April 9, 2009
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Kurds, stuffed turkey, and baracklava - By Hataw Sarkawt

Some Kurdish analysts have criticized President Obama for calling the part of Kurdish nation in Northern Kurdistan as “the Kurdish population inside Turkey”. I believe the critique is not justified, if we see the world from an American perspective. 

What distinguishes the United States from the rest of the world is simplification of complex phenomenon. In other countries people tend to preoccupy themselves with irrelevant details in order to understand a concept. As Americans we simply use mnemonics, abbreviation, and analogy to get an idea about any complex phenomenon. None of us are immune form this simplification process, not even our president.

Since the Kurdish issue is one of the most complex issues of the Middle East, American leaders do not dare learning about it. Considering that president Obama is a little curious, he decided to have a basic knowledge about the Kurds before visiting Turkey. In order not to forget who the Kurds are, he simplified them as ingredients that are used to stuff a turkey for a delicious presidential dinner followed by a baracklava.


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