March 1, 2011

The land I live in - By Awat Muhammad

I live in a land steered by a tribe leader, full of killers under whose suits blood is constantly trickling down. I live in a country governed by two madrasahs, the pockets of whose sheikhs never fill up. I live in a country where in the name of democracy all my wealth and treasures and ethics and sensibilities are raped and murdered, and then they come to my service to deliver their condolences. I live in a country with many types of mercenaries and executioners, dressed in camouflaged clothes and black facemasks, in suits, in civil activist masquerades, or as Zeravanis(1)  among a thousand other names. When you ask which of these is official, they say all are and none are! They say “you imbecile what a difference does it make? All that matters is that they all kill you” It is a country I live in where whereas it is a flower I hand to these executioners they hand a bullet unto my heart in return.

You see this country of ours is realized only in a comedy movie: they steal your food, they tarnish your honour, they threaten you, they steal a wagon-full of your money, often they rape you, and they dishonour you only to at last command you to ask for forgiveness for they heard a sound coming out of you!!! Do you know how pleasant my country is, how fascinating my land is? Oh heavens let my land prosper so they can steal it and not think of killing me! I am not going to say anything and I am going to close my eyes… It is your will; in this country in the movie you direct the hero kills me, and then you come and assemble committees on me to enquire why was it that I put myself in front of that unfortunate man’s bullets? In this country that streets are soaked with blood while the president receives a peace award; our graveyards are filled with bodies of my selves while law experts chatter about the supremacy of law!

I live in a country where I am short of nothing, where there are as many armed men as there are civilians, where as much as all the threats ever issued in all the corners of the earth have threats been issued to my people not to come to the streets – for otherwise they will be taken to the cemeteries. As did Ghadafi, they say “demonstration is a basic right for every individual, but it is important that you don’t come to the streets and alleys.” I live in a country where I am often raped, where they threaten me from all directions not to utter a sigh, only to bring their own cars to the street to horn and shout in the favor of the president. When is that they learn in this country, that there were rulers who got 96% of the votes only to be ousted by applauds from the city, no one knowing where all the votes went.

I live in a country where for a loaf of bread I must tread on the doorsteps of many officials; they all say the official is busy in meetings. At a time when my city is boiling the president is going for party, departing from his city lest they ask him how he intends to solve the issue, or perhaps for fear they might ask him for a few cents of compensation. He knows such questions are annoying, it is better that he attends a celebration in another country. I am lucky to live in this country, where I die and come back to live again every day, receiving many threats of death in the few moments I am alive. Who has such a country? I challenge anyone to say his country is like mine ( KRG , Kurdistan regional government )

(1)Special forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party


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