March 5, 2011

The Danger for a New Devastating Civil War in Kurdistan - By Bakhtiar Izzet Dargali

As a Kurdish American, I find the continued demonstrations & civil unrest in Southern Kurdistan (the part of Kurdistan under the rule of Kurdistan Regional Government-KRG-) has taken us into the crossroads that will either bring disaster (civil war!) or the escalation of the democratic process of civil society. I am hoping for the latter but very much fear that we are closer to the former!!

It was yesterday that Mr. Massoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region, made a courageous address to the Kurdish nation in which he outlined the roadmap of reconciliation & reform. We salute his initiative to start the campaign to eradicate the roots of corruption in Kurdistan. The corruption in Kurdistan is evil & widespread. It cheapens the struggle of Kurdistan and the progress of Kurdistan that has been built & paved by the blood of Kurdistan’s best sons.

The great majority of people participating in the demonstrations are good, decent, and honorable people. They are fed-up with what to perceive injustice and inequality. But that is not the whole story. There are hands at work trying to steer the people’s just grievances into the wrong direction, the direction of Kurds fighting the Kurds in a quagmire!!. Those hands are agents of Turkey & Iran. They wish nothing but ill will toward the Kurdish nation. We need to wake up!!

The time has come for some peace, reflection, and a chance of KRG to do real reform. The continuation of demonstrations is hampering the daily lives of people in Sulaymania, a city that is the cultural & the soul capital of Kurdistan. The unwillingness of Goran Movement to give the KRG a chance to reform, uproot the corruption, and tone down the rhetoric is taking the Kurds to brink of a civil war. A civil war will bring devastation to Kurdistan. It will set back Kurdish dream of independence for decades. It will bring tears & heartache to the mothers of Kurdistan and make the criminal occupiers of Kurdistan (Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria) happy.

Goran has a place in Kurdistan as an honorable opposition. They should not ruin that by the current intransigence & uncompromised spirit. Kurdistan is Kurdistan, and is by no means Egypt or Tunis. Barzani is not Mubarak or Qaddafi. He was elected with 70% of the vote.

I urge Gorran Movement to find common ground with the Kurdish authority. Moderation is not vice but is a virtue in this case. Finding common ground is the key to solving Kurdistan’s current problems. While the democracy in Kurdistan & KRG are by no means perfect, we are better off now than other era in the history of Kurdistan. Let’s leave the people decide whom they want: elections should be the yardsticks to measure the popularity. The time is now for peace, stability, and speeding up the process of building a civil society in which heated debates can be a prelude toward progress and reform, and not towards the civil war. Goran should know that the Kurdish authority is their adversary, but NOT their enemy. They should welcome Mr. Barzani’s imitative as a solid step toward reconciliation, more democracy, and the start of a new dawn of Kurdistan. Both Kurdistan & her enemies are watching the next steps. God bless Kurdistan as we await a positive outcome of the current strife  in Kurdistan


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