How and who can salvage Kurdistan? - By  Baqi Barzani

Every affected Kurd must be pursuing the news and developments occurring in South Kurdistan (Iraq).  Disappointedly, the overall situation is getting worse and seemingly, the Kurdish political parties are clueless how to calm the ongoing volatility. 

Human casualties, carnage, political rivalry and enmities are rapidly on the rise.  Despair and consternation from echo of internal strife has once again been enlivened in the mind of general public.

Our self and party-centered leaders have not debunked any keenness or aptitude whatsoever to overcome their personal and factional dissensions and failed to act responsibility in the interest of the nation. Without potent intervention from influential Kurdish figures, there appears to be no likelihood of a compromise, truce or, flexibility in their approach.

We all firmly postulate that something must be worked out hastily, but how and by whom such a weighty burden can be shouldered. Not everyone is able or capable. Although sincere Kurdish people abound, but they may not be in a position or be willing to lay their own welfare on the line for sake of the majority. Members of our parliament are representatives of different groups and factions; not true people, therefore, it is extremely difficult for them to preserve their nonaligned status, as well.       

Citizens hold expectations, and they mainly and mostly hold such expectations from our more enlightened and tolerant intellectuals abroad. It was the Jews in Diaspora that initially set forth the inspiration to establish a secure shelter for the scattered, oppressed Jews around the globe.

Who can healthier and more vitally portray a constructive advisory and mediatory role and salvage the nation in such a predicament than the following under-cited influential individuals in Kurdistan.

Professor Kirmanj Gundi
Professor Fereydun Rafiq Hilmi
Dr Rebwar Fatah
Dr. Shaho Saeed
Dr. Farhad Pirbal
Steve Tataii, candidate for US Congress and US HOUSE
Dr. Hoshiar Molod
Dr. Choman Hardi
Jawhar Namiq
Falakadin Kakai
Dr. Saman Shali
Dr. Hikmat Fikrat
Dr. Fouad Darweesh
Dr. Najimadin Karim
Dr. Kamal Mirawdeli
Dr. Asad Khailany
Dr Rizgar Amin,
Dr Shirwan Mufti
DR Welat Lezgin
Dr Fereydun Hilmi
Kani Xulam, the founder of AKIN
Assistant Professor Kak Faisal ( NEW Zealand)
By Dr Aland Mizell
Engineer Rauf Naqishbendi

And numerous others’

In view of your vast familiarity and perception of international politics, history, governance, economy, society, it would be a good idea to outline a set of ideas, propositions and solutions to the current crisis and forward it to Kurdistan Regional Government for instant implementation.

Teamed with hundreds of other academics, you are the only ones that can help salvage Kurdistan! Kurdish citizens have full faith in you!


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February 26, 2011
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