March 16, 2011
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South of Kurdistan: Between the Demands of People and Repressors - By Mufid Abdulla

The drumbeat of the protests is getting louder, from Sulaymaniah to all the cities and towns in Kurdistan such as Arbat, Halabja, Darbanikan, Chamchamal, Dukan, Garmyan, Galadze, etc. There is, however, the exception of Hawler; we can only assume that Hawler is under military curfew.

The demands of the protesters are supported by the masses of people all over Kurdistan. However, the two ruling parties have found it very difficult to understand the demands of the people which comprise the following; firstly, the dissolving of the existing cabinet and the setting up of a new provisional government consisting of technocratic people who will be able to achieve the demands of the people because the current government is clearly incapable of achieving these points. The new government can then set up several ministry departments which will enable them to carry out all of these reforms and political adjustments in Kurdistan. We can call this a transitional period which might take a few months, or a few years, to set up. Amongst these changes will be the setting up of the local police, army and intelligence away from the intervention of the two ruling parties. This will prevent intervention from the KDP and PUK. Another demand is for the establishment of an independent judiciary system and transparency in all oil financial contracts with foreign companies in Kurdistan. In addition, the reports of the audit office in Sulaymaniah (Diwani Chaderi) should be activated and these people brought to justice and asked how they came to build their wealth and empire in such a short time. There will be a requirement to be open about who earns what. Many of these are the basic demands of the protesters and others more minor demands such as to bring the killers of 17th February to justice, etc.

It is time to stop looking at opposition parties through the rear view mirror. The KDP and President of Kurdistan should hunt for fresh sources of top grade solutions of today’s Kurdistan current crises and possibly organise a conference in which experts in management, constitution and law-makers are invited from both inside Kurdistan and outside. This degree of hesitancy by the President of Kurdistan and his Prime minister , does not serve his nation or the current climate in Kurdistan. Not a single Kurd wishes a repeat of the long civil war we had between 1992 and 1998. But while caution might be reasonable, a lack of leadership and clarity is less so. March will indeed be a cold month and we are not certain what the future of the south of Kurdistan holds.


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