April 24, 2009
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A State of Admittance - By Dr Fereydun R Hilmi

The Aran and Islamic world have been in a state of denial regarding the Six million deaths (always stated as an exact figure) of Jews during the 2nd World War and with that they incurred the wrath of both the victims as well as the murderers to the extent that has enabled the German lady ruling the nation held responsible for those and some 30 million more western Christians and Bolsheviks to express disgust at the crime of doubting the extent of their crime and accuse the Arabs and Muslims of savagery and primitive blood letting practices.

The civilised way to annihilate entire nations and races is to try and avoid getting killed in the process. The Muslim who uses himself as the killing instrument is uncivilised and sickening. A much cleaner and safer was is to send rockets loaded with explosives or drop atomic and hydrogen bombs which western Christianity blesses before launch and praises the Lord for their success in achieving their goals afterwards with pinpoint accuracy.

Thus the only beneficiaries of the denial of those and crimes like the two million killed in Vietnam and the entire populations of Hiroshima dn Nagasaki are those who committed them. It makes no sense therefore for someone to deny someone else’s crimes particularly when the perpetrators have included you and your kind in their continuous murdering of any and all who stands in their way to loot and steak weaker nation’s assets. It is time that not only the Arabs and Muslims should admit those horrendous crimes and condemn them but the entire world should also do so and learn lessons from them in their dealings with the perpetrators. Denying them plays right into the hands of those who committed the crimes and got away scot-free while they have managed to brainwash the world to believe that it was the Palestinians who were responsible and they should be made to own up and pay the price.

Western Christianity is a form which is quite removed from true Christianity and been deformed beyond the mere ceremony and lip service to the principles of Jesus Christ and the great values he advocated. Search for them and you will find every one of those have been discarded by the masses and an alternate opposite has been found and enshrined as law by the parliaments of the western nations in the name of secularism. The fanatic way with which this had been propagated as modernity and progress has returned human behaviour to its primitive and instinctive stages so that people in pretty modern clothes exhibit the traits and desires of the savage races of ancient Europe.

This great religion has therefore abdicated responsibility for the demagogies and sycophants who have taken over society in the name of democratic secularism allowing all sorts of anti-social elements into positions of power to slowly then quickly change the basic long-developed set of values of rules into alien and destructive practices which have nearly destroyed the fabric of western nations.

The religious values of Christianity which started to be twisted to suit the will and whim of the King and the wealthy circle of supporters has now been almost completely replaced by a new set of values far from that which was transported to the west by people like St Paul and St Peter. Several translations and modifications later we had at the start of the twentieth century a very different flavour anyway. The three most dangerous philosophies – which by the way led to the rise of fascism, Nazism and more recently savage capitalism - are Machiavellianism, Freudism and Darwinism. All three are pragmatic analysis of the human condition and behaviour. Of themselves they describe a truism which cannot be denied but they have been used to help one type of behaviour over all other regardless of consequences by people seeking and gaining absolute power over the rest of us. All three scientists have not only formed the principles and philosophies pertaining to their discovered truisms but also advocated them to gain game and fortune.

If we examine the main principles of modern “liberalism” we will find the three jokers described above at the heart of it. The ideas of democracy which was developed in ancient Greece to provide a fair method of resolving conflict have been modified accordingly to get into a position of power by the powerful to obtain even more control of the lives and assets of the masses in a “legalised” was thus keeping the old unfair system and even increasing it. Once again religion has ft in the way and therefore the entire educational systems as well as the media have been dedicated to prepare and brainwash rather than leave the pupils and students to learn facts and methodologies useful for the future of mankind.

Having sent the moral and social character of western nations onto the road to a high performance spin the beneficiaries of this so called modernity have diverted their attention to the rest of the world and the other religions such as Islam have come under their attention not least because the Muslim nations also happen to be sitting on huge energy and mineral and now agricultural resources. However they have found this religion to be the toughest nut to crack and the shear vast expenses and human resources needed for this task is too great and has proved to cause the economic and political downfall of the very people whose crimes the Arabs and Muslims have been eagerly denying which as I said earlier gives comfort to the perpetrators.

My advice is to not only admit the crimes of the holocaust but also never forget to include the 20 million Russians, and a large proportion of the German people as well as the deaths, gassing and torturing to death of millions of others and to clearly identify the guilty parties. Those responsible are still carrying on regardless recently killing and decimating large sections of weak and helpless nations while diverting all attention to the denial of their own crimes by their declared enemy: Mr Ahmadinajad.


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