January 22, 2014

A Three-Headed Dragon

KNN - By Abdullah Reshawy

If the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) delegation to Tehran were to produce a political system for the eighth Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)- consisting of a cabinet formation and a Prime Minister (PM) that has three deputies- then I believe they will have committed a fatal mistake towards the political experience of Iraqi Kurdistan. 

As a citizen of Kurdistan, I will never be proud of having a government that accepts a Kurdish political system copied from Tehran, Ankara, or Saudi Arabia instead of democratically forming it through its people's votes.

What kind of government allows this? A government that supposedly needs three deputies would allow this. This structure reminds me of a dragon with three heads. This government is comparable to a funny puppet that Tehran uses for their own amusements.

If the formation of the eighth cabinet of the KRG has three deputies, I believe it will be an ill omen and brings shame to the history of the political process of the Kurdistan Region, especially after 20 years of self-rule. The change to a three-deputy system would show that our officials and politicians in the Kurdistan Region lack political maturity and understanding. This (rumour) imported system was first published by Iranian newspapers; therefore, it is better to have a government system created by our own people.

Undoubtedly, the system of having three or more deputies is not always a problem and the purpose is not to see it as an omen in itself or unsuitable. However, Iran's suggestion to have three deputies renders the democratic process, election and the political movement of the Kurdistan region; in other words, it is meaningless.  

Having three deputies, as Iran suggests, holds a message in itself that we, as Kurds, have no determination of running political challenges like any other nation. The political challenge is created from disputes and confrontations of our own society's forces. Having three deputies, goes against the fact that we held elections and that the government should be formed based on the people's votes.

External interference will hinder peaceful political challenges and movements in society. After the past elections, I think our society is now living in its best possible political moment. Tehran will hold back, or even kill, this political progress, while hiding their involvement and suggest they have no influence. 

Listening to Iran is meaningless. We have many natural, legal and political options at hand and therefore can easily choose one way or another to form the cabinet. Using our own free will, without external influence, to form the eighth cabinet is better than the three-headed dragon government. 

If the KDP and PUK coalition form a 50+1 cabinet, it is unquestionably a better and more honourable way forward than to take the suggestion of Iran and form a government that we as citizens did not have a role in it.

If the PUK and KDP want to remove the Movement for Change (Gorran) - the second powerful political party in the September 21, 2013 general parliamentary elections - from the political equation, they do not need to resort to Iranian influence and bring back a three-headed dragon. This will totally denounce the political process and election in the region.
Therefore, the PUK and KDP can form an alliance, becoming the majority in parliament, and force Gorran to stay out of the cabinet. Surely having Gorran out of the cabinet is more honourable than taking part in the formation of a three-deputy government that will kill democracy, political challenge and argument.

Furthermore, would not it be better and more praiseworthy for the President of the region to protect the sovereignty and freedom of the political decisions dictated by the people's votes instead of putting external suggestions into practice.

The president's priority and responsibility, if nothing else, is to protect political decisions of his people.


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