Support the Kurdish National Liberation Movement in Iran! - By Rebwar Rashed

Nowadays it is considerably easier to talk about the Kurdish people and Kurdistan. It was not long ago the outside world always heard of us Kurds through those states that oppress us. As a matter of fact, the oppressors spoke, and still try to speak, on our behalf, about us and represent us, much the same way a patriarch man does towards a woman. Today, it has become much more difficult for the oppressing countries to continue on the same path. But even if we have come a long way, much of our struggle still remains to be done.

The Kurdish people in Iran are brutally oppressed. The Kurds in Iran have no national or democratic rights. Iran imposes its occupation of the Kurdish people through the presence of an army that surpasses 200 000 soldiers equipped with armored vehicles, artillery and other means such as the paramilitary and the so-called Pasdaran, which are the Islamic state guards. The Kurdish language is not officially recognized and for that reason it can only be used at home and in private circumstances. In practice the Kurdish language is totally forbidden! Iran treats the Kurdish people recklessly and reacts to the least resistance with disproportionate military violence. Many thousands of Kurds have been murdered, villages have been destroyed and people are jailed almost daily. Even officially recognized and legitimize journalists are put in jail and condemned to death, without judicial negotiations or defense lawyers. The Iranian regime has a high record of arresting cultural and human rights activists, bloggers and students on alleged security charges. How the Kurdish workers and peasants feel under these political, social and economic circumstances? It is an important question that must be answered.

There is an enormous deficit of industries in Kurdistan and unemployment is high. The Kurdish workers are forced to leave their home countryside to travel to distant regions within Iran in order to get jobs. Sometimes they travel a thousand kilometer or more. Often the jobs they get are so poorly remunerated that there will not be any money left to spare after paying all the debts. Yes, it is not an exaggeration to assert that the Kurdish workers in Iran live in slave-like circumstances. This is Iran´s deliberate political strategy to force Kurdistan remain undeveloped.

It sounds like an exaggeration for those who live in a democracy and can enjoy work and economic rights. But it is a reality for the Kurdish workers. For these reasons the democratic and peaceful opinion of the international community obliged to help Kurdish workers and Kurdish peasants, but above all the Kurdish people as a whole to regain their national and democratic rights, for it is impossible to speak about any rights for the Kurdish workers, peasants and students as long as their Nation is imprisoned in their own country. In the last few weeks the Iranian authorities has waged a campaign to belittle and to disparage Kurdish women only because they are active in nongovernmental and cultural activities.

Supporting the Kurdish people in their struggle for peace and freedom is supporting the Kurdish workers, but also the Kurdish peasants, students and women in their struggle for better living and working conditions.

Iran, as a colonial state, is responsible for massive crimes against humanity in Kurdistan and as a dictator is responsible for savage behavior against almost all peoples of Iran. On the international level Iran has waged an dangerous ideological war against the state of Israel and semi-secular Arab states. Iran´s non-civil atomic ambitions is not just an attempt to become a regional superpower, but must be correctly understood within a fanatic fascist religious framework.

Now we do all witness how the old dictators fall one after another in the old part of the world. In a world that is run by brutal and bloody despots in many centuries. It is obvious that Iran is one of them. The peoples of Iran will undoubtedly follow the examples of the Egypt, Tunisia, Libyan, Yemen, Syria and other countries and will throw the Iranian regime into the dustbin of history. The International community is well aware of Iran as a state behind international terrorism and violence, especially sectarian religious violence, and its efforts to cultivate instability, fear and tension among its own peoples in order to subdue them.

Thus, in Iran there is another question too, it is the question of the suppressed nations. The Kurdish people are one of them and have fought for its national and democratic rights in many years. The Kurdish people´s demand to practice the right of self determination is not just a necessary step toward a genuine democratic and stable system, but rather a prerequisite. Therefore the friends of Iran must think of helping Kurdish people and other peoples of Iran to freely express themselves regarding a political solution to the national issues.

Support the Kurdish Liberation Movement!
Long live 1st May and the international solidarity!


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May 1, 2013
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