The Demonstration Law is Invalid - By Asos Hardi
Translated by RZ Baban.

Our political authorities do not seem to understand, or are not willing to understand, that after February 17th , Kurdistan is no longer the same place.
After 42 days of demonstrations and widespread protests, and after hundreds and thousands of people took to the street and defied the law that was designed to prohibit rather than organize demonstrations, and after the parliament promised the protesters and the public to review the law, the regional presidency is coming of late to request the government to take "legal measures" against all those who took part in the unlicensed demonstrations.

Perhaps the regional authorities have not fully woken up from the dream of controlling and subduing the people of Kurdistan, and they might think that they could recreate the pre 17 February conditions and send everyone home.
Hereby we tell them: Perhaps you think that we are confused like yourselves and that we are forgetting things. For several weeks now, you have been telling us that our demands are legitimate and that they will be met – knowing that one the demands is to abolish the law that you have put in place to prohibit demonstrations. Yet you want to put us on trial by the same law?

Not only has your law been abolished in practice by the brave and free demonstrators of Kurdistan, but it has been abolished by you. The law was rendered defunct the minute you decided to open fire on protesters – and to date you do not hesitate to shoot, as it was evident in Kalar and Halabjah, for instance. Your law became invalid when you used the law to prevent, rather than regulate, demonstrations in Arbil and other areas under the KDP control – and this is a brazen violation of the people of Kurdistan's constitutional rights.

The fact that not a single shooter has been arrested; the fact that not a single official or leader has been brought to trial for ordering the shooting and deploying the Zeravani [KDP-affiliated militia], Peshmerga and security forces to crush the demonstrations is enough to prove that your law has lost all legal and ethical legitimacy, and before anyone else, your own gunmen stepped on it.

Was it not the deal to only have the police protecting the demonstrations? How come and who ordered the Peshmerga and security to attack the protesters and cause bloodshed?

Thus, we say to the authorities, if the strong message of people of Kurdistan has not yet hit home and if you are still dreaming about adopting your repression tactics, do go on, please, you are most welcome... we are here. We are determined to use our constitutional and civil right to protest and express our dissatisfaction. Come and arrest the thousands of people here from the different cities and towns of Kurdistan, lock them up behind bars. Go on, we are here and our names and faces are known to all. We do not carry anything other than our hopes and dreams and our discontented voice.

Do go on; send your armed men to arrest us, after all, what is greater than the honour of being imprisoned for the sake of our rights and freedoms?

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April 2, 2011
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