April 13, 2009
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The pragmatic president, an idealist of yesterday - By Kay Azadabeen

Among some friends I had the strongest confidence in you, while others doubted your ability to win the most important election. Many were sure their candidate will win, and as a confident idealist I bet that you will be the next president. My independent wish came true and I won the bet as you won the heart of your party members who depended on you during the primary.

During the secondary election your party members gained confidence in you and were voting for you as a member of their establishment. I continue to have a strong sympathy for you. I was confident your words make a difference in moving the establishment forward. While many thought you were an idealistic and your ideas were less important than your competitors’ previous noble actions, I argued that noble actions start with noble ideas. I reminded the pessimists that bravest action of declaring the independence of our country started with the noblest words of our founding fathers.

You told people to be confident and empowered them by arguing, yes they could. The closer we came to the final election, the more convinced I became that you are it. Despite my conviction, I surprised my friends when I told them you were not my final candidate on the secondary election.

I was asked why I was wasting my vote for giving it to one of your competitors. I said although you will be my next president, I do not want to regret my decision each time when you make a mistake. Since you won, I have been paying more attention not only to your mistakes but also to mine, and I am thankful to you for reminding me of them.

When I see you make the right decision, I am regretful for the mistake of wasting my vote and giving it to your competitor. I confess I regretted my decision for not having voted for you, when you said we are American citizens and our nation is not defined by a specific religion. Forget Hanity who sometimes advocates pure insanity.

At other times I am glad for having made the right decision of giving my vote to some one else when I see you make a mistake. I was proud of having made the right decision and not voted for you, when you sided with Turkey and marginalized the oppressed Kurdish nation as the property of another nation. I was hoping you will be the messenger of change and declare that every oppressed nation deserves an independent state.

Your lack of courage to set a more determined tone for change in the states of the oppressors reassured me that I was right for setting a higher standard and voting for an idealist. I understand you need to be pragmatic today. While I am content with having made the right decision of voting for an idealist of today, I remain grateful for most of your ideas of yesterday and some of the ones of today. Your background in fighting for idealism gives me the hope that you will find some pragmatic answers to the Kurdish question of kay azadabeen?


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