March 6, 2009
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The road to European Union is through Amed - By Delovan Barwari

Democratic Society Party’s (DTP) triumph in Turkey’s municipal elections on March 29th 2009 validates the notion that DTP is the true authority representing  Kurds in Northern Kurdistan. The victory is an indication that the Turkish policy and its barbaric military operations against the people of Kurdistan is ineffective. On the contrary, it serves as an auxiliary feeding the Kurdish sense of nationalism.  Since the establishment of Republic of Turkey in 1923, Turkey has embraced Ataturk’s racist policy of denial and oppression towards the Kurds.  It has continuously resorted to bloodshed, brutally denying Kurds’ inalienable rights, oppressing a nation in search of freedom and equality.     

The existence of PKK and its ability to continuously wage a liberation war against the second largest military force in NATO (Turkey) since 1984 is sufficient evidence to validate the premise that the popular movement is supported by the majority of Kurds in Northern Kurdistan. Turkey must face the reality that the only answer to the Kurdish issue is a political solution. Following the Kurdish victory in elections in Diyarbakir (Amed), Hurriyet Daily News reported that thousands gathered to celebrate DTP’s success and chanted: "PKK is the people! And the people are here!" It was followed by another: "Hey Turko, go home, Amed is not yours."[5]

It is a necessity for the Turkish government, military, and its political circles to move away from Ataturk’s obsolete political mentality in order to join the democratic international community. They must understand that war has brought nothing but misery, bloodshed, and destroyed Turkey’s chances of joining European Union. The Turkish politicians in Ankara should know that the road to European Union is through Amed. If they want to win the hearts and minds of the Kurdish masses, they must implement genuine reforms.

The timing of the Kurdish victory in the municipal election is highly significant as President Obama is visiting Turkey. It was reported by Reuters that DTP will be calling on Obama to help end the Kurdish – Turkish war. The deputy head of parliamentary group, Salahattin Demirtas, stated: "We expect the American president to help seek a resolution of the Kurdish issue."[2] It certainly is a golden opportunity for Kurds to capitalize on, and the fact that DTP is doing so shows strong leadership on their behalf. 

Obama has exemplified a language of peace, reconciliation, and dialogue throughout his first official tour in Europe. He demonstrated his peaceful nature at the G20 Summit in London as he attempted to normalize U.S. relations with Russia while meeting with the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. [4] He also confirmed United States’ superiority as the global leader by stating: “Now, we remain the largest economy in the world by a pretty significant margin. We remain the most powerful military on Earth.” while responding to questions in the press conference. [1] In addition, during a gathering in Strasbourg, France, Obama stated: “America is changing, but it cannot be America alone that is changing.”[6] According to some analysts it is expected that the Kurdish issue will be raised by Obama while meeting with the Turkish officials (perhaps behind closed doors).  Without a doubt, for Obama to remain consistent and prove the perception that he truly is a man of peace and principles, he is obligated to deliver the same message to the Turkish Prime Minster, Tayib Erdogon.

DTP’s victory is also a reminder to the Kurdish leadership in Southern Kurdistan (Iraqi-Kurdistan) that the road to Ankara is through Amed. They must realize that the future of Southern Kurdistan is dependent on the future of Northern Kurdistan; their relation with Turkey is groundless unless Turkey recognizes the Kurdish identify and grants its own Kurds genuine freedom.  DTP, being the indisputable party representing Kurds of Turkey is adequate to expect that any discussions or conferences scheduled between Southern Kurdistan and Turkey concerning PKK must also be inclusive of DTP, as they are the voices of the people in Northern Kurdistan.

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