Natural Logic - By Dr. Fereydun R Hilmi

For years I have been advocating exploring natural logical as the means of problem solving, improving and extending human understanding and intelligence. The basic rules as set out by the great classics were useful for the previous era that passed over mankind and Boolean algebra which is the main logical workhorse of modern progress will need to be augmented with the logic of nature; yet to be formally recognised and utilised.

Whereas Aristotle and the ancient Greek philosophers sorted out propositional logic they could not devise methods for misrepresentation of facts and fraudulent arguments. This had a two pronged problem consisting of the inability to prove arguments conclusively as well as the fact that many used the structures developed for the exact opposite, i.e. for misrepresenting Truth and Logicality so aggressively that they seem to have won all the arguments in a world now controlled by the demagogues and sycophants – the very people who stood against the philosophers. Politics (the science of misrepresentation, fraud and greed) has won the day and seems to divert humanity into an abyss of mental backwardness and degeneration.

The great thing about natural logic is the fact you cannot use it to induce a lie or a falsehood. That is why we us it extensively without knowing that we are using it in material proof of events and things we have never come into contact with before. It is not ideas based where assumptions, hypotheses and propositions are proved through the power of inference and or induction. That is the work of the human mind which tends to rearrange things to suit purposes and objectives rather than to find the truth regardless of any possible intention, or goal.

The building blocks of this natural logic consist of the rules of nature and nothing else. They are void of all human, social, economic or political relationships. That is why it is the stuff of creation and the means of natural development. There are no Ifs and But’s but can still decide events and happenings within billions of possible ones with no confusion or hesitation. It is the logic which goes into the evolution of the ornage fruit as well as the most advanced of the creatures walking the earth and the universe.

Events so controlled do not need to wait a moment to happen at exactly the appropriate movement, carry on for exactly the correct period of time and stop at its natural end. The main two elements of this natural logic are time and space. The laws are similar to but also different from Boolean Logic. Elements are anded within the same epoch of time and ORed when they exist in different epochs. Thus all objects are in a state of ANDness when they exist together and ORing cannot be exercised in nature as it is an abstract function nature does not use. Humans and Animals are capable of abstract thought while natural processes happen and alter course only when it is not possible to complete it. A river for example flows in a straight line from high to low for ever unless it encounters obstacles or faces other natural processes. Most of the physical laws discovered by man are in fact in that category and made up of interaction between different elements of the natural world according to the basic laws of natural logic. For that reason we find it impossible to mathematically formulate any of the laws of physics to a perfect and completely repeatable result. The famous chaos and quantum theories are prime examples of how complex processes can be broken down to simpler processes.

In Boolean logic for example the expression A AND B is the same as B AND A. In natural logic it does not because the position and time space of the elements of A and B are critical for the relationship. Yet the implication of ANDness still applies and A AND B will be together and in that order. Another difference is the fact that A AND B is actually the whole of A anded with the whole of B and not just the intersection of the two. Thus the relationship A AND B gives us the same result as A OR B.

Another example is the difference between natural logic conditions and the Aristotlean/Boolean one which we express in the form:


Whereas in Natural Logic there is no ELSE clause to start with and predication (i.e. the dependence of one outcome on another) is expressed as:

A AND B interpreted as “A THEN B” (thus implying sequencing of processes)
Or as:
“IF A THEN B” (implying that B will only occur when A has been fulfilled).

Examples of such a process are:

Clouds AND Fall in temperature THEN RAIN
When the cup gets full It Overflows

This interpretation is important if we are to have processes that flow naturally without an external administrator or agent to make decisions. However, far from this leading to the idea of the lack of need for a creator it actually emphasises the supreme power and logicality of the creator. Again I must stress that I am not at all talking about the traditionally accepted God.

Furthermore, this also leads to the notion of natural intelligence which mankind has been trying to mimic but not quite getting there. The error of the current methods is in trying to create a computer-simulated intelligence that is an image of our selves rather than one that is parallel to us. This paradox is also at the heart of the traditional belief in a God who has our emotions, temperament and preferences or one that is in our image. Any intelligence has to have the flexible logic of nature and must be independent of an intervener to run it. The new set of logical rules would need to be simulated by a very powerful computer and then left to its own devices to evolve. Any creature created thus would need to interact with its environment and proceed to evolve into whatever happens to be appropriate which means it may not develop into a human-like intelligence at all just as in nature where all sorts of beings arise without any intervention or prior design.

