February 5, 2009
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Appeasing Mullahs by selling out Kurds is wrong! - By Dr. Zardasht Diaz

Recent decision by the US treasury board to add Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK) to its list of terror organization and subsequent directives to freeze their assets is truly a low point in Obama administrations effort to engage the regime in Tehran. This policy of appeasing Iranian regime is a failure from the start and to make Kurds a sacrificial lamb in this political maneuvering is even worse. President Obama only needs to read a string of recent report by international organizations detailing the gross violation of the most fundamental rights of Kurdish people in Iran by this tyrannical regime.

What does Obama administration want to achieve by offering an olive branch to a regime that dangles its citizens from cranes in public squares, exports terrorism globally, has been found directly responsible for a string of assassinations of its opponents abroad. This is a regime that blew up the US base in Lebanon, killing hundreds of marines, obliterated a Jewish community centre in Argentina and is actively involved in funding anti-coalition insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan. This regime is adamant on acquiring the most lethal weapon known to mankind. Given the generosity with which Mullahs have provided terrorist with weapons, it’s only a matter of time before they provide nuclear bombs to Hezbollah and Hamas.

Is Obama administration really that naïve to think that a regime that has defied the entire international community for three decades will suddenly make a u-turn and embrace democracy? Selling out Kurds to the Iranian regime is wrong for thousand reasons. Mullahs must not be rewarded for their evil deeds. They must be held accountable for the disaster they have brought on Iranian people.


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