March 17, 2009
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How could AKP win the hearth of the Kurds? - By Kay Azadabeen

In the 21st century people have come along and expect a better treatment for themselves and others. Turkey is one of those countries that has come along too and recognizes that people should be treated fairly. Because of such a progress and in order to win the heart of Muslims, the AKP party in Turkey believes Palestinian and Israelis are two distinct nations with two distinct languages and deserve a two state solution. Unfortunately instead of encouraging the Muslim world to move forward, become secular, have free election, and learn form Israelis to work hard and advance their country, APK criticizes Israel and supports Muslims who want to create another dictatorial religious state.

Being an illiterate lay person in politic, I am not sure what AKP stands for. It is unclear if AKP means Anti Kurdistan People or Advancing Kurdistan Party. If it is the latter, then it deserves to be described as a progressive political organization. In such case, AKP should criticize those Kurds who have given up their dream and tell them no one cares about you, if you do not rely on yourself to advance Kurdistan. AKP should remind the Kurdish leaders in all parts of Kurdistan not to bend and accommodate any more, openly ask for independence, and not accept a milder form of status quo that is called federalism.

AKP should remind the accommodating Kurds that they still are following a disproved theory. The federalism of European Union came after the independence of their member states and not the other way around. One of the reasons that federalism in the Soviet Union failed was because its member states had not been independent first. Because of following an outdated and disproved theory, the accommodating Kurdish leaders have lost their credibility and can not win the hearts of their people.

The majority of non accommodating Kurds have one dream in common which is to live in peace with their neighbors under equal condition. Equal condition is impossible to have in a multi national country where the state promotes the culture and language of only one ethnic group without asking the people what they prefer.

AKP could remind the accommodating Kurds that the American model of federalism is not necessarily the answer for them either. The United States is made of people who voluntarily had migrated to America, created independent states first, and later became united under a federal government to declare independence from British monarchs. After a referendum, the members of this union were asked what language they prefer and democratically they chose English. Except for American Indians and slaves, no other American has been forced to accept a new and language in the United States. How the American Indians and slaves were treated few centuries ago should not be the model to treat other people in this century. AKP seems to understand this and therefore supports Palestinians, who are asking for a 21st century model of conflict resolution, which is a two state solution for bi-national countries.

As a supporter of two state solutions for Israel, AKP should remind the Kurds that Turkey is many times more brutal than Israel, while the Kurds have been much friendlier to Turkey than Palestinian to Israel. By advocating the same rights for the all people, AKP can win the heart of many disappointed Kurds who do not follow an outdated model of premature unity.

AKP should openly advocate two state solutions not only for Israel but also for Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. By doing so, AKP leaders prove they are not hypocrites. By doing so, they end the existence of PKK and other groups that still think armed struggle is the answer to conflict resolution. By doing so, they prove they are an exception among the Islamic countries and have reached the maturity of Checks, Slovaks, and other new members of the European Union. By doing so they win the heart of the Kurds, whose question for the upcoming election is when will we be free or in Kurdish kay azadabeen?

As a lay individual, I welcome your decent comments to the editor of this website.


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