April 27, 2009
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Madam Clinton, united Iraq is not important - By Kay Azadabeen

Associated Press has quoted Hillary Clinton that "there is nothing more important than to have a united Iraq". Madam Secretary believes in what she says and has a valid point based on what she has learned from the union of her country as well as her personal life. However, what she has learned in the United States does not necessarily apply to Iraq.

During the civil war the confederate states were fighting President Lincoln in order to keep the ownership of their slaves in the South. The unionists under the leadership of Lincoln were fighting injustice and helping the country to move forward, while the secessionists were trying to prevent any progress. The example of confederacy does not apply to the secessionist movements of today. Most such movements within the past few decades have been trying to end injustice and help oppressed people make progress and move forward, while the unionists have tried very hard to keep the tatus quo of discriminatory policies. Examples are numerous, but I limit them to former Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. If Madam Clinton was a secretary during 1980s, unlikely she would have argued against the secessionists in the East Block to end their forced union.

In regard to her personal life, Madam Clinton became a role model for many carrier women who were wondering what to do with their unfaithful spouse. She courageously accepted the apology of her husband, gave him another chance, and kept her family together. Her husband in return did everything to assure she fulfills her dream. Madam Secretary forgets that the union of Arabs and Kurds is not Clintonian but based on a forced marriage arranged by the same country that was supporting the confederate states during the American Civil War. The multiple betrayals of the Kurds by the Arab leaders in Baghdad are no longer a secret. There are many historical documents available for review. Except for some progressive Arabs, most politicians in Baghdad or other Arab capitals do not believe that the Kurds deserve to be equal. They have not apologized for the past crimes and would do anything to make sure that the Kurds do not fulfill their century long dream.

Madam Secretary, I think since most Arab leaders in power do not accept equality as a natural human right and can not accept they could be wrong, there is nothing more important for the progressive Kurds than ending their union with Iraq. Once the Kurds have become independent, they could join progressive Arabs, Jews, Persian, Turks, etc. to build a new union based on equality. You are the symbol of a free woman; instead of stating "there is nothing more important than to have a united Iraq", please tell us when will be free or in Kurdish kay azadabeen?


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