Interfaith B-Business - By Hataw Sarkawt

One of the oldest traditions around the world is B-business (BB). I leave it for the reader to define the first B. The purpose of this traditional entertaining industry is making profit by satisfying the need of its customer. While the workers in this business are often desperate women, the customers are usually handicap men. As desperate women, the workers in this industry have forgotten to use most of their body parts except for the private ones in order to make a living. The customers, on the other hand, use the workers and everybody else to satisfy their entraining needs; they too have forgotten they have two hands to take care of themselves.

As analyzed in this fictional story, Washington has one the most entertaining and successful BB centers for handicap men from all over the world. The more deprived and restrictive a society is, the more attracted are its handicap men to this world class entertaining center. However, not everybody has the opportunity to spend a night in this contemporary, modern, and professionally organized house of pleasure and commerce. The attendance is not based on first come first serve but on highest bid first serve. Traditionally the leading handicap men in the Middle East , who were born, raised, and educated in other BB centers such as Haremistan and Seeghahsara, have been the highest bidder to enter the Washington BB center.

As products of their predisposition and upbringing these handicap sons of BB centers, tend to help themselves even if it means hurting others. Some of them with S&M tendencies even enjoy hurting themselves and others at the same time.  Not knowing the difference between love and business, these handicap men once believed Washington BB center is in love with them and will be open to them regardless of what they do. In an unusual missionary visit to this center, some S&M men wanted to achieve maximum heavenly pleasure and so inflicted the highest from of pain not only on themselves but also on many other people in a penthouse.

Due to extreme S&M behavior of those handicap sons of BB centers, the head of Washington center retaliated and tried to give their associates a lesson. The lesson did not come cheap and caused the BB center in Washington to go into a financial crisis. A new head took over and promised to make some changes in the center’s policy. The new head asked me what changes are needed form conservative and liberal Kurdish perspectives.

I told him changing tradition is inconsistent with a conservative perspective, but liberals might recommend closing down the B-business, opening a new school of thought for teaching the workers how to use their head to make a living, and the customers how to use their hands to satisfy their need. He said I am not ready for such a drastic change yet and rather try the easier way of KIU and Abant, who believe that S&M behaviors can be corrected in an interfaith house of worship. I told him they might be right, if such a house brakes taboos and teaches handicap and desperate worshipers how to enjoy interfaith in synagogues, churches, and mosques without S&M behavior.


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March 2, 2009
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