February 7, 2007
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Dear Mr. President! Kurdish state, not a dream, it's inevitable

Globe Chronicle - by Azad Aslan

It is difficult to comprehend why some circles still insist on the impossibility of independence for millions of Kurds.

Iraq's President and the leader of the Patriotic Union of
Kurdistan (PUK), Jalal Talabani, stated in an interview with
the Arabic Dar al-Khaleej, on January 22 that, "The
establishment of a Kurdish state is an impossible dream."

Talabani maintained that, "The establishment of a Kurdish
state is the dream of some Kurdish patriots and poets and
perhaps of some Kurdish youths who see 190 flags on top
of the United Nations building. But I think that the realistic
Kurdish politicians know that this (Kurdish state) is a dream
and they regard it this way. A man does not run after a dream to lose its achievements and what he has gained on the ground."

Such statements by Mam Jalal are not the first and seem unlikely to be the last. He expressed similar views in a number of his interviews with newspapers around the world. It can be argued that such statements are nothing but typical pragmatic remarks by politicians in high positions. Maybe! However, political developments on the ground in Kurdistan and Iraq, which is combined with global political changes, indicate a completely different picture, in contrast to what Talabani believes.

In sharp contrast to what the PUK leader expressed, the Kurdistan President, Masoud Barzani, stated that establishment of an independent Kurdish state is not a dream but a right that the Kurds have. Barzani further stated that given the political climate of today the Kurds opt for federalism in a federal Iraq.

Intensified conflict between Shiites and Sunnis of Iraq and the way Saddam was executed indicates that unified, democratic and plural Iraq is impossibility despite the top Iraqi politicians' rhetoric. Last Saturday's deadly truck bombing in the mainly Shia al-Sadriya district in central Baghdad which killed more than 130 people is a clear signal. The Kurds, one way or the other, have to make a choice between remaining in an ever deepening sectarian conflict in a virtually divided Iraq or to opt for their own self-rule.

This is not a dream, it is inevitable.

It is difficult to comprehend why some circles still insist on the impossibility of independence for millions of Kurds. The Cold War era is over. The arbitrary Middle Eastern borders are prone to alteration. New and old political actors and forces within the framework of chaotic global political conditions are competing for a new status quo of the 21st century. For an oppressed nation such as the Kurds, it is the right moment to endeavor for their freedom, to challenge their century long oppression at the hands of despotic and undemocratic regimes.

Contrary to Mam Jalal's statements, not only a few romantic poets or youths but the overwhelming majority of the Kurds' real demand is independence as they clearly showed in southern Kurdistan: 98 percent of Kurds voted for independence in an unofficial referendum, which ran parallel to the Iraqi election in January 2005.

The Kurdish leaders must get themselves rid of the Cold War mentality where world politics was in deadlock and changing of borders, especially of the Middle East, were almost improbable. The Kurdish political institutions, parties and leaders must embrace the new political reaalities which provide ample opportunities for the realization of long awaited Kurdish dreams for independence.

It is no longer a dream but a reality in reach. All what is needed is a cohesive Kurdish national politics, energetic and valiant leaders with vision. Instead of making politics in dirty old waters, the Kurds and their leaders must have dignity to stand for their national and democratic rights.




April 21, 2007

Peter Stitt said.....

Matthew Ismet is a very angry young man and I can understand why.  Years of indoctrination and brainwashing has this effect.

Mathew, where do the Turks originate from and when?  Do you hear the Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds or Greeks (people who have existed in that area for thousands of years) saying that Turkey should not exist?  Please ask yourself why?
April 2, 2007

alklsk said......

I have read comments made by turks and i don't agree with much of them. Lets look at creating a kurdish state from the point of view of global security. If one is created, it will be a buffer state between turkey and iraq.consequently, turkey may have more chances to become EU member state, because it won't have direct borders with iraq.

April 2, 2007

Peter Stitt said........

Dear Azad,

I agree entirely with you on this issue and I think it is a very strange game that Jalal and Masoud are playing in the media, is it a case of "good cop, bad cop"?  I think we need to wait a wee while longer to see if the two leaders actually have a plan that will lead to an independent Kurdish state.  I think they do and I think Talabani has been given the job of appeasing the Arabs, Turks and Iranians, keeping them quiet whilst things are organised within Kurdistan.

