The manipulation of foreign culture in Kurdish society -  By Baqi Barzani

Since the liberation of Kurdistan, Kurdish culture and social mores has grown more susceptible to invasion by foreign cultural imperialism. The export of foreign culture, ideology, goods, and way of life is rapidly superseding our traditional Kurdish values. Our cultural heritage is being destabilized and gradually fading away. Our educational and media system has been set up as replica of those in west and market their values. The incorrect simulation of non-Kurdish culture is becoming very prevalent and dominant, in particular among the younger generation. Some returning young Kurds from diaspora lack cognizance to their culture and enough affinity to assimilate into Kurdish society.

Foreign cultural imperialists, media imperialists, manufacturers, policymakers, and other interest groups attempt to overpower and corrupt Kurdistan. Some have by design begun to disseminate their culture, information, and the concept of a free and open economy in Kurdistan in order to expand their national market and gain access to ours. Some have created organizations, information agencies and programs to impose their cultures on us and promote the image of their nations.

Proponents of modernization, globalization, and free trade reject the notion of conservation and believe that our nation should remain vulnerable to contempo fundamental transformations and adaptations. This heralds a new form of colonialism and gradual self-immolation. The pernicious aftereffects of colonial powers can still be observed among African nations.

The unbridled expansion of foreign culture has launched at an accelerated rate in Kurdistan along with the denigration and decline of Kurdish culture, civilization, art, literature and customs.  We must preserve our traditional principles and disallow aliens to invade, supplant or try to alter them. Traditional Kurdish cultural values remain the foundation of both liberty and prosperity.


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March 14, 2010
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