an independent Kurdish-American  website and podcasting, dedicated to the political current issues and the   cultural heritage of Kurdistan

Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in Kurdistan    New
We are dedicated to putting an end to breast cancer in Kurdistan!
"This disease (breast cancer) in Kurdistan is more aggressive than in other countries; here, those who are affected by this disease will die within six months to one year, but in other countries a woman may continue to live with the cancer for several years," Kurdistan Regional Government's Minister of Health

A strategic and analyses site in kurdish and  english

Med MedyaNew

Leicester Kurdish Community
LKC  The Leicester Kurdish Community is a voluntary Organisation, Set up to help Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Leicester and surrounding areas  People involved are primarily from Kurdish origin

Best 4 Kurd
Best Kurdish Warez web site ----->  Download Free Program : Game : Movies : Music : Photoshop : Other.......

Arab Network for Kurdish Rights
This is where Arab students and activists fight for Kurdish human rights within the Middle East.

The Is-Ought Problem

Dogubayazit Bazid Forum

Kurd Press
The Kurdistan Associated Press is a joint collaboration project dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free Kurdish and Kurdistan related content, and to providing the full content of this project to the public free of charge.

Kurd Technology New
The website offers computer and technology news , music , Kurdish chat and programs downloads

1. rightness n a: accordance with conscience or morality b: appropriate conduct; doing the right thing c: conformity to fact or truth 2. truth n a: the state of being the case b: the body of real things, events, and facts

Freedom 4 Kurdistan
Provides News & Views

Islam Paik

Personal website


Kurdim New


Khabat (Struggle)
Organization Khabat of Iranian Kurdistan struggle

Kurdish American Youth Organization
Kurdish American Youth Organization (KAYO) is an independent non-profit organization operating in North America. The KAYO mission is to connect young Kurds and the Kurdish Youth groups of North America and to promote Kurdistan heritage, culture and politics.

Past 2 years we have been very active in organizing conferences, seminars, concerts and fundraisers to raise awareness about various issues regarding kurdish youth and kurds.

Welcome To Mary's World

Chak "Center of Halabja against Anfalization and Genocide of the Kurds"
Chak "Center of Halabja against Anfalization and Genocide of the Kurds" is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit international organization whose mission is to prevent genocide and human rights abuse of Kurds and minority groups in Middle East. It also works to end genocide in the world by joining and cooperating with international organizations which are working in that field. We in Chak believe that all women and men are created equal and have fundamental rights such as liberty, life, respect and dignity. Government must be a tool for securing and protecting these rights not in opposite. We also believe that a functioning democracy is the most suitable and successful form of government to achieve these rights and prevent any form of genocide. Chak has branches in these countries (Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, North Iraq, Norway, Sweden, Canada and US).

Wlat is a kurdish directory

Kurdistan National Assembly - Syria

Kurdish Youth Club in USA
Kurdish Youth Club is an independent, non politically affiliated Youth group. Dedicated to serve Kurds, Kurdistan, and youth. Our mission is to build a bridge between Kurds and Americans to help better explain the plight of Kurds in USA.

Serbexoy kurdistan
Kurdish General Independent NewsPaper

Kurdistan-Hawler Politics
students of politics University of kurdistan

Kurdish News Website in Kurdish/German, about religion and traditions.

Weney Komari Kurdistan
This is a website for tracing and collecting all eventual remained images of Kurdistan Republic of 1946. It serves a project a pictorial History of Kurdistan Republic both in Kurdish and English in future.

A website by young writers who write in Kurdish on matters concerning Kurds, Kurdistan and world issues.


Kurdish site about kurdish politics and culture in German

Kurdish Poetry

Tolerancy International
An NGO is located in Erbil, work to disseminate the culture of tolerance and respecting each other.

Kurdish Think Tank
Research and analytic site

Agriculture for Kurd's
About agriculture affairs in the Kurdistan Region.

Language Soup
Human Rights issues, Language, Culture and Music in Turkey and Kurdistan. A blog of video, commentary and personal observations.

Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation
The Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation is a registered charity. We provide advice, support, advocacy and referral in Arabic, Kurdish and Farsi to help women, girls and men living in Britain.

Centrum of haldabja against genocide of kurds-chak

Kurdish-language magazine

Rojnamae Hawkare
Kurdish news site is a Kurdish-Swedish youth magazine that critically examine and analyse the issue of Kurdistan.

Art and history of my city

Shiro Khorshid Forever
My blog is a human rights blog and I tend to post a lot of new about Kurdish activists and prisoners in Iran

Kurds in foreign press  New
By visiting our site, you will be up-to-date about what foreign media says about KURD and KURDISTAN.

Kurdistan Today
This is a new English language group that will feature news and information about Kurds and Kurdistan. We sincerely hope that anyone who is Kurd or interested in Kurdish issues will join and contribute your information and knowledge.


Kurds in foreign press 

Kurdistan Peace and Development Association



Kurdo TV

Kurdish Museum, Library and Archive New
Kurdish Community Centre and the Kurdish Museum, Library and Archive.

Dr Jawad Mella New
Dr Jawad Mella website, and his works and activities.

Dr Jemal Nebez New
Dr Jemal Nebez website, for his works and activities.

KNC in Kurdish New
Voice of KNC, independence for Kurdistan and freedom for the Kurds.

Radio Rojava Kurdistan New
Radio Rojava Kurdistan is the Voice of KNC, independence for Kurdistan and freedom for the Kurds, broadcasting in different languages 24 hours a day.

Kurdistan National Congress New
Voice of KNC, independence for Kurdistan and freedom for the Kurds.

