Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan's hypocrisy!

Kurdishaspect.com - By Minhaj Akreyi

Anywhere in the world it takes guts to stand up for humanity, for truth, for the innocent people. It takes even more guts to stand for all these against someone where there is a strong economical interest and trade among themselves. And this daring act was taken by Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan against its economical partner Israel's President, Shimon Peres at the World Economical Forum, Davos. Prime Minister Erdogan yelled at the President Peres for the Gaza offense against the Palestinians about a month ago, "President Peres, you are old, and your voice is loud out of a guilty conscience, when it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill. I know well how you hit and kill children on beaches." You know, I would have saluted, literally would have saluted this guy if he were not doing the same thing with the Kurdish people in Turkey and in North-Kurdistan, or the Turkish-occupied Kurdistan.

This is by a Turkish newspaper, Taraf, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.

"In one stroke, he became the moral patron saint of the Arab world," said Mr. Candar, the columnist. But some Turkish columnists criticized Mr. Erdogan for what they said was an implicit hypocrisy � raising the issue of the Israeli killings of Palestinians while failing to mention his own country's abuses in the mostly Kurdish southeast during years of war there.

"One would naturally ask Erdogan, who stands up against violence imposed on people in Gaza, what he thinks about Kurds being killed in his own country," wrote Ahmet Altan in the liberal Turkish daily Taraf.

Through out Turkey's history, and before, the Ottoman Empire's, who was ruled by the same Turkish people, they have committed the most horrendous and heinous crimes against the Kurdish population. The first documented Turkish genocide against the Kurdish nation goes back to as far as 1514 by Yavuz Sultan Salim of the Ottoman Empire where he murdered 40,000 Kurds in the city of Dersim. Between December 9,1606 until August 5, 1611, Ottoman's Emperor Ahmet I murdered almost 100,000 Kurdish Kilzilbash Alevis. Once again in 1937, the Republic of Turkey genocides more than 70,000 of the same Kurds who were brutally massacred about five centuries earlier, in the city of Dersim (1). And these three mentioned massacres and genocides are only the three out of the many documented and undocumented. And never has the Turkish government ever apologized for it, just like the Armenian genocide.

Coming back to the recent times, the Turkish government is as brutal and ruthless as they were centuries ago:

- While the Kurdish people were celebrating their national holiday, Newroz, in the cities of Wan, Hakkari, Siirt, which is in the Turkish-occupied Kurdistan, the Turkish soldiers stormed the cities and mercilessly beat anything that moved and was Kurdish. They got a little boy younger than the age of 11, wrapped his mouth with a cloth, and broke his arm from back to front (2). And please do not take my word for it, watch the video yourself to believe, the link is below. Or watch how two soldiers beat a very old man to dead. Or watch how 7-8 soldiers beat group of women in the middle of street with kicks and police baton. Or watch how few soldiers corner one man and beat him (2). All this happened less than a year ago. While Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan was in charge, never did he say a word about that. Yet he screams at Israel's president for killing the Palestinians.

- The letter "W" is banned because that letter is found in the Kurdish language, and not the Turkish (3).

- The way the Turkish government has and is "linguicide" the Kurdish language(4).

- A Kurdish choir was in a tour in the United States, and allegedly, the choir sang "provocative" song that is related to the Kurdish freedom fighters, the PKK, whom Turkey has outlawed. The song they sang is "Ey Reqib" and this song is a Kurdish national anthem which has nothing to do with any political parties, but is related to being a Kurd and any Kurd from anywhere in the world sings that. Nine of the boys are in trials in Turkey for promoting "separatism" and are in danger of being imprisoned for years.(5).

Not only against the Kurdish people has the Turkish government committed crimes and genocide in 1915, the government of Turkey genocide 1.5 million Armenian women, children, elders, men, and everything else in between. Since then until now, the Turkey's government, including the so-called hero Prime Minister Erdogan has been refusing to call it a Genocide whereas most of the world has accepted it as genocide. Is this the man who is been regarded a hero? Is this the man who is believed to be standing for the innocent people? Really?

Not just that, It was only last year when Erdogan was welcoming Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's president to Istanbul who has been accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur. If you, the Prime Minister Ergodan, and you, the reader, disagree with killings of the innocent people, than it should be of all grounds, and not just certain groups.

So please, ladies and gentleman, human and innocent loving people, reconsider your thoughts about Mr. Prime Minister Erdogan, and instead we should protest him and his government's acts and crimes against the Kurds, along with Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people. Anyone siding with criminal, is a criminal as well; anyone siding with a thief, is as guilty as the thief; and anyone siding with a killer and a hypocrite like Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan, is as hypocrite and guilty.


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February 14, 2009
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