February 2, 2011

Youth Movement from Iraqi Kurdistan on the protests in Egypt

All the free people of the world

The brave Egyptian people

It has been days and we are following, with fear and hope at the same time, the great revolution of the honorable people of Egypt for freedom and justice.
We witnessed the Egyptian heroes and heroines facing bullets with their bare chests defending their liberty and dignity.  

The valiant people of Egypt have written another epic of freedom with their blood. While Egyptian youth looks at the dictator in the face and tells him to leave, they don't forget to safeguard their people and their properties. It is the best evidence of the civility of the Egyptian people and their true aspirations for a decent life.

Kurdish people understand better than anyone else the bitterness of despotism and the sweetness of freedom. We are all one hand in supporting the revolution of the Egyptian people. We believe it is our duty and all freedom lovers duty to support this great nation and stand by them in these hard times.

We also believe that it is the right time for the countries that claim to support democracy and the right of peoples to self-determination to stand by the Egyptian people and to put pressure on the dictatorial regime in order not to commit any folly against the Egyptian people.

This wave of revolution for freedom is the beginning of the total libration of the nations of this region from the despots and dictators. This is most true for our Kurdish brethren living under the despots in the other countries.

We, the Free Youth Movement, will continue on supporting the Egyptian people in their noble stand against tyranny and never leave them alone.

Long live Egyptian people

Down with the dictators

Free Youth Movement
Iraqi Kurdistan


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