Having said that, I do not believe that Jalal and Masoud's idea of Kurdish freedom and independence is the same as that of the normal Kurdish people.  I think they see your country as family businesses, your economy is there for them to milk to increase the wealth of their families.  In Northern Ireland two men who have hated each other for decades over a dispute that has run for hundreds of years can sit down together and talk about peace for their peoples.  Jalal and Masoud seem only to talk of how they can carve up investment opportunities for their families.

I find it so very sad because I know your people deserve so much more.

March 5, 2007

Herish said..........

Well we often hear from our kurdish leaders that they don't want or its not the time for establishing kurdish states and so on, but there is a fact that kurdish leadres as most of the world's polititians have ironical or double meaning in their speeches. so i think it doesn't need to be worried in such case and leave political affairs to those who are dealing with politics.

February 17, 2007

Matthew Ismet said......

You know if Kurds want to form a Kurdistan in Iraq is fine but if they think they will cut a part of Turkey and claim it as their own is another thing, we stop giving away land 1923. If USA will give California to Mexico than we will do the same, is that fair? And if the Kurdish brothers in Turkey don't like to live in Turkey they can move to Iraq. You have to kill every Turk before you divide that country; let’s get real and work together to find some work for the people in the area.

February 13, 2007

Baqi Barzani said.......

To His Excellency, Respected Mam Jalal

Dear president,

I am putting in writing to express public’s grave concern about your recent formal observations in relation to independence for Kurdistan. In your late discourse with the American magazine, the New Yorker, you had alluded to the irrelevance of independence and overtly and repetitively have been refuting the most fundamental and universal right of your own people. It is really saddening and unanticipated to learn about such uncomforting remakes from a Kurdish leader. Regretfully and not
deliberately, your words have culminated in tremendous degree of resentment, regret and disillusionment among most Kurdish fellow-citizens. The public have expressed their overall discontent and criticisms continue to intensify.

Your Excellency, we strongly urge you to eschew from denying our people’s right to independence, especially in global press and media since it can bear major pessimistic impacts. For many years our people have been dying to witness such a day. A day that our homeland will be free and we shall live free. An independent Kurdish state is promising and has for eternity been the wish of every compatriot.

Our people have belief, faith and trust in you. You are the nominated representative of this people and you definitely speak for them. It is high time to make a once and for all stand at this juncture of history, and reverse this state of affairs.

Dear president, make this your historic mission and destiny, and all Kurdistanis not only will be united behind you, but will be galvanized as they have never been galvanized on any other issue. Kurdistanis will rally behind you and support you and be proud of you as they have lastingly been.

May the God of Kurdistan escort you, enable, and ennoble you to rise to this historic mission.

Yours Sincerely,

Baqi Barzani

Febrruary 12, 2007

Kurdistan Freedom Movement said......

If Mam Jala continues repudiating Kurdish independence right and grant Palestinian settlers shelter in South Kurdistan, we shall take the following approaches:

1) Hold Public protestations against him and his PUK party

2) Writing articles against him in global press in order to destroy his persona and status

3)Press charges against him.

February 8, 2007

Zana said....
I am very disappointed of our Kurdish intellectuals. The Kurdish leadership has to make some statements to counter anti Kurdish sentiments in Iraq and neighboring countries. I don’t see any negative outcome of mam jalal’s statement regarding independent Kurdistan at this time. Number one priority and most important issue today is the implementation of article 140 and Kurdistan region’s border.  We
need to be realistic.

I would like to see our leaders work toward and prepare for free Kurdistan secretly rather than makeing inflammatory comments publicly.
February 8, 2007

Don Miner said.....

It's an historical fact that the present day borders were artificially drawn, without consideration to the people within those borders.  These borders are bursting at their very edges because of the lack of attention to the human condition, in all four Kurdish zones.  If the Kurdish population had been treated justly and indeed allowed to govern itself, the question of borders might be insignificant by now.  Consider the significance of the border between the state of California and Arizona, as it matters little what side of the border you live on.

But because of the ongoing oppression, the lack of humanity, and the injustice evident in all  Kurdish zones, the borders remain very significant.  It's obvious by now, that all the authorities over the Kurds, and all of the outside influences that could be expressed are failing in their duty to correct the injustices still being suffered in all of the Kurdish zones.  It may ultimately be up to the Kurds to decide these matters for themselves.

