March `3, 2011
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In response to the Press Release posted on - By Baqi Barzani

Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, or AMSI, has lately posted a Press Release on its official website, condemning the statements by the President of Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) on our secession and self-determination rights. To read the entire text, click or copy and paste the below link:

Three major points are put emphasis on in their statement. Here is the exact excerpt:

First: The Kurdish politicians from our beloved north no longer represent our Kurdish community. Today they are in the circle of charge because they are involved in collusion with the occupiers in the invasion of the country, in the implementation of its destructive projects of the country.  The latest surveys indicate that more than 90 % of the Kurdish people reject secession.

Second: The sons of our Kurdish people did not have problems with the rest of the Iraqi people or ethnic discrimination. The problems were derived from the Kurdish leaders who have imposed these things on the Kurdish people. The leadership was supported from abroad to achieve foreign agendas.

Third: The Kurdish politicians are linked to the agenda of the Zionist entity in dividing the region. Between the parties there is complete coordination on separation schemes.

In response to their false claims:

First: You and your barely hundred-member organization can’t, don’t and won’t represent the 6 million Kurds in South of Kurdistan (Iraq). The recent survey by your baseless and   unrecognized organization is nothing more than another fabrication and distortion. Every Kurd in South of Kurdistan is pro-independence if the occupying totalitarian regimes respect the right of self-determination of the oppressed nations. According to legitimate referendums, 99% of Kurdistani citizens voted in favor of establishing a Kurdish state. Americans were the biggest objectors and preventers of such a plan in order to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Iraq.

Second: The Kurds are the most peace-loving and harmony-seeking people in Iraq. They have never discriminated intentionally against other ethnic groups. It is the neighboring states that try to impose their respective will and openly meddle into Kurdish internal affairs. A plain example was the consecutive aerial strikes on defenseless Kurdish civilians by Turkish and Iranian militaries. Discrimination, denial of Kurdish rights and marginalization against Kurds continue even in the post-Saddam Iraq by Pro-Saddam and Ba’athist elements, in particular in Kurdish Kirkuk and other disputed areas. No affirmative initiatives have been taken by the central government in this regards.

Third: Like every other nation in the world, the 40 plus million stateless Kurds reserve full right to seek secession, should its citizens someday demand for it. As it can be discerned taking place all over the world, people will no longer tolerate oppression and dictatorship. They will topple totalitarian, extremist, terrorist and fundamentalist regimes. Kurds in Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq are not excluded, as well.


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