Kurdish Security forces attack protesters in Sulemani

Kurdishaspect.com By Shenah Abdullah

Day 60 of the Sulemani protest started like all the other days! People stood, chanted and repeated their messages like other days. We were there watching, taking pictures and standing with them. A group of boys who are always in Meydani Azadi (The Freedom Square), and they are not troublemakers, walked away from Meydani Azadi towards Piremerd Street (towards the Mother park). They were walking and chanting down with the two ruling parties and the two leaders.

The security forces on the street, mainly Asayish started beating up some of the youths. One showed his bleeding hand to the photographers. The boys then started closing the street by throwing rocks all around. Then they setup a small fire. Two of the photographers went along with them and wanted to document the clashes. After repeated chants from the boys and throwing stones at the forces, the security forces then came down running after them and started throwing stones at the protesters. Stones were thrown in both direction. Then, the security forces, in large numbers, with men in civilian clothes started shooting at the protesters and the journalists using live ammunitions.

Chinur, who told me she had brought one of Hawlati newspapers cameras with her today started going up front and took photos. She was shot in the hand and was taken into the emergency hospital. We know some of the boys are injured too. One might be in critical condition. The authorities are all over the streets.

Just a minute ago, a group of the boys came into our neighbourhood and were chanting, “down with the two ruling groups". We saw the forces running after them and shot them two streets from my house. Now we are hearing loud sirens of ambulance.

Some more boys might be injured and or dead. The situation is atrocious here. People are worried in their houses and have been watching the news. The security forces have also been using tear gas. The gas was quite strong. We saw three people fainting and they have been taken to the hospital. Now sound of ambulance sirens are heard from my house, again and gain. PLEASE spread this message everywhere.

Latest numbers from the Sulemani hospital: 7 shot with bullets 23 hit with rocks and batons.


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April 17, 2011