Leading up to the time of the American Revolution in 1776, the British did not give up their selfish treatment of the american colonies.  It was finally up to the Americans to take matters into their own hands, and decide things for themselves.  And please consider that the treatment of Americans by the British "oppressors" was almost nothing when compared to the present day treatment of the Kurds, in alomost every aspect of their daily lives.

Kurds have shown the world a tremendous ability to suffer.  They now must find the courage to express the necessary reality of needed changes.  My preference would be that change be successfully accomplished by peaceful means, but also in a very demonstrative way, that tells all irresponsible authority that they need to clear their desks and leave their posts, and make an empty space, to be filled with responsible leadership, and democratically elected leadership.  This must ultimately be done peacefully, by the pen and not the sword.

And finally when all Kurdish zones and their across border neighbors are enjoying a democratic peace, it will be less important where the borders are drawn, or on which side of the border you live on.  As I said, just like the borders between the autonomous states within the United States of America.

If in the process of acheiving such a peace, the borders require to be redrawn, then let them be redrawn.  And today's convergence of present realities shows us that now is really the moment in time.  The new leaders, that is to say the statesmen and patriots, not the politicians, need to stand up and be heard.  The outcome is certain and inevitable.  Why?  Because it is natural, it is right, and it is something that does not have to be argued.  Only expressed.

February 8, 2007

Karwan said....

I'm not surprised by what Talabani said, because long ago he quit the Kurdish cause.

February 9, 2007

Aram Kirkuki said.......

By recanting his nation's right to independnece, Mam Jala is surely earning some credits by the nighbouring countries. He is honored, thanked for and dearly complimented for stating such demoralizing remarks against his own people. Remarks that he knows for himself are the biggest betrayal to the blood of all them martyes who sacrified their lives and families in the pursuit of those noble gaols.

Kurdish aspiration for national independence have not only gone unabated recently but is growing more powerful by every passing day. It has become one of the most widely disputed strategies. It is a feasible option on the table. The whole world media and press are busy taking baout it.

Independence is difinitely not hassle-free but it would be wiser for our president to abstain from repeatedly denying it. Even a seasoned politician would not do what he has been doing.

Our president is losing his greatest assests. He is losing his preistige and credibility among his own people. He is losing the people who voted for him and who were supporting him.

February 9, 2007

Ismail said.....                   

It is strange that world changes so fast. I'm not sure if it is true, but I have heard that a long time ago Talabani was not eating dates saying it was from Arabs. Now he is the most prominent defender of the Arab nation. I'm sure Arabs chauvenists are very proud of him. But histroy will repeat itself, I have no doubt one day this will be over and he will find no where but Kurdistan mountains. The good thing about Talabani is he changes his mind every single minute!!!!!
February 7, 2007

Dr. Kamal Artin said...

The commitments some circles have made to the regional powers, prevents them from moving another step forward. It is up to the people to go on the street and in frequent peaceful demonstrations declare what their ultimate rights and goals are. Once there, such circles have no other option but to join the people.

February 7, 2007

Schwan said....

Mr. President you obviously have forgotten your origin and your people. You are blinded by your recent success and lavish life style as the Iraqi president. Fifteen years ago if someone would have told me that you would be the president of Iraq I would have thought that is impossible and it was not.

As a leader you have lost touch with your people because if you had not you would have realized that the 99% all Kurds that you represent still have dreams of an independent Kurdistan.

When leaders no longer represent the hopes and dreams of their people it is time for them to go away and make room for someone else to carry the torch to the next level. Anatole France said “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”. You obviously no longer dream and believe in the same things we the Kurdish people do.

You say Kurdish state is the dream of some Kurdish patriots and poets and I say it is following the dreams of patriot and poets like Ahmadi Khani that has kept the Kurdish spirit alive.

There is a saying in America “if you have nothing good to say don’t say it”. Maybe you should consider saying nothing from now on.

February 7, 2007

Ako said.......

Mam Jalal it was not long ago when you said “I don't think that Kurds will abandon their aim of establishing an independent Kurdish state”. We believed you. What has changed you? What a shame!

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