The UK Kurdish Studies & Student Organisation New
The UK Kurdish Studies & Student Organisation is a non-political organisation that strives to promote greater awareness of the Kurds, their political and cultural situation in the Middle East and as a significant minority community in the UK.

Kurdistan Commentary New
New blog with news, information, and reviews on all things Kurdish.

Zhiro                New

Kurdish websiteNew

Kurd Technology New
News, Programs, Free books, Downloads, Kurdish music, Advertisements, Gust book

Nawxo news Agency NNA New New

Sercawe WebsiteNew
sercawe malpereky hewal w babete ke le shari sardasht derdece.
sercawe grngi dedat be hewal w babetekani shari sardasht w eran.

Vision: Warvin does not have a specific ideology, but it is transforming information neutrally.
Warvin is a foundation of women issues investigation, tries to pass information for Kurdish people all over the world through its magazine, webpage and statistics. Parallel to that Warvin is working on following up event s and changes with keeping its professionalism in transforming news and information. It also cooperates in establishing democracy process, civil society and applying transparency in running public and private sector.
Objectives and Basics of our working
Warvin is working for achieving the following objectives:
1- Protecting Kurdish national strategy, national security and interests of Kurdish people.
2- Publishing accurate and true information on the events and changes relating to people of Kurdistan particularly women.
3- Monitoring governmental institutions in performing their roles and duties for Kurdish people particularly women.
4- Publishing humanitarian and democracy values as well as working for fixing gender equality between Kurdish men and women.
5- Following up Kurdish women issues regardless of their place and environment.
6- Defending of freedom of expression.
7- Awareness of Kurdish women from their roles and rights, as well as making them aware of the obstacles in front of their development and equality.
8- Restricted to the codes of ethics and basics of journalism.

More Links
Khabar Armani
Armenian News in Arabic
The Talk Show American
Political conservative news and commentary.  Strongly supports the US Military mission in the war on terror and a free Iraq.
We cover the ME in general and Israel particularly.  We are also very receptive to a Kurdish state being created.
Land Reparations for the Turkish Genocide of the

American Iranian Democracy Initiative

Other Links
Kurdish Music site
Kale Ateshi
The website of the great peshmerga singer.
Naser Razzazi
A new website for one of the greatest singers of Kurdistan.
Rzgar Acting
A film director,actor and film critic.
The best Kurdish Music site
Kurdish Cinema
A site on every aspects of the new emerging Kurdish Cinema. News, articles, film reviews and interviews with the directors. Also you can find informations about the history of Kurdish
cinema, Kurdish films and Kurdish directors.
Newroz Films
A cinema site devoted to independent fictional feautre films about Kurdistan, the Middle East and the West.
David & Layla
A "political Romantic Comedy" about the sparks that fly when a Jew and a Muslim fall in love in New York.
Installation art , Conceptual art , Modern art
Dilan Entertainment
A Kurdish Entertainment company in USA, promoting Kurdish Music, dance, poetry and culture.
Kurdish - Persian Poems 
Kurdish Persian poems and stories
MP3 Kurdish Music
Welcome To MP3 Kurdish Music
Kurdish and Turkish Music
Voice of Kurdish-American Radio for Democracy, Peace
VOK Radio is an independent Kurdish-American website and podcasting, dedicated to the political current issues and the  cultural heritage of Kurdistan
Photo Kurd
Best Kurdish Photo Gallory
Award  wining Kurdish painter living in France
Full albums of Kurdish music in mp3, CD quality MP3 128-224 Kbits, easy one click download, the MP3 are Tags free.The biggest Kurdish MP3 archive on the Internet
The Ghost
Film production company based in Hewlér (Erbil), south Kurdistan.
Celebrity Nwenar
This is a Celebrity Nwenar Music web page.Nwenar is a kurdish Celebrity Pop star.
Kurdish mp3 Kurdish forum forum
Kurdistan Cinema
We are Kurdish filmmakers based out of Hawler, currently finishing up our first feature film. We are also available to work with local and foreign productions for logistical or technical support.
Ranj Chener
Kurdish Singer from Sulimani, kurdistan. Living in United States. Working for the kurds.
Hewa's Art New
Hewa's Art studio can take 2d images of objects (your product) and convert (create) it to a 3d object that can be used for: 3D interactive scenes, 3D animated presentation, 3D model viewable on the web in 3D, and more.
Zaxoland        New
Walat           New

Kurdish MP3New

Mirani Imaging New
Images of Kurdistan
Triple A Qualitative Research-IRAQ-Erbil
Triple A is a qualitative research firm; it is also a strategic communications firm that provides our clients with access to Iraqi community which has been difficult to reach due to risky and worsening security situation.
Kurdistanshop online
The first kurdish shop online around the world. You can buy kurdish flags, music and more..
Manpower Supply
Stanford Human Resources Consultancy Services  is a Dubai-based human resources consultancy services firm that provides  professional, tailor-made manpower solutions to our clients. We have a  branch in India, and soon will expand to other parts of the world.
Roj Linux
First Kurdish Linux operating system ROJ LINUX
Searchles is a highly scaleable "social search" platform that showcases expertise, enables collaboration with peers and instantly captures it in searchable knowledge indexes.
Business international
A unique business opertunity rapidly expanding to 60 countries. At this moment emerging in 19 countries on 3 continents. As a 23 year old Kurdish entrepeneur I am building my business and hopefully my empire so I can do much good for Kurds and Kurdistan in the near future.
Herbal treatment to prevent hair loss
________________________ is a free Kurdish-English classifieds website ; Advertising on is absolutely free!.
Kurdish American Chamber of CommerceNew
Spreading american culture awareness in Kurdistan and help initiate foreign students program