April 1, 2009

Barrack’s letter to Mahmoud - By Hataw Sarkawt

What George could not achieve in eight years, Barrack is trying to achieve in his first hundred days in office. Having role models such as Winston and Ronald, George tried very hard to leave the legacy of liberating few nations from tyrants. He started with overthrowing Mullah Omar and Haji Saddam. Other evil men on his list included Mashdi Mahmoud, Bashar 911, who usually celebrates his birthday on September 11, and Kim Too Ill.

Before leaving the office, George invited Barrack to his home and asked him to complete his incomplete mission. Barrack reluctantly agreed and look at George’s list of evil men to be overthrown. Saddam seemed to be the easiest target, but his name was already crossed. Mahmoud seemed too impoverished, Kim too ill, and Bashar too young to be hurt by the compassionate Barrack. He decided to go after Mullah Omar again, whose name had been crossed only partially. Omar’s turban reminded Barrack of his ancestors and so he could not imagine hurting him.

Being a man of his words, Barrack didn’t know how to keep his promise to George. He decided to use a different strategy. He wrote a long letter similar to the one Mahmoud had written to George. In his letter, Barrack first wished Mahmoud a happy Iranian New Year and then politely asked him to leave his office. The impoverished Mahmoud welcomed the suggestion, left the office peacefully, and together with Barrack decided not to fool anyone at least on April first.


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