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Barack Obama Gives Green Light for Suppression of Kurdish Civil Rights! - By Hevallo

When Barack Obama gave his speech to the Turkish Parliament he said nothing of the racist killing of two innocent young Kurdish men whose only crime was a desire to mark the birthday of the leader of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, Abdullah Ocalan, at his village of birth, Amara. All they wanted to do was to plant trees. Now their blood mixes with the earth of Kurdistan. Instead of giving water, Kurdish people know they must give their own blood to nurture the tree of freedom. Long live all Kurdish martyrs who have given their lives for Kurdish Freedom!

He also said nothing of the state of emergency imposed in the Kurdish town of Agri where Turkish soldiers and police were brutalising the Kurdish civilian population by beating them, men, women and young children, with wooden sticks, punching them in the face and body and pulling them through the streets by their hair. Spraying high pressured waterguns on protesters who were protesting about the rigging of the election, knocking them over and covering them in water mixed with a red dye.

But Barack Obama did praise the racist Kemalist ideology that was the building blocks of the assimilation policies of the Turkish regime and the denial of the Kurdish identity:

"I have the honour to pay tribute to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk a man whose vision, tenacity and courage put the Republic of Turkey on the path of democracy and whose legacy continues to inspire generations around the world. As the 44th president of the United States of America, I look forward to strengthening US-Turkish relations and to supporting Ataturk's vision of Turkey as a modern and prosperous democracy giving hope to its people and providing "peace at home, peace in the world","

This vomit and the other heaps of approval shovelled onto the racist Turkish regime in their bucketfuls meant that the Turkish regime felt completely confident, assured that not a word of protest would be heard, to suppress Kurdish civil rights workers from the DTP who had worked so hard for the historic election victory in the 29th March 2009.

Over 50 Kurdish activists from the DTP have been imprisoned all over the country facing torture and humiliation. The Kurdish Roj TV satellite station faces closure and Kurdish people all over the world are shocked and stunned. European countries stay silent and acquiesce in Turkey's human rights crimes being carried out quite openly for all to see, shamelessly!

Barack Obama, who himself, is in debt and owes his own position to Martin Luther King and the civil rights marchers of the 60's and 70's in the US has shown himself, clearly, to be a suppressor of civil rights activists and not a defender of civil rights. Shame on him!

"The Kurdish people will resist until the end!"

Tens of thousands of people came onto the streets of Amed today to press further for civil rights for the Kurdish people in Turkey and to protest at the shameless suppression of the Kurdish people's elected will. What Barack Obama called "a modern and prosperous democracy giving hope to it's people!"

Slogans included, "PKK are the people, the people are here!" "Long live our leader Apo!" [Abdullah Ocalan] and "Berxwedan Jiyane!" [Resistance is Life]

Many speakers spoke of the detention of the DTP activists as a policy of revenge by the ruling party AKP who had, themselves, held up hopes of winning the Kurdish areas following a dirty tricks campaign of bribes and intimidation.

Speakers also spoke that it is time for People's Politics, for a civil rights movement of peaceful actions designed to show that the Kurdish people, despite the horrendous repressive policies showed to them, are a peaceful and honorable people.

One speaker, Ali Simsek, Diyarbakir provincial DTP President addressed the crowds:

"We will resist until the end.
March 29 local elections have revealed the will of the Kurdish people.
No power on earth can break our will.
The will of the people mixed with the hope of the people will break those who try to break our hopes.

These operations are designed to try to break the will and unity of the Kurdish people.
But we will resist today, tomorrow and always.
Kurdish People will continue on their freedom march until we have our freedoms.
Freedom will always win!"

Other speakers including Osman Baydemir and Selahattin Demirtas spoke of the determination of the Kurdish people and that there is no fear left in the Kurdish psyche and the Kurdish people see detention as an honour in their freedom struggle and that they are not afraid because their cause is a just, honorable and legitimate one.
Selahattin Demirtas addressed his words to the Turkish regime:

"We are a peaceful people but do not play with fire and test the Kurdish people's patience!"

And the crowds roared, "Biji Serok Apo!"


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