February 20, 2011

Peshmarga Forces should remain neutral - By Baqi Barzani

You are the prime and ultimate liberators of Kurdish soil, preservers of Kurdish citizens, rights, and protectors of the red, white and Green flag of Late: Gazi Mohammad.

You salvaged Kurdistan from the ferocious hands of tyrant occupying Iranian, Turkish and Syrian forces.  You collapsed ever enemy resistance, aggression, and intervention. You are made up of the most loyal and patriotic sons and daughters of our great nation, the best-trained, and most dedicated, and disciplined constituents of our society. You are the only source of hope, honor and protection of our populace.

It is incumbent upon you to retain your allegiance only to the guardianship of the nation, not any political parties. Your duty is to serve the interests of the overwhelming majority of people, not an individual group or faction.

Today, a great plot has been mapped out by the enemies of Kurd and Kurdistan. Iran, Turkey and Syria strive hard to destabilize our homeland, reverse every gain that has been achieved by the scared blood of martyrs, and cultivate the seed of discord and disunity among our nation.

The nation is in turmoil and the political parties are powerless to contain the status quo and restore peace and stability.

Irrespective of ideological and political dissonances, Goran, PUK, KDP, communists, Islamists are all part of this great nation. Corruption, unemployment, inflation, nepotism, socio-economic injustices, factionalism are prevalent dilemmas confronting our society that need to be addressed to further move forward, however, one can dream of their socio-economic progress and development only when they are sure that their guardians are strong enough to ensure protection and peace.

Peace and stability must be restored, and this is something that can only be achieved through a genuine, independent third party force in Kurdistan. Political parties should not be empowered enough to violate the rights of citizens. Citizens reserve every right to express their disagreement with government policies through peaceful protest marches. Violence and use of deadly force should be no means by authorized against civilians. It will only exasperate the situation and cause more bloodshed and chaos. It will fulfill the dirty wishes of our enemies.

Kurdistan will only be Kurdistan when a neutral, powerful military force comes into being, composed of sincere and patriotic Kurds from every sphere. Our military will only develop as a real military when it cuts off its reliance on political parties and maintain its independent intervening and decision-making authority.

Kurdistan Peshmarga Forces should act wise, without any favoritism, take control of the situation, restore calm, facilitate an immediate gathering of all sides and parties, and ultimately in such critical moments, decide and execute what is the best for the nation.


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