Kurdish people know their rulers are debauched

Kurdishaspect.com - By Mufid Abdulla

At present, the upheaval spreading across the Arab world is at the heart and lips of every Kurd and we are all asking ourselves will Kurdistan will be next? The main opposition movement, Gorran, issued a statement on the 29th January 2011 calling for the dismantling of the entire system and for the setting up of a new one. The Gorran movement and their parliamentary candidates in Hawler and Baghdad are exhausted in their presentations of so many new projects to call for changes and their constant refusals by MP’s of the KDP and PUK. The KDP and PUK continue to mock the opposition by opposition to these changes. Gorran’s main arguments are that the KRG have failed to set up any institutions above all a judicial one, secondly that due to the corruption which still remains rife, this has resulted in a failure to provide basic services such as electricity, and furthermore inequality is still looming all over Kurdistan and the gap between rich and poor is greater than ever before.

Immediately, the Office of the President of Kurdistan in their predictable response is accusing Gorran of being anarchist, etc and at the same time the media agencies which are properties of moguls of the KDP and PUK have issued a different statement to divert attention people from the excitement of real change which is occurring across the Middle East, which we know we have the potential to replicate in the south of Kurdistan. Once again the KDP and PUK display their banality, unable to come up with any move that is decent or innovative and resort to their usual characteristic mix of brutality and lies. They appear on TV and patronise the entire Kurdish people with the same repetitive claims of those in the past. Both ruling parties are accusing Gorran of destabilising Kurdistan even though the statement by the Gorran movement has not carried any language of violence. The problem is clear to all; the south of Kurdistan has been ruled by the Barzani and Talabani families for the last twenty years. They have no successors. They tolerate no advice or criticism whether domestic or international, and, increasingly, they rely on the police for control and focus on preserving power.

Yes, such anxiety especially by the KDP on Gorran cannot be justified. Gorran is a liberal and not radical organisation, striving to be relevant to modern needs and united  on how far it can or should trim its policies. Its leadership looks back on several decades of hard decisions, as well as of hard times. The KDP has not read Gorran yet like everything else in Kurdistan. The Gorran movement has earned the hatred of the KDP and their tribal leaders including Massoud Barzani, but that was a political help, not a hindrance.

As we now raise the comparison between Egypt and Kurdistan, they do not welcome this. Talibani has praised the regime of Mubarak, why? In fact, if Mubarak thought about it he might turn up in Kurdistan for shelter but that is not going to happen, he is more likely to go to London or Beverley Hills. How could it be possible if you are not thinking of despot support and a despot regime like Egypt? The two ruling parties must realise and take a lesson from the history of Saddam over the last thirty five years with the rule of the iron fist which at the end fell because they had underestimated the power of people. It is time to think again and not underestimate the wrath of people. They should come out of their hills and mix with ordinary folks to see how it could be possible for such high hardship and inflation in Kurdistan. Why do our graduates have no jobs? Why is it that our ex-Bathists can be on the payrolls of the KDP and PUK whilst meanwhile the decent Kurd has sacrificed their whole life for the sake of Kurdish people and has no opportunity to be respected? Why if you belong to the Barzani and Talabani families will you be immune from all prosecution?

Finally, in the globalised world the sweep of change cannot be remote from our south of Kurdistan. The two ruling parties must realise that people know their rulers are debauched. We need a great reform and constitutional change immediately. We need all aged-politicians from both ruling parties to come and resign openly and let the younger generation take charge of today’s Kurdistan.



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February 8, 2011
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