Kirkuk is Too Special for Kurds to Stay Silent - By Mufid Abdulla

From the whole climate change issue, to the economic crises spreading around the world, to the demonstration which took place last Friday in Kirkuk, we have to ask ourselves what will happen next in Kirkuk. The chauvinist and Baa'thist ex- Saddamist leaders did not hide the fact that they wanted Kirkuk to be given back to them and used it as a make-shift catalyst to start their killing machine aimed at the Kurdish inhabitants of Kirkuk. What can we do? Iraq is on the edge of mayhem and disaster and we must ask why we should be a part of it if they are not prepared to implement Article 140; which was aborted by them a while ago. As a result, the people of Kirkuk and all other areas continue to endure a terrible situation.

After the recent events on the 25th February and the moving of the Special Forces of Peshmarga and other security forces by the KRG, this is a step in the right direction. The next decision will not be easy. Will men be prepared to liberate Kirkuk due to the fact that they should have completed the job in 2003? Whether or not Kirkuk becomes a bloodbath, the Kurdish leaders should have prepared a plan B; they can no longer leave its citizens to their own fate. The age of false promises by the Iraqi government and Maliki is over. The Kirkuk region should be given back to the KRG now rather than the latter. Iraq is in their anarchist peak now; the country has no rule and time is not on our side.


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March 10, 2011
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