Nervous KDP Puts Security Apparatus into Overdrive - By Mufid Abdulla

The KDP’s incapability in handling the current situation in Kurdistan is more convincing and obvious to all than ever before.  On 17th February the peaceful demonstration in the city of Sulaymaniah changed to a blood bath when one person was killed and 57 were injured as a result of the response by the KDP; which was basically to attack the protesters who had thrown a stone into the office of the KDP.

The situation we have today in terms of the major uprising is what this nation has been waiting for, especially in Hawler, the capital of Kurdistan. The broadcasts from KTV, the KDP TV station, are clearly calling people not to join the demonstration because of the impending severe consequences. Apparently, this is a kind of disastrous exercise which the KDP has brought upon itself. They have threatened people not to attend the demonstration on Friday through phone calls, text messages and letters. This is instead of encouraging people to partake in peaceful demonstrations.  On their television broadcasts, they have brought in clergies and others to tell people not to participate in Friday’s demonstration. The worst of these is that according to the latter’s news, the KDP has ordered all universities in Hawler to be closed until 1st April 2011; signifying a most obvious sign of defeat for the KDP in that they cannot face the people of Hawler and are paranoid to such an extent that they do not trust their own closest allies. The KDP’s reaction in Sulaymaniah of firing a shower of bullets over the protesters makes me wonder, and am sure others too, if the KDP has a hunger for violence and killing. The KDP is a stubborn Party who do not want to admit their mistakes. The ruling Barzani family is hypersensitive to the idea of losing their grip of power.

If the KDP has resorted to a violent response towards the demonstrators as the only way forward, then the KDP are making a bigger mistake than ever before. It is only in recent days that the KDP have spotted the danger as the civil unrest worsens. Could it be possible that the KDP and PUK rulers are right to be jittery?  No one knows when, or how, the ruling parties will lose power; the KDP are jumping at shadows and remain ultra-vigilant to the slightest hint of demonstration.

More immediately, it is important that the KRG steps up the pressure on the KDP, was it not an indication of one of the lowest morals of Massoud Barzani to speak to the father of one of the protesters who was killed in front of the KDP’s office in Sulaymaniah?

I do believe that more and more people are realising that these ruling parties and their survival cannot be sustained. Watching the tragic ranting of Kurdistan in general or getting the sense solely from Sulaymaniah, the near–universal view among  Kurdistan watchers is that there is little chance of something similar happening in Hawler because the KDP have lost so much in Sulaymaniah and are still guests in Hawler and do not even have an organisational structure! Overall there is an overwhelming sense of uncertainty on the horizon with regards to how long the ruling parties can sustain their position.


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February 24, 2011
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