April 28, 2011
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Letter to: UN secretary general, International Community, International Court of Justice, Human Rights Watch, Red Cross (ICRC) and any other Responsible governement, organizations

Dear Sirs

The Kurdish authority has recently ordered the arrest of the organising committee of the protests in Kurdistan.

Most of these people are now in hiding. We urge you to condemn this latest crackdown. Kurdish people believe that you are aware of the deteriorated conditions of human rights in Kurdistan region where civilian demonstrators have faced the violence of KRG, KDP and PUK authorities.

10 people were killed, mainly by the fire of security forces of “Barzani and Talabani” thug gangs supported by the KRG authorities. In addition, thousands are injured many of them are detained.

The majority of detainees, either those who where kidnaped, arrested during the current demonstrations, or those detained, previously for protest, freedom and political purposes, have faced severe torture and ill-treatment in detention centers conducted by the security forces.

Unfortunately, the international organizations has not investigating the conditions of detainees, especially those kidnaped and detained in individual secret cells inside the centers of security forces. According to the statements of ex-detainees released recently, the torture practiced by the KRG KDP and PUK security forces against detainees has horribly grown.

According to reliable information there is a shortage of urgent medical provisions. In addition, the authorities have prevented the delivery of medical supplies to the wounded demonstrators in many cases. As we have been in contact with the families of injured and detained people, we have advised these families to contact your office in Kurdistan to get help.

This is because we have a great faith in you as an international organization which has a leading role in such cases, and there is no other alternatives in Kurdistan. However, it seems that the Kurdistan authorities have prevented your office from providing humanitarian assistance.

As result of this your people have no ability to function in checking the conditions of detainees or investigate this deteriorated condition of human rights in Kurdistan.

Therefore, we urge you to adopt other options in order to help the demonstration, protesters, detained and wounded people in Kurdistan region and stop Militarizing and killing by KRG KDP and PUK Barzani and Talabani's tanks and heavy weapons.

We will appreciate any efforts to adopt new provisions taking into account the deteriorated conditions and the ever widening scale of violence against peaceful protest and against civilians

We want also to suggest that many civic activists from Kurdistan showed their willingness to participate, voluntarily in any efforts under the name of human rights to deliver humanitarian assistance without discrimination.

Kind Regarda

Kurdistan Jasmine Revolution

Kurdistan Jasmine Revolution

Kurdistan General Strike


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