Death and Birth of Halabja - By Dana Newzer Ali

If you ask me what Halabja is, I will send you to an elderly man who has just come from Mecca, he will tell you that when you are asked where are you from, answer them and say, “I am from Kurdistan, where Halabja is there,” Because you will not be recognized. Kurd politicians who don’t have consensus on anything will answer you in the same way, “Halabja introduced Kurdish issue to the entire world. Halabja is our identity.” You will get similar answers from everyone. I know that all of what is said and will be said about Halabja is true, because it includes all of them since it is greater than the all. But if I answer, I will tell you a “Halabja is in nowhere. You can’t find Halabja on Google-earth. Halabja is everywhere and Halabja is everything. You can find Halabja in the scream of an innocent infant crying for some drops of milk, but there is no answer, because the mother has made the last farewell to the life. You can see Halabja in the arms of an old father trying to embrace his ill daughter and take him to the hospital, but he the girl can’t make it and die in the arms of her father. Halabja can be smelled in the perfumes which are made from the odour of a lethal apple. Halabja is a holocaust without fire and smoke. It is a religion without holy books, and it is a city empty from residents. Halabja can’t be described by words, papers and books, because words may not be enough to cover its events and to tell its news.” Halabja is all of this and more than that.

Halabja is a good verification for those who want to prove resurrection, as it is an undisputable proof for the atheistic ideas. Whoever wanders to see the batttle between evil and good is invited to take a look at the very first scenes of the Halabja film which is made by the (Brutality for the production of scary movies). The only thing which we can tell about Halabja is that it is the story which can’t be told, but everything in this world is telling it.

It was 21 years ago when some of the new technology’s products which had two wings and 4 sacks of chemicals smelling the most beautiful fruits of the nature came during half an hour committed the unbelievable, which was believed later. If we speak diplomatically we can say that it was an unfortunate event which we wish not to happen again, but even this statement was not said, because at its time Saddam was no accused of owning mass destruction weapons and providing help to the world wide Al-Qaida terrorists, but he was the guardian of the eastern gate for the Arabs and “a friend of ours” for the west. In 88, Colin Paul didn’t want to come in front of the Security Council to read his long CIA based reports on the chemical weapons which Saddam was accused of owning them, because visiting Baghdad was prior. On 16/3, we cried a lot, screamed a lot and prayed a lot, but we were not heard, because there was a consensus on ignoring us, but two decades later, Mr. Paul came to Halabja and said that Halabja is a sign for the brutality of Saddam’s regime.

It is 18 years and Halabja is suffering. It is suffering from so-called nationalists who robbed the bank of Halabja, exploded it and prevented the innocent people from going outside and force them to go back in order to be slaughtered by Saddam’s butchers.  Halabja is suffered a lot from the hands of the so-called Islamists who belong to the stone ages, who banned anything related to the beauty of life. The problem is that there is not a great difference between 1988’s Halabja and 2009’s Halabja. The people still live with the memories of death, chemicals, immigration, robbery, poorness, poverty, frustration, anxiety, corruption and corrupted responsible people, blood, tribal division, lack of services, and a lot of other diseases.

The only thing which Halabja and Halabja’s people still have it is the hope. Hope for a better future and expectations for a brighter life. This is what Halabja is living by. That is right that we lost a lot, sacrificed a lot, and suffered from everyone and more than anyone, but still we struggle for life. Halabja’s people are still among the most intellectual and enlightened people in Kurdistan. The young people there are trying to fit themselves into the new world and establish different organizations for them. They try to show the entire world a resurrection here in this world. They try to say that there is no power in the world which can prevent the volition of life and kill the hope inside us. Halabja’s death is changing gradually into a new birth. Birth of a new generation who will not allow anyone play with their destiny and think for them. A generation full of hope, energy and change. We hope that it will be soon.


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March 15 , 2009
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