March 16, 2010
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PJAK: No sate can blur or blacken our clear
and explicit position

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Not any state or a power by availing of any plan or project is able to blur or blacken the clear and explicit position of our party or the identity of our nation in the Eastern   Kurdistan

With the great sacrifices of all our martyrs and the historic struggle of our nation, with the influential and the pioneering role of the Apo the Leader, Kurdish freedom movement have developed in to a stage where the Kurds have become ever closer to the freedom and the achievement of its political and human rights have become so imminent. In the negation of our nation’s achievements, all of the enemy and the foes all over the world have ganged together and seek to excise and expunge our nation. They have avail of all the possible plots and conspiracies against the Kurdish freedom movement in all parts of Kurdistan. This was not a new concept that our nation was dismissing its possibilities, owing to the fact that as long as there have been developments in the way toward the achievement of our rights, particularly the developments that have been out of adversary’s plans, the progresses have been assaulted violently and the utmost efforts have been made for their negation.

We did even predict that in the course of 2010 a multi-faceted assault was going to be orchestrated by the adversary and the foes against our nation. The raids against the ROJ-TV and the Kurdish politicians that have been orchestrated by the Western Powers in particular the Belgian government demonstrated the intention behind the project which is nothing more than the negation of the Kurds. In addition on 6th March the German Polices Forces had arrested the leader of our party without any judicial warrant or any other legal decree. Consequently the Iranian Foreign Administration formally requested the extradition of our party’s leader to this country. Due to the Germany’s refusal for the extradition of our leader, the Iranian Authorities have organised a widespread propaganda aimed at urging the re-capture of our leader and his subsequent extradition to Iran. Within this framework the Iranian government on the one hand is withdrawing his ambassador from Germany and on the other hand it is doing its utmost to defame, blacken and terrorise the Kurdish freedom movement and introduce itself as the victim and not as the perpetrator. In the meantime the Iranian government has initiated an extensive propaganda within the Iranian borders against our party reputation. In order to do that, the Iranian Authorities try to identify our movement as the agent of the Western Power in the region.

Particularly in the Friday pray of 12th March, in various cities and by availing of the “Friday Saints” and taking advantage of the Kurdish mercenary clerics, an omnipresent propaganda of labelling the Kurdish freedom movement as the means of the Western Powers had began and within the same efforts a petitioning campaign in the city of Pawo was initiated by the Iranian Authorities. Without a doubt this is not the first time that efforts are being made to defame and blacken the opposition groups or the dissident fronts. Notwithstanding the history of the Islamic Republic has been piled up with such examples. The Iranian Authorities have ubiquitously denied, covered up and hidden the realities or the inhuman treatment of their dissidents. They have done their utmost to disintegrate or eradicate their opponents either directly by eliminating them or indirectly by labelling them as illegitimate or branding them by various different names. In this manner they legitimate all types of elimination or execution of their opposition groups or dissenting thoughts as the fight against the “Enemy of God”, fight against the “Foreign Agents”. It does not entail that there is not opposition groups or individuals backed by the Western Powers against Iran or that the Western Powers don’t interfere in the Iranian affairs by the means of a number of their appointed groups or individuals. Nonetheless the freedom and libertarian movements or any other opposition groups should not be labelled as the foreign agent or the “western mercenaries”. In the short term the adaptation of such devious approaches and the implementation of duplicitous policies as such might likely to take hold and serve as a cover for the bitter realities but in the long run it would fail to produce positive results, it would also deepen the crisis and increase the numbers of dissidents. Eliminating various intellectual and high profile individuals dedicated to the Iranian causes; as opposed to the regime’s expectation has encouraged many groups to take side with the West; counter-productively this is the regimes behaviour that has been in the service of the Iranian foes in the West and has strengthened the Western positions in Iran.

In the final stage by availing of the same policies the Iranian regime has done its utmost to suppress the opposition groups. The Iranian regime is not only focused on a singular individual or a group this time but it calls the entire population as the agents of the West and it seeks to establish a Fascist frontier against the Iranian people. The very recent incidents and the government’s efforts against the libertarian movement of the Kurdish nation were carried out along the same line. Notwithstanding all the Iranian’s assaults on the Kurdish nation is coincided and orchestrated on the one hand with the offensives of other Occupying Powers of Kurdistan and on the other hand with the Western Power’s raids on the oppressed Kurdish nation.

The Iranian regime must always bear in mind that if the solution can be reached by pursuing policies as such, after the disintegration of the Kurdish previous movements in the Eastern Kurdistan there had not been the advent of the new modern struggle and organisation subsequently. Nonetheless it is crystal clear that not only the Kurdish resistance did not end as the result of the oppressive policies but our party PJAK which is a unique and modern organisation incomparable with any previous classical movements emerged under the philosophy and ideology of Apo the Leader and with a new and free political concept combined with the centuries of historical experience of the Kurdish freedom movements; it has organised its activities in the Easter Kurdistan and for the implementation and the development of democracy in the Iranian territories it regards itself responsible.

