Kurdistan Region-Iraq

The Moment of Pride and the value of protection


Dear Mr. President of the United States

We are sending you this letter on behalf of the protesters of the Kurdish people in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Previously you had condemned the Bath Party in repressing and killing its ‘own citizens’, today we as Kurdish citizen’s in Kurdistan Region of Iraq are experiencing similar suppression in hands of the Kurdish leading parties. In our region, the rule of law is absent; corruption is in its highest; freedom is so limited you can say it does not exist; democracy is restricted to voting every four year beside different form of manipulation and fraud in voting process.

For the last 20 years, we have tolerated all these injustice for the sake of our national cause, yet their reward for people’s patriotic attitude was using their gun men and unlawful forces in repressing the civic voices. In the February calamity when the Kurdish gun men directed their weapons against Kurdish protesters, 8 youths were killed and more than 200 were injured.

We are concerned about safeguarding and improving this semi-independency within Iraq, yet we have lost patience in tolerating this form of power abuse. We as Kurdish people are determined in shifting this paradigm of ruling in which only the voices of political parties are heard. Our voices are loud and need to be heard.
At this delicate time and moment of cultural shift Kurdish people are challenging for justice, rule of law, equity and transparency; moments like these are especially challenging for foreign policymakers, so we are asking you to stay on the right side of history and contribute to our civil disobedience.
Our immediate demands are:

  • Prosecuting all people who were engaged in crimes of killing and injuring demonstrators in February 2011 in open court hearings.
  • Driving out political parties' armed headquarters from inside cities and towns.
  • Separating political parties from government in a way the government will not remain a utilized instrument by political parties.
  • We need the Peshmerga, freedom fighters, to become a national force defending the integrity of our land and our national dignity and identity. Political Parties must stop having their unlawful armed forces.

We are asking you to intervene in keeping our region safe from division and support this Kurdish new generation.


Ad Hoc Committee of Maidany Azadi (Freedom Square=


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March 19, 2011
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