How to act in response to Iranian aggressions - By Reza

Despite repetitive cautions by both Kurdish Regional Government and Baghdad, Iran has not only not dissuaded from resuming its illegitimate aerial strikes, but also dispatched ten thousands members of its Armed Revolutionary Guards deep into Kurdish territory in North of Iraq, according to a report aired by the Iraqi al-Rafedain Television.

Iranian terrorist regime recently hurled baseless allegations against Kurdish Government President Massood Barzani, stating that his administration has granted 300,000 hectares of land to the members of PJAK (Party of Free Life of Kurdistan), a Kurdish political party struggling for Kurdish Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy in Iran, without the knowledge of the central government in Baghdad. 

Having been authorized to operate in Kurdistan for years, by now Iranian consulate agents must have collected sufficient intelligence realizing that for any purchase, sale or resale of real state, proper verified Iraqi documentations must be presented to the court to register such properties. Therefore, such groundless accusations are mere pretexts to distort the facts. The fact is Iranian military is conducting recon and maneuvering operations in Iraqi Kurdistan, something that can destabilize Iraq and imperil the lives of US troops.

Iranian ambassador in Iraq claims that these criminal aggressions into Kurdish territory are carried out in coordination with both KRG and Iraqi officials.

When the US military stormed the Iranian espionage consulate in Irbil in 2007, arresting five high-level agents, Kurdish Regional Government did not much embrace the US aid in wiping out Iranian terrorist nests in that country.

As per Iraqis request, the US military has again voiced its full willingness to assist the government of Iraq to jointly avert the shelling of border regions by Iranian regime.

Kurdish Regional Government must halt playing double-standard policies, and if it truly seeks to put an end to Iranian aggressions, it can counter Iran by expelling all Iranian undercover consulate officials operating within its territory and hail the US offer to intervene.


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July 16, 2011
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