February 24, 2011
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The City of Sulaymaniah, Sad, Depressed and Uncertain - By Mufid Abdulla

This is both a heady and a dangerous time for the people of Sulaymaniah, a city with a population of 1.3 million inhabitants. It is heady in the sense that whatever happens from now, the start of 2011 will remain in the history of our nation’s struggle for dignity and democracy. The people in Sulaymaniah and its surrounding areas such as Ranya, Darbandikan and Hallabja have risen up against autocratic, oppressive leaders. Sulaymaniah is dangerous because we do not know what is going to happen next. For the last seven days not a single leader of the KRG has made any effort to speak to them. So, they will not be peaceful forever, if they think they are talking to a brick wall! We do not know if it will be like what is happening in Egypt, Libya or Tunisia respectively. The uprising is the result of a multitude of chronic problems of the corrupted KRG. If you can mix youth with high unemployment and poverty then you ultimately have a volatile brew ready for revolution.

The people of Sulaymaniah are sad because they have lost three sons and have almost 150 injured civilians. They are depressed because they do not know for how long they have to stay inside their homes because of the bullets of the KDP and PUK militia groups which remain loyal to the KRG. They are uncertain as they do not know the direction the protesters are going. As printed in local weekly newspaper Lvin, some reliable sources have confirmed that the KDP are trying to destabilise the peaceful gathering on Thursday. Nobody knows how many more have to die before any solutions are reached. The unhappiest are those people whose sons and daughters attend Azadi Square daily. I ask myself, why do these people not fear death? No one knows, perhaps the answer is human dignity. The people in Azadi Square have broken the fear barrier and have discovered that they do not need a leader or commander. This is the revolution of the youth.


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