Another bloody day in Kurdistan - By Shenah Abdullah

PLEASE if you are reading this message spread it around. Today, the forces on the streets in Sulaimani shot and injured protesters with bullets. Again, they used bullets, teargas, beat people up with batons and we have just heard (that they have burned the square down). Forces are everywhere on the streets. The situation is worse than ever. We don't know what they will do to ordinary people on the streets tonight or tomorrow. What we know is this: They are using everything in their power to suppress the protesters and to put an end to the demonstrations in Sulaiyamani and the cities around. The brutality of the two ruling ‘KURDISH’ parities is no less than Saddam Hussein’s. Today, another child was shot: He is only 11 and is in a critical condition (if not dead already?).

These injustices should not be allowed. Those of you living outside of Kurdistan need to let people in power know about these human right violations. A human life is precious and so far we have lost many of our boys. They are asking for a better life but instead they are killed, injured, beaten, humiliated and threatened every single day.

I repeat, WE NEED INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION. For how long can we see dead bodies on the streets of Sulaimani? For how long should we continue to tell you the news? Reading this message is not enough. You need to do something with it, PLEASE!

Your help can save a human lives...

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April 18, 2011
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