April 1, 2010

We are in more critical need of mass media – By Baqi Barzani

The robust role of mass media in molding and influencing political climate, public opinion and democracy is conspicuous to every one. There is no instrument as controlling, authoritative, prompt, enlightening and informative. Mass media is a necessity in contemporary existence, a spinal column of democratic societies and a must for societal evolution.

To sum it up in a small paragraph, I will use a quote from Gurevitch and Blumler article saying: “ the most important democratic functions of mass media include: surveillance of sociopolitical developments, identifying the most relevant issues, providing a platform for debate across a diverse range of views, holding officials to account for the way they exercise power, provide incentives for citizens to learn, choose, and become involved in the political process, and resist efforts of forces outside the media to subvert their independence”.[1]

The motive I am laying emphasis on this existential issue is to hark us back to our failure to have grasped the actual weight, function and necessity of mass media in Kurdistan and abroad. We need to capitalize more proceeds, time and thoughts into globalizing Kurdish mass media. Had we done so years ago, we would have been apt to impede many of the cataclysmic tragedies from befalling. We could have goaded the international community into rushing to our aid more swiftly by disseminating any developments looming in Kurdistan in chorus.

Last year, I had jotted down something, attempting to draw the attention of KRG officials and our representative to launching two English-Kurdish satellites TV stations in USA and UK. Again, I would reiterate the substance of such an urgent initiative to the concerned authorities and implore them to regard this outline more earnestly. The Kurds are in more critical need of this powerful weapon than any previous time.

In closing, I will cite a couple of quotes:

“All advertising, whether it lies in the field of business or politics, will carry success by continuity and regular uniformity of application”. - Adolf Hitler

“Watergate had become the center of the media's universe, and during the remaining year of my presidency the media tried to force everything else to revolve around it”. - Richard M. Nixon


[1] Mass media and democracy crisis


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