Without a doubt the methodology adapted by our party for the resistance is based on and backed by the essential and indispensible will of our people, by pursuing the policies of a complete free character, by promoting the truth and authentic revolutionary concepts in that part of Kurdistan, our party did dismantle all the political influences of the external factors as well as the oppressive policies and the conspiracies of the Islamic Republic. That too well explains as to why our party has been labelled by both the Iranian and the USA as the terrorist organisation. This will on the one hand denote the meaningless and the hollowness of the concept of “terrorism” and to well depicts their pragmatist view on this respect, on the other hand it well demonstrates and proves the realities and the legitimacy of our movement. This demonstrates the facts as to why not any state or a power by availing of any plan or project is able to blur or blacken the clear and explicit position of our party or the identity of our nation in the Eastern Kurdistan. This reveals the fact that the modern Kurd is not the classical one and by understanding and analysing all the oppressive policies and the plots of the adversary’s fronts and by availing of their historic backgrounds, PJAK will neither become the political means or the military tools of any sides nor as a nation of the powerful will, it will withdraw from its legitimate rights or let any power to exploit it. Along the same line and with the aim of achieving all our political and human rights, democratic activities of our party will be carried out ever where in the world. This well explains the fact that the presence of our members and supporters or the people close to us in the West doesn’t generate the claim that we are sponsored by the West. As PJAK we don’t allow any Western Powers to avail of the Kurds and its legitimate freedom resistance for the sake of their relations with the Iranian government.

Without shadow of the doubt the Iranian claim for the extradition of the leader of our party from Germany will not be in the interest of the Iranian Authorities, it will usher into the new era of Kurdish resistance and the Kurdish nation will give a new colour to their struggle; that will also open the door for a range of violent activities. Notwithstanding the Kurdish nation has always leaved the room for the peaceful solution. The Kurdish nation had done its utmost to democratize Iran, to achieve all ranges of their political and human rights and to establish a powerful and peaceful Iran. In 2009 and upon a call from KCK our party did declare a unilateral ceasefire. Nonetheless the Iranian regime did continue with the violent methods against our people and carried out the numerous executions of Kurdish youths and executed many military operations against our party.

The Iranian regime must have acknowledged by now that in any occasion and against these sorts of offensives we will not remain silence. In order to prevent more violence and due to the level of political responsibilities that we have felt, in many occasions our party didn’t reveal the level of the ferocity of war and military operations that the Iranian regime carried out against our guerrilla forces, it was particularly applicable to the regions Mako, Xoye, Urmeye, and few more regions.

Despite all these peaceful efforts made on our part, we regard classifying and labelling our freedom resistance movement representing the legitimate demands of our people as a terrorist organisation and depicting our party as such on the walls of the masques and the other religious institutions as dangerous plot which would only serve as a new instrument for the mass killing and the genocide of our nation.

We as the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) declare that none of these plots and conspiracies would carry the potential to deter the Kurds from pursuing their legitimate and peaceful struggle; we would defend the Kurds from any offensives carried out with the intention of eliminating or negating the Kurds or its legitimate freedom movement. We warn that the Iranian regime should not compare our movement with the other groups; the Iranian authorities must get over the elusion that the possible extradition of our leader by the Western Powers, they would be able to silence and avert our people’s will.

The Iranian government must take a necessary lesson from the extradition of the Kurdish national leader Mr. Ocalan by the Israeli agents into Turkey. They must always bear in mind that the international conspiracies as such would produce backlash and the Kurdish struggle will not be deterred or thwarted.

Owing to these facts we call on the Iranian Authorities not to begin the year of 2010 with violence and coercion against our nation; and with the activities as such don’t jeopardise the Iranian interests and don’t engage in any conspiracies against our people carried out either by the other occupying powers of Kurdistan or by the international adversary powers.

Meanwhile we call on the Kurdish nation in the Eastern Kurdistan to evaluate and weigh up these critical moments, sense the danger that is encountered and prepare themselves for any possible states; they should gear up for the legitimate self-defence. The Kurdish nation with all of its different religions should have a deeper analysis of Islam and patriotism. They should establish a strong and concrete unity against polices of negation and annihilation. They should stand up to the offensives and demonstrate their strengths for the self-defence or a new genocide on a larger scale is on the way. In the meantime it’s necessary to have a strong and clear position against some clerics and organise appropriate campaigns in this respect. We would also call on all the Kurdish youths to sense the urgency for their considerable recruitment in the Guerrilla’s Forces to defend their nation and to bring about freedom and peace to their oppressed people.

The Co-ordination of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), 15/03/2010


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