March 28, 2007

Kurdistan Economic Adviser Joins Iraqi Conference

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Dr. Zeki Fattah, senior economic adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government, will share his knowledge of investment laws at Iraq's Aviation, Electricity, and Security Summit in London on March 28-29.

Washington, DC — Iraq's Aviation, Electricity, and Security Summit in London, slated on March 28-29, will feature Dr. Zeki Fattah, Senior Economic Adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government, another important addition to the conference's lineup of speakers.

An expert in the field of Middle Eastern Economic Development, he led the Globalization Program in the United Nations Economic Commission for Western Asia. He also served as Director of the Economic Analysis Program in 2003.

In the Iraqi summit, Dr. Fattah will join the talks focusing on business development and discuss the Kurdistan Region's foreign investment laws.

The summit, which is already the seventh of a series of conferences dedicated to rebuilding Iraq, will explore investment opportunities, economic reforms, and other areas in business development that will revive Iraq's market and tap its growing potential.

Top Iraqi officials and key business leaders, along with their international counterparts, are expected to attend this high profile two-day conference to address key concerns in aviation, infrastructure development, improved communication technology, and internal security as part of Iraq's rebuilding.

To register and reserve a seat at Iraq's Aviation, Electricity, and Security Summit, contact New-Fields at (202) 536-5000 or Middle East +971 (4) 268-6870 or Fax at +971 (4) 262-4569.


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