May 5, 2009

The Reconstitution of Iraq - By Dr. Fariedun Hilmi

In a recent Al-Jazeera program I had the good fortune of discussing Human Rights and Torture in the whole of Iraq, the causes and remedies.

The other two finally came to the conclusion that the problem was that there were no civic institutions, independent judiciary or culture of democracy and that was now needed was to teach the people about these values and install the unspecified institutions citing the wonderful new president in the USA and pointing to all the great democracies around the world. Some time in the future one of them said everything will be great. Both of them were either in or had been part of the new system which has been the cause of all the death, destruction and mayhem for the past 6+ years.

The conclusion one has to draw is that neither the system nor those who came with the occupiers and worked to establish the new state were any good which led me to suggest, tongue-in-cheek, that may be another invasion was necessary.

As there was not enough time in the program I decided to write a little clarification.

First of all if any one can construct a civic society to work with a system of democracy then it would be the British and the Americans. And since these two are not dumb novices in colonialism and the construction of nation0states they did not simply forget to do so because the idea simply escaped their minds. Everything that was done was 100% deliberate even though they made a monumental mess not just in Iraq but true to Globalist ideas around the entire globe.

Instead they first dismantled the existing state completely and then created a system of so called elections designed to divide rather than unite the population and then told them they were free to design a new state to suit their newly acquired divisional status.

I do not here wish to go into the true goals and aims of the occupiers but I do want to explain what I believe has happened and the roots of the problem and I will do so using a parable.

In the land of plenty of power and wealth people were still deprived of good, comfortable and efficient vehicles for travel and transportation. They were nevertheless able to carrying out their daily duties using horse-drawn wooden structures and had got used to them and quite good at making good use of them.

Far away and thousands of miles to the west there were nations who reached the skies and conquered space with fantastic technologies and the use of scientific ideas and research but were ever so hungry for the resources of our backward little nation. So first of all they started tampering with the wheels of the carts in use and then they gave the horses some pellets which made them rebellious and dangerous telling them they should try to break free and be independent which of course was a able aim by itself but the horses were only being used for the main aim of grabbing the resources.
Then they invaded the country and killed or banished all the clever guys and leaders and brought a whole new bunch with hardly any skills and far more evil intentions than the previously ruling clique. Even worse they destroyed or dismantled all the carts and means of transport but kept only two in the north.

The new guys found out thy needed some form of transport, cars, Lorries etc and so they asked the invaders but they were told to build their own but they must cater for every type of passenger and allow them to have a say in the new design.

The majority of the people said: we are not vehicle designers and know nothing about it. The few who were now enjoying all the privileges and unlimited resources decided they will have a go.

The problem they found out was they were not specialist vehicle designers and all they and the people wanted was to have a vehicle and ride it to carry out their normal business.

Six years went by and the country was still not functioning and a great chaos set in every walk of life. The Prime Minister thinking he is the Prime Minister and ought to know how to design one, gather everyone around and said:

Right, I am your prime minister and I know everything. I will design a new vehicle which will cater for every taste. I shall ask the three major groups for their preferences.

First Group A. What are your requirements?

The leader of group A said: Well sir we have a number of simple and easy to fulfil requirements:

1We have always been seated at the back of the cart under the sun and rain in the past so we like sitting in the front and since someone else will be driving we want the passenger seat next to him to be twice as big.
2Because we do not trust the driver who belongs to the other group we want an extra set of dials in front of the passenger seat as well.
3And as we are of Sect A we must have our own radio and do not want to hear the others or their radios going either.
4We also must have all financing of the journey in our hands and we will through out anyone who used to drive or ride in the old type of vehicles.

Ok, that is easy and what about you group B.

Well sir said their leader. We would like to be hired to clean the roads before the new vehicles to prevent any obstacles causing a problem and so we would like to be paid for it.

Anything else asked the Grand Vizier?

No, sire said the leader, just a proportion of your privileges for my self and close family.

That is no problem. The loot is far too great to be shared just by one group but your lot must prove that your hands have not been stained with the horse dung that used to be lying around before the change over.

And now you group C and beloved prodigy of the Americans, British and all the colonial powers of the world. What can I tempt you with my darlings?

The double-headed leader of Group C managed to bring the two mouths together to speak with a single voice and said in a strange cacophony of echoes and said:

We can break away if we want now but we will not for opportunistic reasons. Our demands are to be met in full or else we tell our friends in higher places to kick your ass immediately.

Ok ok, my dearest and nearest I shall take your demands on board (until I get the first opportunity to get rid of you both, he said to himself silently).

Fine and just remember that.

We want the full back seat but we would like it to be half a meter wider than the rest of the car with powerful wheels and bullet-proof glass. We will not allow anyone to breath on us or speak without our permission.

But most importantly we want to keep out old horse-drawn cart with the full driving and protection teams and you must pay for them. This must be in addition to our share of the loot in a proportion covering all our kind wherever they may be without having to incur the expense of looking after those not within our region..

Ok my beloved twin-headed brother, we shall do so without question.

Oh, and don’t forget that we want to keep our cart running in front of the new vehicle at the pace we choose and in the direction we will.

Ok said the Grand Imam and we will add another steering wheel for you to share in the driving any time you wish.

Listen you impostor. We will not tolerate any mealy-mouthed speeches regarding the size or extent of out share of the loot. Furthermore we will run a separate transportation system of our own starting from now.

And so it was that the new vehicle was designed in good will and using materials not yet discovered but travelling became and extinct activity in the country while in the north the same old system of opportunism, deception and looting carried on without any design, system or properly build vehicles.

Strange as it looked and without any engine the new vehicle was the pride and joy of the Great designer and people’s servant and his clique who kept telling the world that it was a most unique and best form of travel ever. They boasted about the fact that everyone had got what they wanted and that no one could go anywhere without the complete agreement of the other two. When they tried it the whole machine simply disintegrated and fell apart in a bang.

In the south people started giving each other piggy-back rides and trying their best to survive, having realised the awful truth about the drive to modernise the system and bring the nation into the 21st century.

The moral of the story is: Even if you had the cleverest, most intelligent, honest patriotic politicians you should not and cannot allow them to design or reconstruct a state. It is a job for the experts who must not be biased in any political direction or with any agenda of their own.

Secondly, politicians, even those who are truly well-intentioned are supposed to manage and not design the state. To allow them to do so, is a disaster and asking for trouble. If the Americans did not build the vehicle for them then they did not want them to have one. That is why there is no alternative but to kick them out and let the people sort out the kind of vehicle they need and get someone who knows what to do to design it for them.


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