The final important point about natural logic is that it is not an abstract logic, but one which deals with the real and physical world. There would be no preconceived structures or processes and no prior design of what the being we hope will develop will be.   

In my forthcoming book “The Soft Brain” I will be discussing the laws of natural logic in some depth there are still some which need to be identified. The delay in publishing the book has been as a result of reckless treatment of my eyes with laser by Britains leading eye hospital and renowned Ophthalmologists who wanted to experiment on a number of patients and made a real mess of it. But even though I only have a tenth of my normal vision now I will be completing the work as soon as nature allows me to.

The hope I hold is for us to learn to deal in natural logic as an alternative method for advancement of robotics and Artificial Intelligence. If we sorted this out I believe a great deal of the complications of representing natural processes and objects will disappear where today we use the greatest part of our efforts in simulating everything in digital bytes and bits to make our machines which can only deal with abstract ideas process them.

I do not claim that I know or have formed the various mathematical, algorithmic or logic law representations of natural processes but I can feel it in my bones and believe it to be unbeatable as well as inevitable. My main reason for believing in it is the fact that all of the natural processes follow an “honest” set of rules without any trace of abstractness, deception or fraud. Even animals and plats which use camouflage for protection or survival are completely honest about it and do not try to hide their abilities or intentions in the time of need.

The notion of greed beyond need does not exist except in the Human species considering itself as the most superior because it thinks, reasons, plans and possesses intelligence which enables it to invent tools and machines and continue changing its environment to suit its purposes.

Thinking and intelligence are of course a phenomenon which can only be gleaned out of behaviours as some think. Animals do not have all those faculties and therefore we consider them to be of less intelligence than man. As for plants we do not believe they have any intelligence at all. For a start they do not have any part of them which is designed to hold thought and juggle ideas. They seem to be totally dumb, unfeeling, void of all emotions, blind, have none of the others of the five sense organs and live mainly in mud and earthen patches.

However, is fascinating because they do exhibit many if not all of the behaviour (apart from the ability to juggle abstract thought) and seem to manage the most complicated kind of scientific and technical processes, perfectly timed and absolutely efficiently executed without the need for a brain, any sense organs or the need to go to school to learn how to do all those things.

Learning which is important to animals and humans requires all of our 5 senses. The fewer they are the lower the intelligence rank of the animal species. Try teaching a blind man how to paint or appreciate colours or an animal with no taste organ how to tell the difference between salt and sugar, water and acid sunshine and shadows.

Humans study for decades in specially constructed science and technology schools and university departments to learn the basics of chemistry, physics, mechanics, electricity, logic, mathematics and at the end of all that they may still find it difficult to do anything useful or understand or solve a simple problem.

Back to the orange seed

I would be a fool to try and numerate all the scientific, technical and logical processes and procedures involved in a mature orange seed’s quest to reproduce itself. But a quick list will be something like the following:

1Structural engineering
2Chemical engineering
3Mechanical engineering
4Logical algebras
8Manufacture of materials and all its branches
9And thousands of other sciences and technologies

It needs to have laboratories and factories as well as complex programming for preparing its products and a completely automatic method of management and logistics.

It does all that without a brain or any sense organ and without learning or guidance from any human being or anything else.

Using our rather inferior conscious abilities and logical reasoning we can only come to the conclusion that there is something else which makes the world exist and it is not the product of our brains but that our brains like the rest of the world are a product of this something else which I call Natural Logic.                

Natural Logic, we can conclude, does not require intelligence or the existence of a brain or even senses to control it or to observe and monitor it. When we examine the non-living world we see that it too has intelligent capabilities and behaviour and that inertness is not a form of stupidity or uselessness. Among the three types of objects we see that each plays its part according to a grand design which can only imply a creator.

As I have always said, the creator I am talking of uses pure natural logic. The purpose of life is not yet apparent but the most intriguing thought is that we have been assigned a great task and that is to find our own blueprints and design manuals by ourselves and that is as far as I am concerned the greatest challenge and well worth going through life for.


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April 12, 2009
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