February 20, 2009
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Establish more Schools, Hospitals and Parks - By Baqi Barzani

Irrespective of winner in the upcoming elections, part of a successful strategy for any Kurdish political party to guarantee public satisfaction, continued governance and recurring re-election in future, would be centering attention on reconstruction and infrastructure of the homeland, especially in the most distant and underdeveloped parts in Kurdistan.

Every village, town and city in Kurdistan deserves some degree of attention. It is the right of Kurdish citizens to have access to at least a single hospital, a college, a basic library and a park in their jurisdiction. Provision of such very fundamental public needs and welfare are both low-cost and a vital matter for the overall propagation. Besides, Kurdistan is covered by greenery and brimming with flora and fauna. With a modicum of asset, it can be more modernized and transformed into a more eye-catching global tourist center, drawing tens of thousands of more foreign visitors.

Establishing more medical, educational, recreational centers is a good initiation for any political/religious faction. It has well been corroborated in some countries where some groups initially started by providing charity, education and health services. Later, it led to their rise to power.

Fortunately or unfortunately, only major urban
places such as Hawler, Duhok and Sulimaniya have flourished, hence culminating in public criticism for lack of interest on behalf of KRG in rebuilding other regions in Kurdistan .

To achieve this goal, individual, collective and government participation and collaboration is required. Here I will briefly shed light upon each function and their respective scope of responsibilities:

KRG Role: KRG can play the most leading role in this respect by allocating funds from the 17% national budget received from the central government. Funds need to be distributed based on population, not bipartisan affiliation or interest.

Collective Role:  A case of collective role can be Non-governmental organizations (NGO) that are mostly nonprofit and nonpartisan.  With their impartiality, they can assume the burden of managing the allocated finances by KRG and monitor and ensure the quality of performance and detailed accountability. NGO�s can play an important role in tribal welfare and rural development, in education and public awareness. There are places and communities where KRG has failed to reach. NGO�s can intervene and assist KRG in facilitating and expediting the execution of ideas.

Individual Role: Private financial contribution is a very strong drive in every aspect. By donating and offering aid from abroad, the dimension of KRG�s budget can strengthen. Decades after the creation of nations such as Israel and India , well-read and well-off Jewish and Indian businessmen in the United States and in exile continue to offer intellectual and monterey contributions to their countries. KRG can open up an account for this purpose and announce it in media outlets.

In following elections in Kurdistan , public have more expectations and before they cast their ballot, they will put into consideration the achievements and accomplishments by every nominating group.


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