Please no demonstration against the wrong target - By Hataw Sarkawt

While peaceful demonstration to fight dictatorship, fascism, fundamentalism, discrimination, and corruption is an undeniable right of every individual, the demonstration in Slemany on February 17th, 2011 does not seem to be in context of such a fight.

There might be certain element of corruption in Southern Kurdistan; however, this region of Kurdistan is the only part of our homeland where people have elected their representative based on democratic principles. The region is free, secular, peaceful, and more democratic than Turkey, Iran, and Syria.

The Kurdish fight against injustice should target the century long brutality orchestrated in Ankara, Tehran, and Damascus and not against the newly and partially liberated part of our homeland. Once the regimes in Ankara, Tehran, and Damascus have turned to democratic governments where the rights of all nations are guaranteed, then the Kurds could rise against home grown corruption.

At this stage the people in Southern Kurdistan ought to think nationally and globally and act locally. They could support the demands of Arabs in dictatorial states and their Kurdish brothers and sisters in Turkey, Iran, and Syria, and by avoiding any harmful action against the Kurdistan Regional Government that still is in an infant stage of its development.


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February 18, 2011
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