Sardasht Osman; The Icon of Freedom and Struggle against repression - By Mufid Abdulla

Exactly one year ago on 4th May 2010 a young Journalist a student Sardasht Osman, had been kidnapped from his college in Hawler the capital of Kurdistan, in day light, in front of university Security guards and two days later his body was found in Mosul city which is 70 mile west of Hawler the capital of Kurdistan. The young Journalist had been studying English literature and writing for a few independent Kurdish websites. His death shocked not only Kurdistan but the whole world .The only reason for his death being the fact that a few days before his death he had criticised the Barzani family .Sardasht Osman informed all of us that he had received a death threat and despite of that nobody could save him. This is a travesty of justice .Sardasht Osman’s murder was a grim truth about the KRG that nobody wanted to believe.

Respect for human rights is an essential part of any government. What happened to Sardasht Osman could happen to any of us, any day any time, the law and order in Kurdistan is like a rule of the jungle. We have certain laws; these laws are protecting the wrong people. From the day Sardasht Osman had been murdered, Kurdistan has never been the same as before. The death of the young journalist triggered the new wave of revolution that broadly appealed to the young generation. His death has prompted a strong reaction from people from all walks of life. The murder of Sardasht Osman, is not just damaging the nation’s security, but the public’s respect of the law. For this reason it is essential for our social revolution to achieve the balance between a democratic government and an independent judiciary.

To me - unless Sardasht Osman’s killers are brought to justice, it means death, threat and insecurity to all of us every minute, every hour ever day … Where is the fathers of this nation; they can see their son is pooled in blood. It is a cheap and cruel snub to the whole of freedom lovers in our country.  It is obvious to all of us the love affair of two ruling parties is with violence and political suppression. We don’t have to be naïve about the brutal desire driving the two ruling parties competing for power. Only the Chinese communist party comes close to the Talabani and Barzani in its understanding of power and its capacity to hold and keep it.

The social revolution has spread all over Kurdistan since 17th February, telling us our freedom is now closer .The popular revolutions give us a new sense of hope. This peaceful uprising is a continuation of Sardasht Osman’s work and dignity. Consequently, Sulaymani is under siege by Talabani forces since 19th April 2011. But it wont be long before there will be a further uprising from his own forces.

On the anniversary of Sardasht Osman’s murder, I will ask the authority in Kurdistan, despite its claim of superiority, Kurdish leaders suffer from the same symptoms that plague Arab dictators; the failure to learn that they need to change before it is too  late

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May 4, 2011
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