March 10, 2014

In Kurdish speaks the Turk-Vezir!

Original poem in Kurdish and translation by Kamal Mirawdeli

In Kurdish speaks Kurdish the Turk-Vezir
Speaks Kurdish the Turk-Vezir
Kurdish sounds come out of his throat,
Like the first surge of oil
In a newly-dug well
Rusty, unrefined -

The servants jump in joy

How generous is the Vezir!
In return for 100 years of repressing our tongue, life and freedom
He (t)utters some words of hypocrisy in Kurdish
And the children of Amad and Dersim
Have been waiting for 100 years
To see a school in which they would
Learn the alphabet of their language
Instead they saw
Many prison doors
Endless prisoners
Many graveyards
But what is wrong with all that?
The Vezir uttered 17 Kurdish words
Still for his gesture,
He wants our oil and gas and market
And to auction the future of Bakur and Rojava -

The slaves’ faces,
Like a newly-polished pair of black shoes,
Are brightened up, happy, shiny

In Kurdish does speak the Turk-Vezir
Thus the question of oil, sale of land, honour,
market, history -
What a fuss?
Turkification of language, culture, city, –
What a fuss?

Then we need not ask about the news of Ocelan,
We need not ask the news of death,
Imprisonment, and torture,
Cutting the tongues of children
And we need not fear betraying Rojava
In Kurdish speaks the Turk-Vezir!!

The slaves are thrilled.

Let us not ask about the exile of Nali
Let us not ask about the sorrows of Haji
Let us not ask about the blood of Said and Fuad
Let us not ask about the mass graves of Dersim
The humiliation of Ahmad Kaya and cruel punishment of Zana, for pronouncing Kurdish
In Kurdish does speak Turk-Vezir!

Let us tear up the Iraqi Constitution
Let us sever all ties with Baghdad
In Kurdish does speak Turk-Vezir!

How unhappy Saddam was,
He did not learn Kurdish so that
Along with his smart blue Kurdish costume
He would lead Kurdish dance and sing Kurdish songs
And say to his big Mustashars in Kurdish:
Supas kura azakan!
(Bravo, brave boys!).

The Turks are more intelligent!
They know how to polish shoes


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