KRG citizen imprisoned for criticizing Government - Simko Azad

In a new a development which highlights the lack of basic human rights in the Kurdistan Regional Administration (KRG) region of Iraq, a citizen, Kakalaw Numar has been arrested and has spent the past 5 days in captivity for using his right to freedom of expression.

On Tuesday the 31st of March, The KNN TV network presented a programme on the lack of public services in Taq Taq, a small town in the vicinity of koya. Following the programme members of the general public were invited to have their opinion on the situation. One of these citizens was Kakalaw Numar, who took the opportunity to criticise the government for not implementing the many promises it has made to the towns residents. Shortly after the programme aired, Mr Numar was reported to the local courts by the mayor of Taq Taq, Kakakhan Nasreddin and was arrested by the security services. He has spent the last several days in imprisonment.

Kakakhan Nasreddin, the mayor of Taq Taq told KNN in an interview; "That citizen has a right to freedom of speech, however he spoke in an ugly way, he said we had lied and not fulfilled our promises, that's why I reported him to the courts"

This development highlights the lack of basic human rights in the KRG region and reveals the true nature of democracy in the region.


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March 5, 2009
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