May 2, 2007
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KRG strongly condemns killing of Doa

Kurdistan TV

In an announcement today, Dr Khaled Saleh stated "the killing of Doa is a great tragedy for her family and the entire Kurdish community. This is a crime for which there is no religious, social or ideological justification. The Kurdistan Regional Government views this crime as a barbaric act. This should be a reminder that there is still a mind-set which we, as individuals, and as a society, have a duty to wipe out”

The KRG Spokesman went on to say that "punishment of the people who took part in this evil act is the first step towards eradicating such crimes. Everybody who was directly or indirectly involved in the killing of Doa must be punished immediately. The KRG demands that the Iraqi Federal Government institute legal proceedings in the district where the killing was carried out. We offer our full cooperation in dealing with this issue. For the KRG the problem lies in the fact that the district is not a part of the Kurdistan region and is therefore not under KRG jurisdiction."

Dr. Saleh mentioned that the KRG rejected the Iraqi law legalizing honor killing in 2002. He pointed to the 29 convictions for honor killing in Hawler and 11 in Dohuk, adding that there are still a total of 24 cases awaiting trial in the two cities. Dr. Saleh said the KRG believes only a change in the law and severe punishment will not lead to the eradication of such evil acts. Cooperation between governments, NGOs, and religious organizations is essential if we are to wipe out violence in our society, especially against women. We strongly condemn the killing of Doa and are against any persons or groups who use the act as means of settling disputes in Kurdistan.

Dr. Saleh finished by saying that whilst the KRG is deeply saddened by the killing of Doa, they wish to express their thanks to all the NGOs, organizations and prominent people who have bravely spoken out against such crimes.


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